Yuan's Ascension - C.271: Carving A Path Of Survival For The Middle Land (2)

Yuan's Ascension

C.271: Carving A Path Of Survival For The Middle Land (2)

"The three of us will give up our lives to severely injure, or even kill, the three Spiritual Body devil soldiers. At the very least, they will be unable to stop you for a brief moment."

"I’ll leave the rest to you. This is our last chance."

"Haha, I was born and raised in the Middle Land, it is only fair that we repay our homeland. Let us lead the way, carving a path for every living being in Middle Land." The voice of Daoist Wan Xing carried a gentle tone, but each word conveyed unwavering conviction.

Boom! Though Qiong Sea King and Mountain Sea King tried their best, they were only able to stop the devil soldiers for two seconds.

"Roar!" A Spiritual Body devil soldier propelled itself towards the three radiant orbs at full speed.

“Fellow Daoists, let us embark on the journey to the afterlife together, haha!”

“Indeed, let’s go together.”

“With you two by my side, it won’t be a lonely trip.”

Then, the rainbow orbs formed by Daoist Wan Xing, Emperor Dong Pan, and Niu Hao exploded.

The three Soul Sacrifice Talismans transformed into three brilliant beams of light, containing the life force of the three experts.

Rainbow lights flew through the air, illuminating the underworld in a dazzling display. At this moment, the world seemed to fall into a quiet stillness.

Whether on the battlefield or the Middle Land Immortal Hall, everyone watched the three streaks of rainbow light.

They fully understood that Daoist Wan Xing, Emperor Dong Pan, and Niu Hao made the ultimate sacrifice in order to carve a path of survival for the beings of the Middle Land!

The two Spiritual Body devil soldiers roared. Their wings thrashed violently, trying to block the three brilliant streams of rainbow light that swiftly pierced through the battlefield.

Traveling at an unimaginable speed, the lights swiftly maneuvered, evading the second-stage Spiritual Body devil soldiers one by one, until they finally collided with the three third-stage Spiritual Body devil soldiers, the most powerful forces in the worm devil’s ranks.

This was Daoist Wan Xing, Emperor Dong Pan, and Niu Hao’s objective.

The third-stage Spiritual Body devil soldier blocking Wu Yuan let out a menacing roar. It swung its claws, trying to resist the light.

However, the rainbow lights passed through its claws without a sound, as if the two belonged to separate spatial dimensions. Their radiance slightly diminished before making contact with the devil soldier's enormous head.

The expression of the Spiritual Body devil soldier distorted in agony as pain wracked its body and it tumbled down from the air.

It wasn’t the only one.

Swoosh! Swoosh! The last two Spiritual Body devil soldiers suffered the same fate. Their pained howls echoed in the air as they plummeted downwards, crashing to the ground. They were still alive, but the torment they experienced was worse than death.

The Soul Sacrifice Talisman targeted the soul. The Spiritual Body devil soldiers could be considered puppets. While they possessed consciousnesses, their souls were considerably weaker compared to true cultivators at the Spiritual Body phase.

The five remaining Spiritual Body devil soldiers roared in fear, their eyes filled with panic as they charged forth to confront Wu Yuan and Captain Fang Xia.

By now, the worm devil already understood that it was in grave danger.

In the Conference Hall of the immortal hall, a bud of hope bloomed in the Heavenly Rankers’ hearts.

Wu Yuan and Fang Xia were well aware that this opportunity could not be missed. There was no time to waste, it was time to go all out!

As Daoist Wan Xing had said, this was their last chance. Even though they sacrificed their lives, the trio could not guarantee the deaths of the Spiritual Body devil soldiers. They could only keep them at bay, albeit for a moment.

This moment was Wu Yuan and Fang Xia’s final chance, and the entire Middle Land’s final chance!

“Kill!” Wu Yuan's eyes grew red as he wielded his saber with unstoppable force, sending the second-stage Spiritual Body devil soldier flying.

Wu Yuan was initially surrounded by three devil soldiers. But now, the most powerful one was in no shape to battle, howling as it rolled on the ground in agony. Only two enemies remained.

Boom! The wings on Wu Yuan’s back shimmered. Ether art: Deity Step.

Instantly, his speed was boosted, and he raced through the underworld in a flash. Strike after strike, he cut through the Spiritual Body devil soldiers in his way, relentlessly advancing towards the colossal black sphere.

The Spiritual Body devil soldiers flew into a frenzy. They flapped their wings vigorously, desperately trying to obstruct Wu Yuan.

“You’re not going anywhere!” Qiong Sea King and Mountain Devil King put up a desperate fight, working as a team to hinder one Spiritual Body devil soldier.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!" Fang Xia's heart blazed with killing intent. The six-legged golden mantis morphed into a whirlwind, blades flashing with lethal precision.

The two Spiritual Body devil soldiers were forced to tear their focus away to defend against his attacks, unable to guard their master. They could only release helpless roars.

The worm devil could no longer impede Wu Yuan's assault.

Boom! With Deity Step, Wu Yuan accelerated, reaching a distance of less than ten li from the black sphere in just two seconds.

A peculiar voice suddenly echoed in Wu Yuan's mind, pleading, "Human, I’m willing to make a vow to never invade this world again. Don’t force my hand."

It was the worm devil! Sensing Wu Yuan’s approach, the worm devil finally felt a surge of intense fear.

"Force you? I will put an end to you!" Wu Yuan's eyes turned bloodshot as he sensed the three Spiritual Body devil soldiers on the ground regain consciousness.

Daoist Wan Xing and his comrades gave up their lives to secure this brief moment.

"Go to hell!!" Wu Yuan's speed increased even further as a blade ray slashed forth, lighting up the underworld.

A massive wave of earthy-yellow qi currents surged forward.

The Communion devil soldiers trying to stop Wu Yuan exploded one after another, dying instantly. These devil soldiers were pathetically weak compared to Wu Yuan when he went all out.

In just one second, Wu Yuan was just 500 meters away from the giant black sphere. It was practically within arm's reach!

As he slashed forth with the saber, an incandescent blade ray tore through the air, landing on the black sphere.

Boom! The sphere began to fracture.

"Human, I pleaded for mercy and conceded defeat. You are the one that forced me to do this!" The worm devil's roar echoed fiercely within Wu Yuan's mind, filled with boundless rage. “Since you plan to kill me, then let us both perish together!'"

“Nightmare! Of! A Thousand! Hearts!!”

The crystalline orb within the colossal black sphere suddenly shone with a breathtaking brilliance, then shattered with tremendous force. The shattered pieces transformed into countless strange rays of light, hurtling toward Wu Yuan

The main body of the worm devil was weak, and it lacked the ability to engage in direct combat. However, its soul was immensely powerful and unique.

Hence, all worm devils could unleash soul attacks, with the relatively stronger ones able to execute a multitude of soul techniques.

However, as a juvenile worm devil, the only technique it could display was its innate ability – Nightmare Of A Thousand Hearts!

Unfortunately, using this move came at a great price. Once unleashed, the worm devil would revert back to its original state even if it survived. Therefore, worm devils only used this skill in desperate circumstances.

"Destroy!" Each piercing beam of light carried the thoughts and intentions of the devil's soul.

The brilliant light immediately engulfed Wu Yuan, who was too close to avoid it.

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