Yuan's Ascension - C.266: The Domain Stage

Yuan's Ascension

C.266: The Domain Stage

Out of the numerous mysterious powers of heaven and earth Wu Yuan could perceive via Soul Force, the immense and sturdy power of earth was the clearest to him.

He could also sense the sharp and fierce power of metal, the scorching and explosive power of fire, the continuous and endless power of water... although they were far less distinct compared to earth.

But the moment Wu Yuan's consciousness and spirit merged with the vast land, only the vast and boundless power of earth remained in his perception. He could no longer sense the other types of heaven and earth’s power at all.

This is the land? After condensing his eldritch tattoos, Wu Yuan spent several years contemplating the profundity of the land, seeking to understand the power of earth.

Due to his Terranean Body, he possessed an inherent aptitude for the Land Dao. And at present, his understanding of heaven and earth's power far surpassed that of ordinary Heavenly Rankers.

Though still technically in the Harmony of Man and Nature stage, he was actually just one step away from reaching the Domain stage.

However, this step was an enormous chasm. Generations of peak powerhouses in the Middle Land grappled with overcoming this challenging obstacle for generations.

In the past, the power of earth was simply something I wanted to control, but I’ve never immersed my entire being into sensing it like this. Wu Yuan grew engrossed in the sensation. All this time, I’ve yet to truly appreciate the beauty of the land!

It wasn’t merely the beauty of various landscapes. It was the kind of beauty that touched one's heart and soul, leaving one in awe of its splendor.

The land was vast and boundless.

All of nature's wonders, including the magnificent mountains and rivers, the breathtaking four seasons with their blossoms, breezes, snow, and moonlit nights, and the fierce competition and natural selection of creatures in the skies and seas, could be traced back to the land.

It was precisely because the land accommodated everything and nurtured all existence that this resplendent world thrived in all its glory!

The land is eternal and unchanging, nourishing everything like a mother without expecting anything in return. It is always present. This insight struck Wu Yuan as he silently comprehended the profound fluctuations of the land.

Years of accumulated insights connected to one another in his mind, creating a brand new schema unique to Wu Yuan.

In the past, I broadly comprehended the profoundness of the land but could never find the gateway to the next level of perception.

The vastness of the earth is incomprehensible, a tapestry of wonders. Even trying to unravel even a fraction of it is daunting.

What I truly love is the life that exists on this earth.

Through his Soul Force, Wu Yuan saw numerous points of light, each one representing a spark of life.

As the sun beat down on the ruins of the great battle, children with lively eyes waved their arms, their vitality shining through despite the hardships...

In fields of wild grass, small, weak blades swayed in the wind. Anyone could trample on them, yet they simply grew back, spreading throughout the world...

His thoughts turned to his mother, who displayed unwavering determination despite her difficulties. This was the tenacity of life.

Wu Yuan also thought of the catastrophe brought by the worm devil and the cultivators who shed blood on the battlefield for the sake of the Middle Land and billions of living beings. This was the fervor of life.

The magnificence of life resides not in grand speeches or boasts, but in countless ordinary moments. Tears shimmered in the corners of Wu Yuan's eyes as he reflected on all living beings, touched by life itself.

On the desolate mountain, Wu Yuan sat in the lotus position, dressed in white robes, completely immersed in this state of enlightenment.

Faint streams of earthy-yellow qi flowed around his body, an external manifestation of heaven and earth's power involuntarily mobilized by his enlightenment.

If a Heavenly Ranker approached Wu Yuan now, they would feel the surging passion and genuine warmth of life.

The surging power within him was the power of the Domain stage.

Heaven and earth's power was the external manifestation of the myriad Daos of heaven and earth. It was diverse and complex, representing the fusion of countless Daos, weaving together to shape the intricate tapestry of existence.

Only by deeply comprehending a type of heaven and earth's power and gradually uncovering the essence of a Dao's profoundness, could someone hope to manifest a Domain.

Reaching the Domain stage signified crossing the threshold of gaining a true preliminary understanding of a Dao. It was precisely because Fang Xia stepped through the threshold of the Gold Dao that he gained the ability to harness heaven and earth's power to form his Gold Domain.

On the other hand, the Dao that Wu Yuan studied was the Land Dao.

As the seconds passed, half a day went by.

With a deep exhale, Wu Yuan slowly opened his eyes. His eyes, now brimming with newfound depth and tranquility, emitted an entirely different aura.

The ardor of life! I never expected that this trip to the Huang Continent would have such a profound impact on me. Wu Yuan was filled with emotion.

In a single push, I’ve reached the Domain stage.

In the Huang Continent, he witnessed the brutal carnage caused by devil soldiers, and the blazing spirit of the Heavenly Rankers.

Along with grasping a critical insight and years of accumulation, Wu Yuan achieved a triumphant breakthrough.

Wu Yuan’s thoughts drifted into introspection. I have only scratched the surface of the 'ardor of life' within the Earth Dao. However, this is likely only a tiny portion of the entire Earth Dao.

He understood very well that the myriad Daos of heaven and earth were not just empty words after reading the immortal slips.

Among the myriad Daos of heaven and earth, there are Great Daos and Minor Daos, tangible Daos and intangible Daos.

The Earth Dao, Metal Dao, Wind Dao, and Fire Dao were all part of an incredibly profound Great Dao, a cornerstone that supported the workings of heaven and earth.

The Land Dao was just a tiny component of the Earth Dao.

And what Wu Yuan comprehended was just a tiny fraction of the Land Dao, only encompassing part of its relation to life.

The immortal slips described the Life Dao as a type of Great Dao. The myriad Daos of heaven and earth coexist and interact in profound harmony, rather than being completely isolated from each other.

Apart from the Earth Dao, life was also an important component of the Wood Dao. Life was also encompassed in the profoundness of the Water Dao which nourished countless lives.

The merging of these countless Daos was what formed the structure of the magnificent world!

The merging of these countless Daos? To me, it’s still far too early to understand such a concept.

Even the invincible, legendary Eldritch Progenitor Hou Tu only commands a fraction of the Earth Dao. Wu Yuan did not have grand ambitions.

My goal is to gradually improve my understanding of the current Dao until I reach the ninth level of the Domain stage.

As one’s understanding of a Dao progressed, the amount of power one could unleash naturally increased.

The Domain stage was divided into nine levels, and Wu Yuan was currently at the first level.

If not for the pressure of the calamity, I probably would have taken years to break through. Reaching the Domain stage of Dao comprehension at just 21 years old? A smile tugged at Wu Yuan’s lips.

How many Heavenly Rankers of the Middle Land failed to reach the Domain stage after struggling for centuries?

Naturally, Wu Yuan was able to achieve this feat at an unprecedented speed largely thanks to his Terranean Body and powerful soul, allowing his comprehension efficiency to far surpass that of ordinary Heavenly Rankers by a few orders of magnitude.

Reaching the Domain stage has also led to a huge leap in my overall power. The amount of heaven and earth's power Wu Yuan could now harness was far greater than before.

Under normal circumstances, a ninth-stage Qi Sea cultivator would never stand a chance against a first-stage Golden Core cultivator. However, once the Domain stage was reached, the Qi Sea cultivator should be able to put up some resistance.

Reaching the Domain stage was highly challenging. Many cultivators who reached the Golden Core phase might never advance to the Domain stage in Dao comprehension.

Fang Xia was confident enough to single-handedly confront the Septet Ignis Array led by Jin Ji due to his mastery of arrays as well as his grasp of a Domain.

If I were to face the three Spiritual Body devil soldiers once again, there would be no need to unleash ether arts or employ Beast Fusion. With the power of the Domain stage and the defenses of the eldritch armor, I’ll be able to withstand their attacks.

This wasn’t arrogance, but rather the confidence one gained after breaching the threshold of the Domain stage.

If I activate ether arts and Beast Fusion, erupting with full strength? A glimmer of battle intent ignited in Wu Yuan's eyes. I might even stand a chance of slaying the crimson-winged devil soldier.

Even if a third or fourth-stage Spiritual Body devil soldier appeared, Wu Yuan wouldn’t back down.

Making a breakthrough before the decisive battle may just be a blessing the heavens bestowed upon both myself and the Middle Land. Wu Yuan felt a sense of gratitude.

With each advancement in power, hope for victory grew.

Wu Yuan stood up. The surrounding light waves distorted as he walked toward North Huang City. He had a sudden desire to take a leisurely stroll around the city right before the life-or-death battle with the worm devil.

Only a few steps later, Wu Yuan found himself in the midst of the bustling city. Merchants bellowed their wares over the din, and countless stalls were open for business. War and calamity couldn’t stop life from going on.

This scene reminded Wu Yuan of his mother, his sister, and the numerous people living in Cloudhill Province.

How wonderful. An involuntary smile graced Wu Yuan's lips.

Previously, he was aloof, but at the same time, he was lonely.

But now as he wholeheartedly contemplated the mysterious wonders of the land and the passionate essence of life, his love for this world grew, and he wished for its prosperity.

He refused to let the worm devil ravage it.

Worm devils may exist to destroy everything as part of the natural cycle of heaven and earth, but I see them only as a blight. Wu Yuan's killing intent grew stronger.


Four hours after Wu Yuan achieved his breakthrough, night fell over North Huang City.

Over 50 Heavenly Rankers gathered in the Middle Land Immortal Hall, their spirits high.

“Fellow Daoists,” Daoist Wan Xing’s gaze swept through the Heavenly Rankers, sensing their enthusiasm. "Jin Ji, Dong Pan, myself, and the four other array operators have just departed from the Zhong Continent and will reach North Huang City in a few hours."

The assembly immediately bubbled with excitement. All of them understood that the two arrays would be their main force against the worm devil.

"The five of us will take an hour to rest before departing," Fang Xia added, causing another wave of anticipation to surge through the crowd.

"The devil's lair lies deep underground. There will be no difference between day and night during the decisive battle. The sooner we start, the better," declared Daoist Wan Xing earnestly. "Fellow Daoists, please make your final preparations. Once our two teams arrive, we will charge into the devil's lair."

The eyes of all the Heavenly Rankers blazed with determination. No one raised any objections.

They had long made the decision to begin the battle as soon as possible.


Several hours later, darkness enveloped the land and only a few lights flickered in the empty streets of North Huang City.

However, high in the skies, dozens of figures floated, their robes and hair rustling silently in the wind.

They waited in silence, their hearts calm and focused.

“They’re here.” Qiong Sea King, who had been coiled up until now, spoke in a deep voice, prompting the Heavenly Rankers to look over.

A purple flying boat swiftly approached.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Seven figures emerged from the vessel, quickly heading towards the assembled group of Heavenly Rankers.

It was none other than Daoist Wan Xing, Emperor Dong Pan, Niu Hao, Zhao Xing, Hai Feizhang, Rong Le, and Jin Ji.

Wu Yuan and Qiong Sea King went forward to greet them.

“Daoist Wan Xing.”

“Daoist Niu Hao.”

“Daoist Wu Yuan”...

"Thank you all for your hard work." Many Heavenly Rankers greeted each other and exchanged words, showing sincere camaraderie.

However, the most popular were naturally the strongest cultivators such as Wu Yuan.

"Daoist Wu Yuan, this is our first meeting." A sagely old man in black robes smiled kindly, appearing quite amicable.

“Daoist Wan Xing.” Wu Yuan nodded respectfully.

He couldn't help but notice the contrast between the aged man before him and his youthful avatar at the Middle Land Immortal Hall. However, meeting him in person felt much more authentic.

The voidrealm could simulate the soul and appearance of a person, achieving 100% likeness. But what was illusory would always be just an illusion, lacking that trace of true essence.

"Daoist Wu Yuan, we were able to prevail in the vanguard battle thanks to you." Emperor Dong Pan stepped forward, turning over his hand to reveal a package. With a solemn expression, he handed it to Wu Yuan. “I believe you are the only person who qualifies to wield this weapon.

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