Yuan's Ascension - C.264: Epiphany, Fluctuations Of The Land (1)

Yuan's Ascension

C.264: Epiphany, Fluctuations Of The Land (1)

Ninth-stage of the Qi Sea phase, condensing the core.

I, Jin Quan, have finally taken this step. A jubilant smile lit up the purple-robed man’s face.

He was Jin Quan, the founding imperator of Great Jin.

Since the revival of civilization in the Middle Land thousands of years ago, he was the first to surpass all predecessors, reaching the Golden Core phase!

This level of cultivation was considered decent even in macrocosms, and Golden Core Superiors could become core disciples of most major immortal sects.

It will still take some time before my golden core is fully formed. At least ten more days. Jin Quan estimated.

Having just completed a breakthrough, both his mana and soul were still in the process of rapid transformation. In order to unlock the true combat power of this phase, he had to wait until they were stabilized at a new equilibrium.

Ji'er's message mentioned that Wan Xing, Dong Pan, and the others will be ready to operate the array in one or two days. A jade talisman appeared in front of Jin Quan.

Though he didn't own a voidrealm, he did have a few communication artifacts.

Jin Ji, Wan Xing, and the others collectively studied the array operation method in a location near the Holy Capital.

Communicating over such a short distance was fast and simple. Hence, Jin Quan was well-informed about how the resistance against the calamity was proceeding. Jin Ji reported everything he knew to his father.

The worm devil fully deserves its mention in the Amethyst Cradle Jade Record. They’ve been responsible for countless massacres in the Greenridge Macrocosm. A flicker of fear crossed his eyes.

It was far too powerful.

How many devil soldiers had hatched since Huang Temple’s seal was broken just a few days ago? If given more time, how much stronger would they become?

The greatest strength of a worm devil was never its combat power, but rather its ability to produce devil soldiers en masse and raise them to maturity at a rapid rate.

“However,” Jin Quan frowned slightly, "Wu Yuan can single-handedly slaughter entire swarms of devil soldiers in each battle. He has nurtured a lifebound eldritch beast and cultivated ether arts. On top of that, his cultivation level is high, making him a truly troublesome opponent."

After his successful breakthrough, Jin Quan no longer concerned himself with Daoist Wan Xing and Emperor Dong Pan.

The appearance of the worm devil indeed spelled a calamity for everyone. But among the immortal cultivators of the Middle Land, it was the Cloudstride Sect that he was most wary of. First came Fang Xia, then the mysterious and unpredictable Wan Liu, and now Wu Yuan popped up.

At twenty-one years old, his combat power is already close to that of a Golden Core Superior. Even in a macrocosm, such a genius is extremely rare.

When he first received this news, he was completely stunned. When had such a prodigious talent emerged in the Middle Land?

How powerful must Wan Liu be to nurture such a formidable disciple?

But if he has such incredible strength, why doesn't he exterminate the worm devil? This was the most perplexing part for Jin Quan.

He possesses extensive information about worm devils, indicating that he understands them very well.

The earlier one dealt with a worm devil, the easier it was to eradicate it.

The most likely possibility is that Wan Liu is weaker than he appears.

But even if Wan Liu was excluded from the equation, there were still Fang Xia, Wu Yuan, Daoist Wan Xing, and other powerful immortal cultivators, along with the two arrays they controlled. Together, they were a thorn in his side.

The reason he had allowed Jin Ji to hand over the array disk of the Septet Ignis Array was because he was more than happy to let Wan Xing and the others fight the devil on his behalf. After all, he didn’t expect to find an opportunity to break through so quickly,

There's no need to show up yet. I’ll let Wu Yuan, Fang Xia, Wan Xing, and Dong Pan charge ahead. Jin Quan's eyes held a sinister glint.

Even if they can't kill the worm devil, they will at least injure it severely. By then, my power will have stabilized, completing my breakthrough. It won’t be too late for me to deal the killing blow then.

If they do kill the worm devil, it would most likely result in heavy casualties, and their essentia would be mostly depleted. At that moment, I’ll appear and kill anyone who’s unwilling to submit, instantly unifying Middle Land.

Jin Quan was confident in his plan. But all plans were inevitably flawed.

The crucial question was whether he could quickly reach the devil’s lair and eliminate the worm devil after the Middle Land alliance's failure.

Even if I can't kill the worm devil, it doesn't matter. I’ll prioritize my own survival and escape through the treasure realm, leaving the Middle Land.

Jin Quan had considered every aspect. The best scenario was unifying the Middle Land without having to lift a finger. The worst scenario was being forced to leave the Summerpeak World.

He pondered for a moment.

Whoosh~ Jin Quan suddenly waved his hand.

In a majestic hall not far from the metal chamber, two illusory figures suddenly appeared out of thin air.

"Father, did you summon me?" Jin Ji's figure respectfully saluted.

On the jade platform nearby, a purple-robed illusory figure sat in the lotus position.

"Mm." Jin Quan's expression was calm as he announced, "Ji'er, I’ve successfully broken through my shackles, entering the Golden Core phase. After a while, I will truly become a Golden Core cultivator."

"Congratulations, Father! Congratulations!" Jin Ji was overjoyed.

The Golden Core phase!

With such power, one could dominate the entire Middle Land if they so wished.

"Father, what about the devil worm calamity?" Jin Ji quickly asked.

"I won't be participating in the battle," Jin Quan said lightly. "I have already explained my rationale to you, there’s no need to reiterate. Besides, I have yet to complete my breakthrough."

Jin Ji nodded slightly.

"What you need to do is continue your attempts to win over Zhao Xing and Hai Feizhang," Jin Quan said calmly. "Even if the both of us do ultimately leave the Middle Land, having a few more late-stage Qi Sea experts under our command will prove advantageous.”

"Father is wise," Jin Ji nodded.

"So, do we still have to participate in the upcoming battle?" Jin Ji asked.

"Yes," Jin Quan declared firmly, "Your duty is to assess the worm devil’s power. If the Middle Land has the means to fight it, join them and eliminate the worm devil."

"However, if the worm devil cannot be beaten, escape at the first possible instance. Survival is your top priority," Jin Quan stated firmly.

“I will take care of the aftermath.”

"Understood," Jin Ji finally understood his father's plan, and had to admit, it was quite despicable. However, the rate of success was extremely high.

All he had to do was sit back, relax, and watch the Middle Land’s various factions duke it out with the worm devil.

Jin Ji's smile grew wide with admiration. "At that moment, Father will emerge as the hero who saves the Middle Land, surpassing even the Martial King in status. The common folk of the world will undoubtedly express their gratitude and pledge their loyalty as your faithful subjects."

Soon after, the illusory figures of both father and son dissipated.

The battle in North Huang City concluded with the devil’s army suffering heavy losses and quickly retreating.

Daoist Wan Xing, Emperor Dong Pan, and a group of other cultivators fully dedicated themselves to understanding the cryptic patterns within the array disks and flags.

In the Huang Continent, Wu Yuan, who now led the vanguard, focused on recovering and meditating.

The confrontation between the immortal cultivators of the Middle Land and the worm devils came to a brief intermission.

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