Yuan's Ascension - C.251: Wu Yuan! Wu Yuan!

Yuan's Ascension

C.251: Wu Yuan! Wu Yuan!

"80 li per breath?"

"That fast?"

"Wu Yuan is that strong?" Within the Middle Land Immortal Hall, Emperor Dong Pan's words left the Heavenly Rankers wide-eyed.

All eyes turned to the racing figure projected on the light screen. To put matters into perspective, a ninth-stage Qi Sea cultivator with a ninth-degree immortal root had a typical flight speed of 60 li per breath.

Naturally, individuals like Emperor Dong Pan, Daoist Wan Xing, Niu Hao, and other late-stage Qi Sea experts mostly established eighth or seventh-degree immortal roots. But even so, the majority of them were no match for Wu Yuan in terms of speed!

Senior Wan Liu is truly extraordinary to have raised such a powerful disciple in a matter of years. Daoist Wan Xing marveled inwardly. The strength displayed by Wu Yuan surpassed his expectations.

"Wu Yuan is this strong?" Jin Ji stared closely at the light screen.

The stronger Wu Yuan was, the higher their odds of overcoming the crisis. However, he couldn’t help but hope that Wu Yuan wouldn’t be too strong.

Young Master. Fang Xia too had his eyes fixed on the light screen. Having sparred with Wu Yuan frequently over the years, he possessed the greatest insight into Wu Yuan's abilities.

These Heavenly Rankers were in a state of shock and surprise, but they dared not distract Wu Yuan.

Keep going! If Wu Yuan is this strong, there’s hope for me! I can survive this. Meng Cai screamed silently, this faint glimmer of hope prompting him to make one final struggle.

The seconds slowly ticked away.

"He's here! Wu Yuan is almost at Meng Cai’s location!" Emperor Dong Pan's somber voice resonated, "They will soon cross paths."

At this moment, all Heavenly Rankers diverted some attention to watch the light screen. Was Wu Yuan truly powerful enough to challenge five devil soldiers, or was it just an empty boast?


Despite the oppressive darkness of the night, the projections on the light screen were not simulated with light alone, hence the appearances of the black-scaled, winged creatures could be vividly seen. There were a total of five of them, with the pair at the front both surpassing 200 meters in length and reaching speeds of 60 li per breath. The remaining three, though slightly smaller, still stretched over 150 meters.

Five Communion devil soldiers charged relentlessly toward Meng Cai, their thunderous roars rupturing the silence. The air trembled as they flew past, causing the trees to quiver.

Meng Cai first spotted these five devil soldiers from dozens of li away and fled without hesitation. But despite his best efforts, the devil soldiers were slowly closing the gap, especially the two most powerful ones in front!

In less than a breath, the gap between the two sides diminished to less than ten li. In just two more seconds, they would reach Meng Cai.

At that moment, a radiant earthy-yellow light shattered the darkness as a shining figure streaked through the sky. Each time he pushed off the ground, several li flew by beneath him. Each time he landed, the ground buckled with the force, forming a large pit.

Boom! Boom! Each one of Wu Yuan's footsteps was like a thunderclap. Meanwhile, Meng Cai zipped through the air.

Their paths intersected for a fleeting instant.

"Daoist Wu Yuan," Meng Cai only had time to transmit a single sentence via Soul Force.

"Go!" Wu Yuan's response was short.

At this moment, the light screen that tracked Wu Yuan shimmered and zoomed in, allowing the Heavenly Rankers to witness the spectacle clearly.

Wu Yuan stood alone against the five Communion devil soldiers. The scale of these creatures dwarfed him, and he appeared as a mere speck in comparison.

A question echoed through the minds of the onlookers - Can he win?


One breath was six seconds. Wu Yuan's sprint speed was thirteen li per second. The two leading black-scaled creatures matched his speed, their wings propelling them at ten li per second. They collided at a speed 33 times the speed of sound!

The moment Wu Yuan had brushed past Meng Cai, he infused his battle saber with vital ether, which now radiated an earthy-yellow brilliance. Its blade gleamed with deadly sharpness, ready to carve through any obstacle in his way.

The more devil soldiers I kill now, the fewer we’ll have to deal with during the decisive battle! And who knows, perhaps those two might reach the Spiritual Body phase. Wu Yuan's gaze turned glacial.

“I’ll be sending you on your way now!”

Power surged through his sinews and bones, and heaven and earth's power trembled, ready to heed his command. Wu Yuan's legs erupted into motion. Like an arrow released from a tautly drawn bowstring, his body launched high into the air, his war saber held aloft.

With a guttural roar, the black-scaled behemoth extended its wings to their fullest extent, blanketing the sky. Its body spun, scales glowing with a sinister black light. Its wings, sharp as twin blades, slashed the air toward Wu Yuan.

"Die!" Wu Yuan's fury. A sturdy armor of earthy yellow encased his body as he leaped into battle.

A streak of earthy-yellow brilliance illuminated the night sky, slicing through space. The saber's trail created a fearsome blade ray, slashing straight for the monstrous creature's wings.

In a collision of cataclysmic proportions, the air convulsed, causing shockwaves to reverberate in all directions. The resulting explosion seemed to split the sky and shatter the earth. The impact lifted layers of soil and rock into the air, creating a chaotic maelstrom.

The colossal black-scaled creature abruptly halted. The blade had slashed one of its wings, spilling countless droplets of crimson into the sky. But even as the beast stumbled forward, the torn wing began to regenerate before Wu Yuan's eyes.

How tough! Wu Yuan was taken aback by the creature’s defenses. His slash had managed to leave a wound several meters in length, yet to a devil soldier at the ninth-stage Communion phase, it was merely a scratch.

Although the devil soldiers lacked understanding of ether arts and couldn’t wield artifacts, they were indeed created to protect the worm devil for a good reason.

With a thunderous bellow, the other ninth-stage Communion devil soldier swiped a deadly claw at Wu Yuan.

The main weapons of these devil soldiers were their wings and claws. Though every part of their body could be wielded in combat, they were less effective as weapons.

The massive claw approached, obscuring Wu Yuan’s vision.

"Scram!" Wu Yuan swung his saber, erupting with power as he struck upward.

Cling! Cling! Metal rang as he parried the claw with his blade.

The air quaked violently as Wu Yuan was sent hurtling through the air. The devil soldier, too, was flung away.

In battles between mortals, one’s physical size mattered. But for cultivators? A large body did not necessarily equate to great power. In terms of force exerted, Wu Yuan was stronger than these two Communion phase devil soldiers even without resorting to his ether art.

Boom! He crashed into the ground, the impact forming a crater hundreds of meters deep. Without skipping a beat, Wu Yuan pushed off the ground and charged at the ninth-stage Communion devil soldier, whose wings were swiftly regenerating.

Why injure ten fingers when you can sever one?


"Wu Yuan singlehandedly faced two enemies yet he’s gaining the upper hand?" Meng Cai, who had fled far away at this point, looked back with astonishment.

He had initially believed that Wu Yuan would barely manage to hold his ground, yet this was far from just resisting the creatures, he was outright suppressing them!


With the Middle Land Immortal Hall.

"This strength?"

"Wu Yuan.” Shock rippled through the gathering of cultivators, and everyone found it hard to believe their eyes.

In a competition of brute force, Wu Yuan completely dominated the two ninth-stage Communion devil soldiers!

Master isn’t much weaker than me at all. Qiong Sea King stared at the light screen. As the successor of an Eldritch Deity, he must have cultivated ether arts. Once he employs his ether arts, he may even surpass me.

It’s only been a few years... Uuu, he’s too powerful!


Boom! Boom! Deep within the dark mountain range, Wu Yuan clashed fiercely with the two ninth-stage Communion devil soldiers.

In just two strikes, he managed to overwhelm the devil soldiers, and they struggled to recover from the searing blade rays that had pierced their defenses.

As for Wu Yuan?

My physique is strong enough, and I’m equipped with eldritch armor!

The eldritch armor fortified his defenses to an extraordinary degree. The strikes from the devil soldiers were buffeted by his weapon and armor, leaving him virtually unharmed.

Wu Yuan's speed skyrocketed to over nine li per second, arriving almost instantly before the wounded devil soldier.

This time, Wu Yuan did not confront the creature head-on.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The two forces clashed in rapid succession. Eventually, Wu Yuan found an opening. Swift as lightning, he deftly evaded the incoming claws and delivered a savage slash with his saber.

A ghastly wound opened on the devil soldier's back and blood sprayed forth!

Once more, Wu Yuan launched himself up, stomping down forcefully on his target. The hide of the ninth-stage Communion devil soldier was impervious to spirit equipment, but now, it was rendered apart by the force of the impact. Its colossal body plummeted, the ground rumbling in response.

A mighty howl echoed from the devil soldier as it writhed in pain, unable to put up a fight. Just as Wu Yuan prepared to finish it off, a tail covered in menacing scales lashed towards him.

Hm? Wu Yuan caught sight of it from the corner of his eye.

He quickly darted aside, avoiding the deadly tail whip. In the blink of an eye, he swiftly arrived in front of the 150-meter-long devil soldier.

Whoosh! Swoosh! Blade rays danced. In one swift motion, Wu Yuan expertly sliced through the devil soldier's neck, precise and merciless like a butcher.

The massive body of the devil soldier was cleaved into two, crashing toward the earth with a resounding thud. The remaining two devil soldiers, each measuring roughly 150 meters in length, fled in panic.

However, Wu Yuan didn't pause for a moment, his figure flashing as he darted after them. His eyes were glacial shards, his saber reflecting a steely gleam.

For a fleeting moment, the night sky was illuminated with blade rays. Wu Yuan, who was on the brink of the Domain stage, had far superior martial skill compared to these Communion devil soldiers. They were on completely different levels.

Wu Yuan dispatched the three weakest devil soldiers in an instant. Their bodies fell to the ground, lifeless.

The ninth-stage Communion devil soldiers aren’t easy to take down, these few fifth-stage Communion devil soldiers? Wu Yuan regarded their bodies with a frigid expression.

At the Domain stage, one could flatten a fourth-stage Qi Sea cultivator with a mere thought, just as Fang Xia had done. For Wu Yuan, he could wipe out a few fifth-stage Communion armorless devil soldiers in just a couple of strikes.

At this moment, the two remaining devil soldiers scattered in panic, gripped with fear.

You think you can escape? Wu Yuan landed, then sprang after them, his speed rising to an alarming level. He swiftly made a decision, setting his sights on the severely wounded ninth-stage Communion devil soldier.

In an instant, he caught up with the creature.

Whoosh! Boom! The two sides clashed once more.

Claws collided with blade rays, and both tumbled and plunged into the soil.


Within the immortal hall, all eyes were fixed on the light screen. As the fight descended underground, the projection grew fuzzy.

The ground shuddered violently as the two battled.

"Can Wu Yuan win?"

"Wu Yuan is truly strong!" The Heavenly Rankers were completely captivated by the projection, wishing they could fly over and witness the battle firsthand.

Suddenly, a seismic upheaval shook the ground. The devil soldier burst out from the depths, its black scales slick with fresh blood and one wing cruelly severed.

Though unstable, it rose into the sky, whipping up clouds of rocky debris and soil.

"Its wing is shattered."

"It’s trying to escape, but it’s much slower than before now, approximately 30 li in a single breath." The Heavenly Rankers watched on with bated breath.

Then, with an earth-shattering boom, a radiant figure erupted from the ground, accelerating to a bone-chilling 70 li per breath. Like a meteor, it shot skyward, slicing through the wounded demon soldier with a blinding blade ray.

The black-scaled creature, measuring over 200 meters in length, was torn asunder by the blade ray. Scales scattered in all directions, blood poured out, and the two severed halves of the creature plummeted to the ground.

An earthy-yellow figure stood in the night sky, slowly lowering his blade. Trickles of crimson dripped from the blade's keen edge, splashing onto the ground.

In just four breaths, four devil soldiers were slain, and one escaped.

Silence fell over the Middle Land Immortal Hall as the Heavenly Rankers remained transfixed in shock.

The name Wu Yuan was now permanently etched in their minds.

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