Wayfarer - C.359: Xiang Shaoyangs Death


C.359: Xiang Shaoyangs Death

Xiang Shaoyin's yin body shattered. The peach branch cursed effigy appeared and immediately stabbed its roots into its fragments.

"The peach branch cursed effigy? It's still with you? Xiao Nanfeng, don't let it absorb Xiang Shaoyin's yin body. Once it grows stronger, it'll become exceptionally dangerous!" Blue Lantern cried out.

"The peach branch cursed effigy has provided me with tremendous help. I was worried I wouldn't have an opportunity to thank it—if it wants these yin body fragments, I certainly won't stop it," Xiao Nanfeng replied. He looked toward the peach branch. "Please help yourself, Senior."

The peach branch happily continued to gobble up the fragments.

Blue Lantern: ...

"Blue Lantern, lead me to the next Immortal. These Immortals are all evildoers that have to be killed," Xiao Nanfeng said.

"Very well," Blue Lantern replied.

More and more shouts came from within the sandstorm as Xiao Nanfeng killed all the remaining Immortals.

Blue Lantern then dispelled the formation, only to find that all the Immortal corpses were gone, even those of the Immortals who had died during Xiao Nanfeng's tribulation.

The only thing that remained was the peach branch, which had grown another size larger. Six more blood peaches had matured.

The peach branch hopped over to Xiao Nanfeng and deposited the six blood peaches into his hands. Then, it vanished again.

"Thank you, Senior," Xiao Nanfeng replied gratefully.

Six blood peaches would produce six more Immortals.

Back in Tianwu, Xiang Shaoyang's serious injury rendered him no match for Nalan Qiankun. He was forced back time and again, vomiting out blood each time. Even with his Spirit Emperor's peerless treasure, he was almost on the verge of collapsing.

"Xiang Shaoyang, you've lost!" Nalan Qiankun laughed.

With a snap, he broke both of Xiang Shaoyang's legs with his fist.

"The Xiang clan could have seized all the opportunities in the Spirit Emperor's hidden realm for itself if Xiao Hongye hadn't managed to steal the key to the realm. You wouldn't have been able to claim anything!" Xiang Shaoyang roared in outrage.

"And what are you going to do about it? Do you think you can still turn the tables?" Nalan Qiankun sneered.

Suddenly, a dragon's keen could be heard from below. The city of Tianwu began to quake.

Everyone turned to see a twenty-four-hundred-meter long draconic vein excavated from the ground. It struggled furiously, but was unable to free itself from the golden chains that had coiled around it.

"The Immortal's Destruction? Xiao Nanfeng?" Nalan Qiankun exclaimed.

"Xiao Nanfeng, help me! Quick!" Xiang Shaoyang cried out hopefully.

"He's too late!" Nalan Qiankun's eyes flashed as he shattered Xiang Shaoyang's defenses with a punch. Flames blazed all around him as the punch struck Xiang Shaoyang's head, causing it to explode.

"Your Majesty!" the Taiwu Immortals cried out in fear.

By then, countless lengths of red rope had descended from the skies and tangled around Nalan Qiankun.

"Xiao Nanfeng, do you think this red rope can trap me? Ha!" Nalan Qiankun shouted.

He activated the Spirit Emperor's peerless treasure in his possession to break the rope restraining him, only to find that a length of red rope had coiled around that in Xiang Shaoyang's hands, attempting to seize it.

Nalan Qiankun's face turned cold. "You dare steal what belongs to me?"

Without any hesitation, he grabbed at the treasure, only to find that a talisman for the Immortal's Destruction had been affixed to the length of red rope. Xiao Nanfeng immediately activated it.

Nalan Qiankun blanched as he raised his head to find the sky glittering in gold. Countless runes appeared in the air as a golden blade of devastating size shot toward him.

"No!" Nalan Qiankun cried out.

The blade struck his body in a storm of fire and wind that sent the nearby Immortals flying.

"Your Majesty!" the Tianshu Immortals cried out.

A twenty-four-hundred-meter long draconic vein, converted into an attack from the Immortal's Destruction, would be sufficient to kill an ordinary Immortal. Although Nalan Qiankun had killed Xiang Shaoyang, Xiang Shaoyang had also injured him badly. Would he be able to withstand a strike from the Immortal's Destruction in his current state?

The flames from the explosion slowly dissipated, revealing Nalan Qiankun. His body was streaked with blood.

He was still alive, but his body was much the worse for wear. There was a huge, bloody, gaping wound on his chest, one that seemed almost to have cut him in two.

"Xiao Nanfeng, you destroyed my Spirit Emperor's Peerless Treasure. Die!" Nalan Qiankun roared, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

"That belonged to Xiang Shaoyang, not to you," Xiao Nanfeng retorted. He laughed and waved a hand. "Red rope!"

The red cloud again unleashed countless lengths of red rope that shot straight toward Nalan Qiankun.

Nalan Qiankun's face turned dark. He might not have feared the red rope before, but he was now deeply wounded and couldn't afford to take on more risk. It would be better to cut short this encounter.

"Leave!" Nalan Qiankun commanded his subordinates.

With his Spirit Emperor's peerless treasure, he shrugged off the red rope and shot away.

The Tianshu Immortals rallied behind him as they fled.

"Sir Xiao, should we chase after them?" You Jiu asked from Xiao Nanfeng's back.

"There's no point. We won't be able to catch up. Now, prepare to reap the spoils of Taiwu!"

"Understood, Sir Xiao!" You Jiu nodded.

By then, the Taiwu Immortals had flown up to Xiang Shaoyang's corpse.

Xiang Shaoyan's head had burst apart from Nalan Qiankun's punch, and his yin body had likewise been destroyed.

"His Majesty has perished!" someone cried out.

The Taiwu cultivators mourned the loss of their monarch.

"Why didn't Xiao Nanfeng strike earlier?!"

"Xiao Nanfeng was the one who lured Nalan Qiankun over. Xiao Nanfeng killed His Majesty!"

"He's alone. If we take him down, we can get revenge for His Majesty!"

The Xiang Immortals surrounded Xiao Nanfeng angrily.

"Who intends to take me on? Try me," Xiao Nanfeng demanded.

He stepped forward, a red moon appearing behind his head. Red clouds formed in the sky.

The Immortals reared back in fear. None dared step forward.

"The Xiang clan broke its alliance with me, allowing Nalan Qiankun's scheme to succeed. You think I'm the one to blame for this? If I hadn't made a move then, you would all have died to Nalan Qiankun. How shameless do you have to be to blame me for your actions?!"

"You could have made a move earlier. You could have saved His Majesty, but you watched him die! You did that deliberately!" one Xiang Immortal shouted.

"And why should I have saved him?" Xiao Nanfeng asked.

"You!" the Immortal cried out.

"With Xiang Shaoyang's death, the era of Xiang dominance is over. It's time for the balance of power to shift. From now onwards, the city of Tianwu shall belong to Dazheng. Here lies Dazheng land!" Xiao Nanfeng proclaimed.

"Are you crazy? What nonsense are you talking about?" the Immortal cried out.

Xiao Nanfeng took a deep breath. His voice echoed throughout the city. "People of Tianwu, a war is about to break out. If you suffer any losses, you may seek compensation from officials of Dazheng. Now, hide in your homes and protect yourself! The Taiwu Empire is no more. The city of Tianwu now belongs to Dazheng!"

Countless lengths of red rope shot toward the naysaying Immortal.

"Die, Xiao Nanfeng!" the Immortal roared, charging forward.

The red rope bound him before he could make a move.

"Help me!" the Immortal cried out.

"Die!" A group of Taiwu Immortals charged forward.

"Die!" Another group of Dazheng Immortals emerged from within the city and struck the Taiwu Immortals down.

Shockwaves of energy rippled throughout the city and sent roofs hurtling through the air. Fortunately, the Dazheng Immortals then forced the Taiwu Immortals up high, away from the city proper.

Some Taiwu cultivators, sensing that something was wrong, attempted to flee from the city. Just then, however, they found themselves trapped by countless Dazheng cultivators emerging from the forests beyond.

Their leader, Ye Sanshui, shouted, "On King Xiao's orders, those who surrender won't be killed. Those who resist will be killed without mercy!"

"On King Xiao's orders, those who surrender won't be killed. Those who resist will be killed without mercy!" the Dazheng forces parroted.

A huge war broke out outside Tianwu.

Defenders within the city attempted to activate its defensive formation, only to be struck dead by the spectral guards.

With the deaths of Xiang Shaoyang, Xiang Shaoyin, and Xiang Shaoyin's subordinates, there was hardly enough manpower left to stop Dazheng's dominance.

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