Wayfarer - C.352: Disorienting Sandstorm Formation


C.352: Disorienting Sandstorm Formation

In a hall within the city of Tianwu, Xiang Shaoyin and Xiang Shaoyang were engaging in discussion.

"Where's Xiao Nanfeng now?" Xiang Shaoyang asked.

"He's strolling through the city. Wherever he goes, the common people gape at him. He's really treating the city as if it were his own," Xiang Shaoyin commented.

"It's a pity that Mr. Wen had to leave on urgent business, or we would be able to ask for his advice," Xiang Shaoyang said, frowning.

"We can't rely on Mr. Wen for everything, can we? Brother, how do you think we should deal with Xiao Nanfeng?" Xiang Shaoyin asked.

"Killing him won't work. He has another body unaccounted for. If we kill this body of his, we'd simply be starting a needless conflict between Taiwu and Dazheng. Nalan Qiankun would only benefit as a result." Xiang Shaoyang frowned.

"He's certain we don't dare to attack him. That's what gave him the confidence to come to Tianwu alone," Xiang Shaoyin surmised.

"I doubt Xiao Nanfeng came alone. His subordinates must be hidden nearby, awaiting his orders. He's trying to take advantage of us to whittle down both our Immortals and the Tianshu Immortals. We certainly can't let his plan succeed," Xiang Shaoyang said.

"What should we do, then? Not agree to his request?" Xiang Shaoyin asked.

"Why not? We'll agree but not strike. If he wants to be bait, then let him be bait. Once he lures out the Tianshu Immortals, he can deal with them himself. We'll sit back and wait," Xiang Shaoyang replied.

"You're right, Brother!" Xiang Shaoyin's eyes lit up.

"This time, however, you need to make sure to resist the temptation to get involved. Don't fall for a trap like last time," Xiang Shaoyang warned.

"Yes, Brother!" Xiang Shaoyin nodded.

Outside Tianwu, in a rugged patch of forest, Nalan Qiankun lay in wait, hands clasped behind his back. He stared at Tianwu expectantly, planning for what lay ahead.

Beside him stood Cui Haitang, who was staring malevolently at the watchtower by the city.

"Husband, Xiao Nanfeng really has gone to Tianwu as an ambassador. We can't let him leave unscathed," Cui Haitang gritted out.

"Mr. Wen said that Xiao Nanfeng is here at Tianwu in order to take advantage of our desire for vengeance. He's luring us here and allying with the Xiang clan in an attempt to get rid of us in one fell swoop," Nalan Qiankun said.

"What?" Cui Haitang blanched.

"This possibility is worth considering. Not only that, Xiao Nanfeng has an avatar. I'm worried that he would take advantage of the chaos here to attack the Tianshu capital," Nalan Qiankun said.

"He wouldn't dare!" Cui Haitang exclaimed, frowning. "The Tianshu capital is well fortified."

"It's easy enough to wreak wanton destruction," Nalan Qiankun reminded his consort. "He has a relic known as the Immortal's Destruction, which allows him to rapidly excavate a draconic vein from underground. If he brings a group of Immortals to the Tianshu capital and excavates the draconic vein under our capital while blocking off our guards, that would be a tremendous blow."

"No wonder you left your avatar at the capital, Husband," Cui Haitang replied.

"The Xiang clan is what we have to be worried about. Fortunately, Father-in-Law is here to help us."

"Husband, aren't we going to take revenge on Xiao Nanfeng?" Cui Haitang frowned.

"Xiao Nanfeng is allied with the Xiang clan. We can't just go for Xiao Nanfeng at the moment. The Xiang Immortals will surely strike. Rather than reacting to their presence passively, why don't we take them down in one fell swoop, too? We may be able to take down the Xiangs right now, right here."

"What if Xiao Nanfeng manages to flee while our focus is diverted?" Cui Haitang asked.

"Just listen to my orders," Nalan Qiankun replied sternly.

"Very well," Cui Haitang eventually nodded in acquiescence. Nalan Qiankun was her husband, and she would trust him unconditionally.

A day later, at the gates of Tianwu, a Xiang cultivator walked Xiao Nanfeng out of the city.

"King Xiao, Immortals of the Xiang clan disguised themselves as members of the common people and left the city yesterday. They'll cooperate with you to hunt down the Tianshu Immortals. The rest is in your hands."

The Xiang cultivator bowed and retreated within the city, leaving Xiao Nanfeng alone outside the city gates.

Xiao Nanfeng glanced up at the city walls and murmured to himself, "I hope you aren't a fool, Xiang Shaoyin. If you go along with my plan, we'll be able to take advantage of this opportunity to kill the Tianshu Immortals, and both our clans will be able to rise rapidly in strength and formally suppress the Tianshu Empire. If you don't, you'll be the one to suffer!"

He glanced at the mountains in the distance before rapidly flying north, almost as though he were fleeing.

A large group of cultivators emerged from the mountains, chasing Xiao Nanfeng as they soared up into the clouds. They looked like flashes of lightning in the sky.

Deep within a forested area nearby, Xiang Shaoyin watched the cultivators depart. He smirked. "They really did chase after Xiao Nanfeng. Come on, let's follow them. Be careful not to expose yourselves."

"Understood!" his subordinates replied.

Xiao Nanfeng flew at the forefront, chased by two groups of cultivators. Not long afterwards, he vanished across the horizon, having left Tianwu far behind.

In a patch of uninhabited desert, he suddenly turned around. "Who's there? Show yourselves!"

No one appeared from amidst the clouds.

Xiao Nanfeng flew toward the desert down below. With a wave of his hand, he sent a huge quantity of sand into the air to obscure vision.

"He's planning to take advantage of the sandstorm to escape. Don't let him run off!" someone shouted from within the clouds.

Just then, a huge palm descended from the heavens, suppressing the sand in the air.

A group of Immortals descended from the clouds, surrounding Xiao Nanfeng.

In the lead was Cui Haitang, with ten Immortals by her side. Tang had accompanied them, the left division leader's token in his hand. He was suppressing a black-robed figure, with flashes of black bones peeking out from under its hood and robes. Xiao Nanfeng immediately identified the figure as Cui Haitang's father, Cui Heiyan. For the moment, he seemed to have been suppressed by Tang's token.

Seeing Tang by Cui Haitang's side, Xiao Nanfeng couldn't help but relax. Tang was an excellent support, and he was certain of the success of his plan now.

"Xiao Nanfeng, didn't you do all this to lure us over? Where are your forces? Have them show themselves," Cui Haitang demanded.

She wasn't in a rush to strike. She knew that Xiao Nanfeng had laid an ambush for her, and he surely had a plan. She didn't want to fall for one of his traps.

While she delayed Xiao Nanfeng, she had her Immortals scout the area. However, there didn't seem to be anyone lying in wait within the desert.

"And why would you follow me if you thought I had an ambush prepared?" Xiao Nanfeng smiled.

"Have them show themselves! Let the two of us resolve our feud once and for all!" Cui Haitang demanded.

"As you will. Show yourselves, Xiang Immortals!" Xiao Nanfeng shouted.

Cui Haitang and her group tensed up as they stared warily at their surroundings.

By the far border of the desert, Xiang Shaoyin and his group of cultivators lay hidden within a forest. He smirked disdainfully at Xiao Nanfeng. He had no intention of showing himself.

"Xiang Immortals? What are you waiting for? Take down Cui Haitang and threaten Nalan Qiankun!" Xiao Nanfeng urged.

Their surroundings remained silent.

Cui Haitang smiled. "This is your so-called ambush?"

Xiao Nanfeng ignored Cui Haitang's taunts as he continued shouting, "Xiang Shaoyin, do you really intend to wait until Cui Haitang and I start fighting each other so you can finish both of us off?"

Unfortunately, Xiang Shaoyin and the others remained hidden.

"Looks like you've been betrayed," Cui Haitang said breezily.

"Cui Haitang, you've been surrounded. The Xiang Immortals are lying in wait. If you dare strike me down, they'll surely launch a sneak attack on you from behind," Xiao Nanfeng warned.

"As long as I can avenge my sons, it doesn't matter. I want you to die. I care little for the Xiang Immortals. If they dare strike me, my husband will take them down."

Xiao Nanfeng appeared to be enraged. "Xiang Immortals, you'll suffer retribution for destroying this alliance between us!"

With a wave of his hand, he sent clouds of sand into the air to obscure the cultivators' vision. He fled deep into the desert.

"Don't let him run. Catch him! I want him to die from a thousand cuts. I'll sacrifice his head to my sons so they can rest in peace!" Cui Haitang shouted.

"Understood!" Cui Haitang's Immortals shot toward Xiao Nanfeng.

"Die!" the Immortal at the forefront shouted.

Xiao Nanfeng flashed away from sight, dodging the blow. The sword technique sent even more sand into the air, which surged into the sky and covered up even the sun. A huge sandstorm seemed to be brewing over the horizon.

"Such a large sandstorm—something's wrong!" a cultivator cried out.

"This must be the Disorienting Sandstorm Formation. Xiao Nanfeng, do you intend to trap us with this formation?" Cui Haitang demanded.

"Your Majesty, have we fallen for Xiao Nanfeng's trap?" one cultivator asked.

"This formation runs on draconic aether. It doesn't have any offensive capabilities at all, and it only disrupts our vision. Once that aether runs out, the formation will dissipate—and the aether upkeep is tremendous. He must be a fool," Cui Haitang criticized disdainfully.

"Why have the skies suddenly darkened?!" one cultivator shouted.

"Isn't it normal?" another cultivator replied. "The sandstorm's covering up the sun."

"No—there are dark clouds above the sandstorm, tribulatory clouds! Xiao Nanfeng's about to undergo a tribulation. This formation might not have offensive capabilities, but it can trap us here. Xiao Nanfeng's going to make us undergo the tribulation with him!" an Immortal cried out.

"A tribulation?!" the cultivators exclaimed.

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