Villain Is Bodyguard of Heroine's Poisonous Stepmother - C.61: Xiao Qingxue was pitched into tears

Villain Is Bodyguard of Heroine's Poisonous Stepmother

C.61: Xiao Qingxue was pitched into tears




Xiao Qingxues shoulder squeeze wasnt exactly soothing, but Chen Luo was curious to know what Zhao Yingxuan had actually done to make Xiao Qingxue so scared.

This heroine was definitely not someone who gave in that easily, and now she actually succumbed, or she succumbed to Zhao Yingxuan.

Zhao Yingxuan kissed Chen Luos cheek, and then looked at him with a smile.

Arent you curious as to how I got her to be so obedient?

Thats right, I am indeed quite curious in my heart.

Chen Luo nodded, indeed curious as to how Zhao Yingxuan had managed to do so.

Its simple, everyone has a weakness, and Xiao Qingxue is just afraid of the dark and ghosts, I turned off the lights in the secret room and plunged into complete darkness, then played some ghostly cries, and she succumbed.

After knowing what Xiao Qingxue was afraid of, Zhao Yingxuan was happy that she might be able to manipulate her a bit more often in the future.

In fact, Chen Luo felt some pity for Xiao Qingxue

No wonder she just quickly succumbed, there is another reason, that is, she just couldnt hold it in anymore, almost really peed her trousers in disgrace.

He glanced at Xiao Qingxue.

As if she lost her spirit, looking dazed, it turns out that this is the reason.

Chen Luo felt that if Zhao Yingxuan were left to be on her own devices, she might drive Xiao Qingxue crazy.




At night, when it was time to rest, Zhao Yingxuan dragged Xiao Qingxue to her room.

Xiao Qingxue had taken a bath and was still wearing somewhat refreshing pajamas.

This was the first time she had worn such pajamas since she was a child, and she had always been very conservative.

Darling, here comes my surprise for you, do you feel very surprised?

By surprise you mean her?

Chen Luo looked at Xiao Qingxue, although Xiao Qingxues eyes were still slightly red and swollen, but it still couldnt hide her stunning figure and face.

To be honest, Chen Luo was also an LSP, and it would be a lie to say that he wasnt excited at all.

Thats right, take good care of her.

After pushing Xiao Qingxue to Chen Luo, Zhao Yingxuan directly left.

Xiao Qingxues face was expressionless and indifferent, while she didnt say a word.

Arent you going to say something at this time? Chen Luo asked Xiao Qingxue.

Will you let me go if I say something?

Xiao Qingxues icy gaze stared at Chen Luo.

Of course Will not.

Chen Luo was not a gentleman. Is it possible to let Xiao Qingxue go at this point?

Its just that Chen Luo is worried about unexpected situations. Its well known that when the female protagonist encounters this kind of situation, the protagonist is usually a divine soldier to take away the female protagonist.

Hearing Chen Luos words, a flash of disappointment flashed across Xiao Qingxues eyes.

I had thought that you were different from Zhao Yingxuan, that you werent as bad as that woman.

Thats right, I am indeed not as bad as her.

Chen Luo nodded earnestly, even if he now played up his villainous identity, he was definitely not as bad as Zhao Yingxuan.

Lets go, lets change places.

To be on the safe side, it cant be here. The secret room that originally held Xiao Qingxue was fine.

So Chen Luo directly led Xiao Qingxue to that secret room, and when he entered this secret room, a trace of fear flashed across Xiao Qingxues eyes.

Having been here for more than a day, this close to two days made Xiao Qingxue feel as if she had come to hell.

Looking at Chen Luo, who was walking towards her, Xiao Qingxue took a few steps back, but in the end, she resigned herself to her fate.

It was not that she wanted to resign herself to her fate, but that she had to.

Her fathers life was still in their hands, and even if she resisted, would she be able to stop Chen Luo?

The most precious thing that she had treasured since birth until now, she didnt expect to lose it here. freeweb




Meanwhile, Ye Chen was speeding towards Zhao Yingxuans villa.

Just a moment ago, he always felt in his heart that he was going to lose something most important, and he intuited that it had something to do with Chen Luo, so he rushed to find Chen Luo.

Here we are, this is the place.

Through the address given by Xiao Yongqiang, Ye Chen finally arrived here.

Chen Luo, get the hell out of here.

Ye Chen directly kicked open the villas door.

This place is not for some dogs to run wild.

Xia Lan kicked through the air towards Ye Chen, kicking at Ye Chens face.

Although Xia Lans marksmanship was much inferior, her fighting ability was on par with Chun Meis. Both of them were not weak.

Both of them were no weaker than Ye Chen, and they had daggers in their hands as weapons. Could the wounded Ye Chen be a match for them?

Faced with a stormy attack, Ye Chen passively resisted and was finally kicked out by Chun Mei.

He had just entered the villa courtyard and was knocked out already.?

We have already called the police for trespassing. Xia Lan looked at Ye Chen with a cold smile.

Ye Chens face turned pale.

Where is Chen Luo, tell him to come out, I have something to talk to him about.

Brother Luo is not something the likes of you can see just because you want to, hurry up and get out or dont blame us for being rude.

With a murderous look in her eyes, Chun Mei touched her right hand towards the back.

A gun was pulled out by Chun Mei from behind her, and when he saw the gun, Ye Chen quickly backed away.

He regretted it, he should have known to ask Xiao Yongqiang to prepare a gun for him and bring it over, otherwise he wouldnt have to be so passive.

You have three seconds, if you dont leave, you can think about the consequences.

Faced with the threat, Ye Chens heart burned with anger, No one had ever threatened him, even if someone threatened him, they all became corpses in the end.

You guys tell Chen Luo that he better not do anything to Qingxue, or else everyone around him will die.

An angry Ye Chen got into his car and left.

Chun Mei aimed at Ye Chen for a long time, but eventually did not shoot and put her gun away.

It was wise not to shoot, as it will not hit Ye Chen and only alert the police and cause trouble.

When Ye Chen left, his mind was at a loss. His mood was incomparably irritable, and he could not say exactly what it was that was irritating him.

It was perhaps the protagonists sixth sense, foreseeing that Xiao Qingxue would lose her innocence.

Unfortunately, he was blocked by a door and had no way to go and stop Chen Luo and save Xiao Qingxue.




In the villas secret room, Chen Luo lit a cigarette.

To be honest, the experience was not as good as Zhao Yingxuans. It wasnt a matter of getting a good time, but that was the truth.

Can you let my father go now?

Xiao Qingxue asked Chen Luo.

At this moment, Xiao Qingxues face was frighteningly cold, truly as emotionless as a large ice cube.

Her words were also as cold as frost, having gone through the most important metamorphosis of her life, but Xiao Qingxues character had not changed, but had become even colder.

Let your father go? what so you mean? when did we ever capture Xiao Yongqiang? Chen Luo looked puzzled.

What are you saying, didnt you guys kidnap my father?

Xiao Qingxue instantly ignored her current physical condition and rose up furiously.

Of course not.

Kidnapping you was troublesome enough, if your father Xiao Yongqiang was caught again, wouldnt the consequences be even more troublesome, there was no need to catch him.

Listening to Chen Luos words, Xiao Qingxues head went blank with a blast. How could she not realize at this moment that she had fallen for it.

Being deceived by that woman, Zhao Yingxuan, it turned out that her father wasnt kidnapped.

Xiao Qingxue, who was previously strong and did not shed any tears, instantly burst into tears.

Xiao Qingxue understood, and of course Chen Luo guessed that it must be Zhao Yingxuan who had tricked her. No wonder she had fallen for it so easily.

Earlier, Chen Luo was wondering if Xiao Qingxue had some kind of conspiracy, but it turned out to be this reason, but this woman was too good at deceiving.

Chen Luo began to wonder if Xiao Qingxues brain wasnt too smart

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