Villain Is Bodyguard of Heroine's Poisonous Stepmother - C.59: Luo Mingde suspected that there was a huge force behind Chen Luo

Villain Is Bodyguard of Heroine's Poisonous Stepmother

C.59: Luo Mingde suspected that there was a huge force behind Chen Luo

In the study of the Luo family.

Luo Mingde was writing with a brush, while Luo Zixuan stood next to him without saying a word.

The injuries to your body have not yet healed, but youve been tossing and turning a lot.

After he finished writing, Luo Mingde raised his head and the brush in his hand smashed directly onto Luo Zixuans face, the ink staining his face making Luo Zixuan look very slippery~.funny.

Theres a conflict between you and Chen Luo, is that it?

Luo Mingde had placed eyes around Luo Zixuan for the purpose of keeping an eye on Luo Zixuan.

The old Luo Zixuan was fine, but lately Luo Zixuan always made him hate his iron. In the past, although Luo Zixuan was not particularly capable, he did not like to cause trouble, like now.

Tell me what happened.

Luo Mingde put the writing post beside him to dry, then glanced at Luo Zixuan.

Dont you know everything, why are you asking me.?

Luo Zixuan cursed in his heart, which of the people around him had betrayed him, if he ever found out, he would definitely throw them into the Huangpu River and sink them.


Slapping a slap on the table, Luo Mingde said angrily, I told you to tell me so, because of who started a conflict with Chen Luo?

I cant be blamed for that. I suspected that he had captured Xiao Qingxue. Thats why I clashed with him.

Again because of Xiao Qingxue, how come I gave birth to such a useless son like you, how many people have you offended because of one woman?

The hated Luo Mingde slapped Luo Zixuan directly on the face

Its just offending two people, is our Luo family still afraid of offending two people?

Luo Zixuan was unconvinced after being hit.

Yes its two people, but both of them are not to be messed with.

An irritated Luo Mingde couldnt control himself and gave Luo Zixuan a slap again.

That Ye Chens origin hasnt been investigated yet, And he has Xiao Yongqiang behind him, a life-saver of Xiao Yongqiangs, so can he be an ordinary person?

The other one, Chen Luo, all this information I have investigated is false, he is even more uncomplicated than that Ye Chen, I suspect that he has a huge power behind him.

The origin of Ye Chen, Luo Mingde did not be investigated. Luo Zixuan did know the origin of Ye Chen, but now he is being lectured he is too lazy to talk about it.

And some information about Chen Luo, he did have someone investigate, but the information was so common that Luo Mingde suspected it was fake, and from the information investigated it was not the same person at all.

In fact, it was indeed not a same person

The Chen Luo of this world was already dead. Chen Luo was brought across by the system, and it was body wear, not soul wear.

He had no fundamental relationship with the Chen Luo of this world, but merely replaced his identity.

Luo Mingde suspected that there was a huge power behind Chen Luo because of Ah Da, that guy did not look like a normal person at all, more like a brainwashed killing machine.

The fact that Chen Luo was able to find this kind of person and even said to Luo Zixuan that he could continue to find him if he still needed manpower meant that there was more than one person like Ah Da.

If there wasnt a huge force behind this, Luo Mingde simply didnt believe it.

Go and put a billion into Chen Luos bank card, then find a way to make up with him.

Luo Mingde said as he turned towards Luo Zixuan.

He even knew about the one billion, the person Luo Mingde had planted beside Luo Zixuan, who was following Luo Zixuan at that time.

Hearing his dads command, Luo Zixuan was a little upset in his heart.

The first thing you need to do is credit a billion dollars into Chen Luos bank card and then find a way to make up with him.

Luo Mingde said as he turned towards Luo Zixuan.

He even knew well about the one billion, the person Luo Mingde had planted beside Luo Zixuan, who was following Luo Zixuan at that time.

Hearing his dads order, Luo Zixuan was a little upset in his heart.

Ive already given 200 million.

The extra two hundred million will be considered as an apology. Luo Mingde said indifferently.

Luo Mingde was generous. Their Luo family was not short of money. Dont look at the richest person in Magic City was Xiao Yongqiang. but Xiao Yongqiangs wealth could be quite inferior compared to the Luo family. f(r)

After all, with generations of accumulation, the Luo familys hidden wealth definitely exceeded Xiao Yongqiangs.

The generosity was not unwarranted.

If Chen Luo was really as he guessed and had a powerful force behind him, then using the 1.2 billion to ease relations with him would not be a loss.

If it was different from what he guessed, and Chen Luo did not have any powerful force behind him, then the money he took out now could be brought back sooner or later.

It was not a loss either way, and their Luo family had already won the hemp. freew(e)bnovel

Im not going, if you want to go, do yourself.

Luo Zixuan refused outright.

Asking him to go and bow down to Chen Luo, he absolutely couldnt do it.

After saying that, Luo Zixuan directly left Luo Mingdes study, he was worried that he would still be beaten if he stayed here.

This rebellious son.

Luo Mingde looked at Luo Zixuan, angrily, didnt he do this for Luo Zixuans own good?

If the power behind Chen Luo was strong, he could also help Luo Zixuan in the future. This was obviously a good thing, yet Luo Zixuan had refused.

That rebellious son is not going, so let me go and meet Chen Luo.

Luo Mingde intended to meet Chen Luo personally. This was what Luo Mingde had originally planned to do. He also wanted to see through Chen Luos background.

Luo Mingde then picked up his mobile phone to contact Chen Luo personally.

Unfamiliar number.

Chen Luo, who had received 500 million from Xiao Yongqiangs side and was about to go back, heard his mobile phone ring and took it out.

After considering for a moment, Chen Luo chose to pick up.

Hello, my name is Luo Mingde, Im Luo Zixuans father.

After picking up, Luo Mingde took the lead to introduce himself.

Oh, its young master Luos father, I wonder whats the matter with me on the phone?

Chen Luo suspected that the other party was looking for trouble. Could it be that Luo Zixuan had been put up with a beating and was looking for his own father to take action?

That unfilial son brought people to search your villa earlier and caused you no small amount of trouble, I am specifically apologizing.

Luo Mingde was very polite to Chen Luo.

With Luo Mingdes status, even if Xiao Yongqiang saw him, he would have to be a head shorter in front of Luo Mingde again, and to be so polite to Chen Luo meant that he had given Chen Luo enough face.

Even Xiao Yongqiang did not have this honor.

(Sure enough, the Luo family will not become enemies with me for the time being. )

This was all expected by Chen Luo, Luo Mingde would be so polite, probably because he was afraid of the power behind him.

Although Chen Luo didnt take the initiative to fictionalise what kind of power he had behind him, he would, however, make people brainstorm that he had a powerful force behind him.

Before handing Da over to Luo Zixuan and telling Luo Zixuan that he could contact him anytime he needed manpower, these were all ambiguities that Chen Luo had laid out.

Even if Luo Zixuan wouldnt have guessed it, the Luo family behind him would have guessed it.

Luo Dong is too polite, there is no need for you to apologise personally.

Chen Luo had a casual tone, not showing shock because the other party was Luo Mingde.

This made Luo Mingde even more suspicious that Chen Luo definitely had a terrifying power behind him. Otherwise, could an ordinary young man be so calm when facing him?

A wrong action is a wrong action, Ill say sorry for Zixuan, plus theres a compensation of one billion dollars that should be coming soon.

Luo Mingdes tone was gentle.

Since Luo Dong is so polite, then I will accept this apology.

Thats good, I hope you wont be angry with Zixuan, I still hope you two can maintain a good relationship.

Dont worry Luo Dong, Im not that stingy.

Youre so generous, how can I be petty? The Luo family has so much money, so perhaps you can consider continuing to make money on the Luo family.

Verbal expressions of gratitude are too insincere, Ill be the host, I wonder if Xian Nephew Chen Luo would be willing to give me this face?

How can you not give Luo Dongs face.

Chen Luo heard that Luo Mingde had invited him to dinner, and did not refuse.

Still thinking of making money from the Luo family, of course he couldnt refuse, even if it was for the sake of money, it was fine to give Luo Mingde a face.

After a few words of small talk, Chen Luo hung up and made an appointment to meet at the best private restaurant in Magic City.

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