Villain Is Bodyguard of Heroine's Poisonous Stepmother - C.44: Car Accident? Murder






Ah Da fought hard against Ye Chens fist and punched him in the face. The face that was originally swollen from Chen Luos beating was not healed yet, now it was swollen even more.

The familiar way of fighting made Ye Chen feel suffocated.

When he fought Chen Luo, Chen Luo used this method to beat him violently, resisting his fists hard and giving him a punch as well, in a complete desperate stance.

Chen Luo was wearing a black-tech bullet-proof suit, so he wasnt afraid of taking a beating at all, while Ah Da was not afraid of pain.

Damn it, you.

Ye Chen felt his teeth loosen a little and stared at Ah Da like a wounded lone wolf, his heart boiling with killing intent.

The back-to-back defeats he had suffered after returning home had stirred up the violence in his heart.

His hands and feet struck streaks of shadow in the air as he and Ah Da clashed continuously, their stance techniques not far apart, neither of them able to take advantage of the other.


Each took a punch, and the two men crashed into the wall, which was cracked open.

President, wont you tell them to stop? Xiao Li couldnt help but ask towards Xiao Qingxue.

Xiao Qingxue glanced at the two men who were fighting fiercely and said indifferently, Who of them will listen to me?

Ah Da was Luo Zixuans bodyguard, would he listen to her? Ye Chen would likewise not listen to her.

Wait for the police to come, let them take them all away.

Xiao Qingxues gaze was on Luo Zixuan who was sitting in a wheelchair.

Qingxue. Luo Zixuan saw that Xiao Qingxue had noticed him and hurriedly showed a smile.

However, Xiao Qingxue simply ignored Luo Zixuan and turned her head away to ignore him, causing Luo Zixuans expression to stiffen a little.

After more than ten minutes of continuous fierce fighting, neither side had exhausted themselves. Das body was covered in bruises, and so was Ye Chens.

When he fought with Da, Ye Chen was at an even greater disadvantage, not to mention Das fearless attacks. Ye Chen himself was also wounded.

His wounds had not yet been healed.

But they couldnt fight any longer because the police were coming.

Ah Da, stop. Luo Zixuan instructed towards Ah Da.

Ah Da lowered his fists, and Ye Chen also reluctantly put his fists away, because the police were coming with guns.

Chen Luo didnt know that Luo Zixuan couldnt wait to take Ah Da to take revenge now that he had returned to Zhao Yingxuans cosmetics company.

Why are you smiling so happily?

Chen Luo sat beside Zhao Yingxuan and reached out to take her in his arms. Now Chen Luo could be much more active.

Zhao Yingxuan leaned into Chen Luos arms with pleasure.

Yongqiang Group has just made a big mess, Luo Zixuan brought someone to look for trouble and beat up that Ye Chen.

This guy is really fast.

Hearing Zhao Yingxuans words, Chen Luo all but froze. He just came back on a small errand and didnt take long.

Luo Zixuan had even finished a fight with Ah Da.

How did it turn out? Chen Luo enquired.

They were all taken away by the police, the details are not yet known, you dont seem surprised at all?

Zhao Yingxuan looked up at Chen Luo. freew ebnov el

Not surprised, that Ah Da is the person I arranged for Luo Zixuan.

So thats how it is, no wonder someone who can fight that Ye Chen popped up.

Zhao Yingxuan didnt press Chen Luo to ask where he found the person he arranged for Luo Zixuan, she had long known that Chen Luo had many secrets.

In the past, she would still investigate and probe, but now Zhao Yingxuan didnt probe into that anymore.

This time, the Yongqiang Group is going to be in a bit of trouble, it would be good if a complete conflict with the Luo family could break out.

Zhao Yingxuan was looking forward to the clash between the Yongqiang Group and the Luo Family. Given Xiao Yongqiangs condition, he was bound to die in a fit of rage.

As long as Xiao Yongqiang was dead, could she still not fight a little girl?

Forget about the Yongqiang Group for now, lets go back first.

I want you to hold me.

Chen Luo smiled as he got up and picked Zhao Yingxuan up. Chun Mei followed Chen Luo and left the company together.


Brother Luo, were being followed.

On the road, Chun Mei opened her mouth and said.

I noticed as well.

Chen Luo glanced through the rear-view mirror. A black Mercedes had been following them. The most crucial thing was that when they accelerated, so did the car.

It was too obvious that the person following them was not professional.

Being watched, who could it be?

Thinking about the person, he had offended, the protagonist Ye Chen, but his power was out of the country for the time being and it would be hard to mobilize people against him.

Liang Xinghu was already a dead man, and although Luo Zixuan had been pitted by him, he certainly didnt know that he had pitted him and still considered himself a good brother now.

Even if he knew, im afraid he would still want to get on good terms with himself now.

If its someone who is dealing with me, theres only Xiao Yongqiang, do you have any enemies?

Chen Luo inquired towards Zhao Yingxuan.

It was also possible that Zhao Yingxuans enemy was not Xiao Yongqiang.

I think it should be Xiao Yongqiang, with what I know about him, he will definitely kill me when he knows he is dying.

Zhao Yingxuan was calm, even when she knew she was being watched.

Because Chen Luo was there, she felt safe.

That car in front is trying to crash into us.

The person driving the car was Chun Mei, who noticed that the car coming from the opposite direction suddenly crashed towards them. It was too sudden, but Chun Mei still reacted to it.

The moment Chun Mei alerted him, Chen Luo kicked the car door open and jumped out of the car with Zhao Yingxuan, while Chun Mei in front of him also jumped straight out of the car.


It could be said that it was a back and forth attack, and the car behind it accelerated to a similar speed.

If it wasnt for her skilled hands and timely attention, Chen Luo and Chun Mei might have been fine, but Zhao Yingxuan would have been dead.

Trying to create a car accident to kill us.

A cold glint flashed in Chen Luos eyes.

Earlier, he had thought that the people following him were unprofessional. But it turned out that the other party didnt care about being discovered. They just wanted to create a car accident to run over Chen Luo and the rest of them.

Although he wouldnt have died even if he hadnt reacted, Zhao Yingxuan would definitely be seriously injured if not dead.

If it was before, Chen Luo would not have cared too much about Zhao Yingxuans death, but now this woman was also his woman.

Their car was wrecked, but the two cars that hit them were no big deal, obviously modified.

Finding that they hadnt killed Chen Luo, they simply reversed and started the car and ran away. f

Chunmei dont go after them.

Chen Luo called out to Chun Mei, who had wanted to go after them, and stopped.

Are you alright?

Chen Luo asked as he turned towards Zhao Yingxuan.

With you here, Ill be fine.

Zhao Yingxuan wasnt hurt, so it could be said that Chen Luo had protected her well.

Lets go back first, Ill call for someone to come and take care of it. Zhao Yingxuan greedily fell into Chen Luos arms and didnt get up, picking up the phone and informing the companys people to come and take care of it.

They then took a taxi and went straight back.

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