Villain Is Bodyguard of Heroine's Poisonous Stepmother - C.43: Ah vs Ye Chen





The Bald Man was all majestic and angry as he came straight to the Security managers office.

Who told you to come in without knocking?

After Ye Chen saw the Bald Man, his eyes rose up in displeasure.

Hmph, Ye Chen Im telling you, youre finished, Young Master Luo told you to get out and meet him, just wait for your death. The bald man sneered as he looked at Ye Chen.

He still dares to come?

A flash of ice coldness flashed across Ye chens face, if it was abroad, where would he have let Luo Zixuan have the chance to find trouble three times.

Who the hell is he to order me to meet him, you tell him to scram or come see me instead.

Said Ye Chen as he directly kicked the bald man out.


The bald man let out a lament like a swine, Wait for me, Young Master Luo will definitely kill you.

After getting up, the Bald man ran to see Luo Zixuan.

Why didnt he come? Luo Zixuan turned to the bald man and asked.

Young Master Luo, its not my fault, that Ye Chen is too arrogant, he doesnt even consider you to be anything, and he even said that you are nobody.

Listening to the bald mans words, Luo Zixuans eyes grew colder and colder, a bit cold and piercing, the bald mans body shivered. He wouldnt strike at him in anger, would he?

Young Master Luo, it wasnt me who said that, it was that damned bastard Ye Chen who said that, and he told you to come and see him, as youre someone below him, with a particularly arrogant attitude.

Good, very good.

Luo Zixuan laughed back in anger.

He had only been beaten by two people in all his life. One was Chen Luo, and now he and Chen Luo had become friends instead, and the other was Ye Chen.

And it wasnt that Ye Chen had beaten him once. Each time he struck he was hurt worse.

You take Da and drag him down for me.

Luo Zixuan instructed towards the Bald Man.

He was definitely not going to meet Ye Chen personally up there. Otherwise, wouldnt that make him look like he was a head lower.

He would wait for Ye Chen to be beaten like a dead dog and then drag him down.

No problem Young Master Luo.

The bald man hastily agreed, and after taking a look at Ah das physique, confidence sprang up in the bald mans heart instantly.

That kid Ye chens fighting strength was not weak, but compared to this strong man in front of him, he definitely wasnt a match.

The bald man then led the way and headed straight for Ye chens office.

As they went forward to Ye Chens office, the security guards below, someone had already started to tip off Ye Chen.

Brother Ye, that fat bald guy is leading a very strong man up to the office, he is probably looking for trouble with you, we dont dare to stop him, you have to be careful.

Okay, I know.

Ye Chen smiled disdainfully. He wanted to see where Luo Zixuan got his confidence this time, and who actually gave him such confidence.

Not long after the message was passed, Ye Chens door was directly burst, hammered open and Ah Da, who was almost two meters tall, walked straight in.

Thats him, hes Ye Chen. Bald man said curtly towards Ah Da.

Ye Chen eyes showed seriousness, no wonder Luo Zixuan dared to come back for trouble, so he had found a helper.

This man was so oppressive that he even felt a hint of pressure.

Unlike Chen Luo, Chen Luos aura was internal and if he didnt make a move, others couldnt tell how strong or weak he was.

But with a glance, Ah Da could tell that he was strong, very strong.

Follow me quietly.

Ah Da said in a commanding voice.

Ye Chens eyes narrowed and with a sharp look in his eyes, he brazenly struck out at Ah Da and punched him in the abdomen.


The fist that punched over was caught by Ah Da, who took a step back and then steadily caught Ye Chens fist.

Ah Da, who had squeezed Ye Chens fist, directly, threw him up and towards the wall, and just when Ye Chen was about to be thrown against the wall, twisted his body and stomped hard on the wall.

Relying on his great strength, Ye Chen threw Ah Da out with his backhand.

There was a dull sound and the floor was cracked by Ah Das body.

The bald man was about to piss himself in fear. Was this a human being fighting?

The wall was almost smashed through by a stomp, and the hard floor was also cracked open. This fighting power was a bit inhuman.

Only then did he realize that Ye Chen had shown him mercy, if he hadnt, a kick could have killed him earlier.

Ah Da didnt even fall a bit, but he couldnt feel the pain at all and got up to fight Ye Chen again.

The two of them fought to an equal level, but the office suffered, it was almost as bad as a forced demolition.

President, its not good, Luo Zixuan is here again, and his bodyguard and Ye Chen are fighting.

Xiao Li hurriedly reported to Xiao Qingxue.

Xiao Qingxue, who was handling the companys affairs, frowned. Both Luo Zixuan and Ye Chen were people she hated.

If the two of them fought, Xiao Qingxue was not willing to pay attention to them at all, but if they fought at Yongqiang Group, then Xiao Qingxue couldnt just ignore it.

Just call the police directly. Xiao Qingxue said indifferently.

Xiao Li nodded, and even if she didnt call the police, the employees below probably did.

Luo Zixuans bodyguard can beat Ye Chen? freewebnov(e)

Xiao Qingxue had seen Ye Chens abnormal strength, although he was the one who got beaten up when he fought with Chen Luo, but it could never be said that Ye Chen was weak.

The people below said that they fought on equal footing, and that bodyguard of Luo Zixuans was as strong as a bear.

Where did Luo Zixuan find such a powerful bodyguard.

After thinking about it, Xiao Qingxue still planned to put down the matter in hand and go down to take a look.

The whole Yongqiang Group would suffer if there was really a fight and people were killed.

Soon, Xiao Qingxue arrived downstairs with Xiao Li.

President, youd better not come closer, be careful not to hurt yourself.

Seeing Xiao Qingxue coming down, the employees of Yongqiang Group immediately were reminded.

Xiao Qingxue did not pass, it was better for her to watch this kind of fight from afar, even if she had seen the fight between Chen Luo and Ye Chen, now that she saw such a fierce fight, Xiao Qingxue still felt shocked.

Tell people not to film it, and they are not allowed to send it out if they do, otherwise dont blame the company for holding you responsible.

Xiao Qingxue spoke up when she saw someone taking a video.

This would have some impact on the companys image if it got onto the internet.

Ah Da, beat that bastard to death.

Luo Zixuan yelled out from his wheelchair, and pushing him in from outside was the bald man.

Watching the fist-to-fist fierce battle, Luo Zixuan was excited, especially since Da really didnt lose to Ye Chen at all.

But Ye Chens fighting strength also shocked Luo Zixuan. No wonder the wasteful bodyguard he brought over before couldnt beat him.

It turned out that Ye Chens fighting strength was so terrifying.

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