Villain Is Bodyguard of Heroine's Poisonous Stepmother - C.40: Pitting Luo Zixuan again





Looking at this middle-aged bald man, a cold light flashed in Ye Chens eyes.

I even dare to beat up Luo Zixuan, do you think I wouldnt dare to beat you up?

The killing aura was apparent, the bald man was just an ordinary man, how could he stand up to Ye Chens killing aura, he took a few steps back in some panic and then accidentally fell to the ground.

You you dare, killing is against the law.

A smell of urine came from him, and Ye Chen looked at him in disgust, scared out of his wits.

Drag him away, dont tarnish the image of our Yongqiang Group. Ye Chen instructed the other security guards.

Yes Brother Ye.

A few security guards dragged the middle-aged bald man away as if he was a dead pig, these people were originally unhappy with this bald man, now they finally had a chance to discipline him.

Brother Ye, you have offended the heir of the Luo family, you do have to be careful, although you are very capable of fighting, there is no guarantee and he might play dirty, be careful.

A security guard kindly warned Ye Chen.

Ye Chen snorted and said disdainfully, Just by him, he is not worthy of making me be careful.

Even if Luo Zixuan had an identity and background, did he really think that he had nothing? He was the king of mercenaries, with his own mercenary corps.

Although he had disbanded the mercenary corps when he returned to China, those people would definitely still obey his orders as long as he summoned them.

If he sent people to make a move against the Luo family at all costs, what with the four great clans of Magic City, they would be wiped out in a matter of moments.

Of course, if he did so, he would definitely not be well off either.

But this was Ye Chens bottom strength, and with this bottom strength he was not afraid of anyone.

Alas, although Brother Ye is capable, he is just too arrogant.

The security guard who had persuaded Ye Chen shook his head and sighed in his heart.

Zhao Yingxuans office, at this time, Chen Luo and Zhao Yingxuan, were already fully dressed. Zhao Yingxuan was still looking at Chen Luo with a coquettish look in her eyes.

No wonder you fight so well, it turns out to be so strong.

At this moment, Zhao Yingxuan was a bit too powerless to lift. freew(e)

Chen Luo was slightly pleased, but his physique was close to seven times that of an ordinary person. Zhao Yingxuan was not a normal match for him.

Ugh, Luo Zixuan is really wasted.

Holding his phone, Chen Luo couldnt help but shake his head as he looked at the message Luo Zixuan sent over.

Surprisingly, he was beaten into the hospital, before Chen Luo had given Luo Zixuan a good plan, if he had followed Chu Moxians plan exactly, he wouldnt have been at all beaten and could still make Ye Chen pay.

The result was that now Ye Chen was all right and Luo Zixuan had been sent to hospital instead.

With this kind of teammate around, it feels like a chore to me.

Chen Luo didnt even want to play with Luo Zixuan anymore, but when he thought that Luo Zixuan had money, Chen Luo held himself back.

After all, Luo Zixuan still had value to use.

Thats not right, how can he be the heir of the Luo family, he wouldnt be so stupid as to do that, right?

Chen Luo frowned, even if Luo Zixuan was stupid, it couldnt be that everyone in the Luo family was stupid. Now that Luo Zixuan was beaten into the hospital, it should be easy for them to retaliate.

So many people were injured, first, sent Ye Chen to the bureau, also able to Ye Chen suffer.

Isnt it possible that the villains intelligence drop.

Chen Luos face changed slightly. Dont forget that he was also a villain.

It was possible that he would also have an intelligence drop and do something brain-damaged.

Ask about it first.

Chen Luo sent a message over and asked Luo Zixuan why the Luo family didnt act against Ye Chen.

Not long after, Luo Zixuan sent a message back, telling Chen Luo that his father suspected that Ye Chens identity was not simple and intended to investigate Ye Chens identity first before dealing with him, and also warned him not to make any more moves against Ye Chen for the time being.

Now Chen Luo could be sure that it was definitely the protagonists aura that had gone into overdrive, and that he could do things that gave Ye Chen a chance to breathe.

The weakest time for a protagonist of this kind is when he has just debuted, and as time goes by, he will definitely be able to meet many big characters and slowly develop to a level that he cannot deal with.

After thinking about it, Chen Luo called Luo Zixuan directly.

Young Luo, how are your injuries?

Brother, Im alright, but this revenge I absolutely have to take, Ive already placed an order on the dark web to spend fifty million dollars to put a bounty on Ye Chens head, he will definitely die.

Through the phone, Chen Luo could hear the resentment in Luo Zixuans tone.

Damn, finding a killer to kill Ye Chen, sure, it wasnt a head delivery? Perhaps it was to send a henchman over to Ye Chen.

But a reward of fifty million US dollars, Chen Luo was a bit impressed, not bad for a rich kid with a lot of money, it was more than three hundred million when converted into yuan.

Young master Luo, I dont think the bodyguard around you is good, why dont I find you a powerful bodyguard, not weaker than Ye Chen.

Really? Thats great.

Luo Zixuan was ecstatic, if he had a bodyguard around him who was not weaker than Ye Chen, he would be able to beat Ye Chen up.

Although his father had already warned him not to mess with Ye Chen for the time being, Luo Zixuan couldnt swallow the anger in his heart.

Its just that the price is a bit expensive.

Its normal to have a higher price if youre capable, dont worry I have the money.

Luo Zixuan was brash.

Chen Luo couldnt help but grin, having money was good enough, then he was not polite, Luo Zixuan had so much money on him, if he didnt put a little bit of genuinely sorry for himself.

I inquired about it, it needs five hundred million.

What, five hundred million.

Luo Zixuan on the other side of the phone, almost jumped up, what kind of bodyguard needed five hundred million? Even for the retired special forces soldiers his father employed, the highest annual salary was only a few million.

Five hundred million for a lifetime of working, the combat power is no worse than Ye Chen, think about whether its worth it, Id like to press the price for you, but its not cheap.

Ill think about it.

This was not a small amount, 500 million at once. Even Luo Zixuan had a hard time making a decision.

OK, you think about it, young master Luo, its a rare opportunity, to be honest if I wasnt friends with him, you might not be able to hire him even if you spend a billion.

Chen Luo hung up the phone, giving Luo Zixuan room to think about it.

I believe Luo Zixuan would say yes. After all, 500 million could buy the other partys whole life, ah, not a year or two.

If it was one or two years, Luo Zixuan would definitely not agree to serve for a lifetime, he could consider it.

After about half an hour had passed, Luo Zixuan called, as i expected, Luo Zixuan was willing to pay 500 million to hire an expert.

Chen Luo did not have a skilled person, but Chen Luo had a system, so he could trade one from the system and send it to Luo Zixuan.

As long as he had enough value on him to make the deal, even if he wanted Pangu to be a fighter for him, it was no problem. (Notes: Pangu () is an ancient Chinese deity considered to be the first living being and creator of the world. Emerging from an egg containing the entire cosmos, his birth released the universe)

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