Unrivaled Martial Emperor - C.284 - Wuning Empire

Unrivaled Martial Emperor

C.284 - Wuning Empire

Calm Sun Marquis mansion, west wing courtyard:

Chen Fan sat cross-legged on the bed in his room. A sense of excitement coursed through him as he held the third remnant map piece.

With the new piece, he finally had the complete map.

“Hmm? It’s actually not in the Great Chu Empire!”

He could make out mountains, waters, and plains after looking at the lines and marks on the maps. Though the map itself was standard, the hidden treasure was outside the Great Chu Empire's borders, specifically in the Wuning Empire.

After Wei Buyu had told him about the structure of the Tianwu Continent, Chen Fan researched and familiarized himself with neighboring empires.

Comparing the treasure’s location with the information he had acquired, he confirmed that the hidden treasure lay within the boundaries of the Wuning Empire.

The Hong Domain, which the Great Chu Empire was a part of, covered a vast land area and had thirty-six countries. These countries varied in strength, with the Tianhong Imperial Court reigning as the most formidable, positioned centrally within the Hong Domain.

The weaker countries were called Empires, and the stronger ones were Imperial Courts.

Apart from the Tianhong Imperial Court, the remaining thirty-five countries of the Hong Domain were all Empires. Among them were six powerful countries that, while not comparable to the Tianhong Imperial Court, were stronger than ordinary Empires.

As for the other twenty-nine countries, there were stronger and weaker ones, but the disparities were relatively marginal. The Great Chu Empire was among them.

The Wuning Empire shared borders with the Great Chu Empire. Its overall strength was similar to that of the Great Chu Empire. Between the two empires was the River of Rage, a vast waterway that ran north to south, its relentless waves appearing as if in perpetual fury.

The River of Rage split the entire Hong Domain into two, flowing through many empires.

Based on what Chen Fan knew, he would come across the River of Rage by heading southeast from the imperial city, covering a distance of fifty miles.

So, the treasure is in the Wuning Empire. That’s surprising. I wonder how the treasure map reached our Great Chu Empire. Chen Fan contemplated.

Considering he had acquired all three remnant pieces within the Great Chu Empire’s borders, shouldn’t the treasure also be within its borders? However, the map indicated that it was in the Wuning Empire.

Even though he was surprised, it was fine regardless. After all, the two empires were neighbors. Given his speed, he estimated he could reach the Wuning Empire within ten days to half a month, allowing him to uncover the treasure.

With the treasure's location determined, Chen Fan began formulating a plan.

He put the map away. He would head to the Wuning Empire after the Bloodlines Martial Meet was over and he had met his mother.

The meet is in ten days. Well, I’ll use this period to raise my cultivation. After all, I still have to visit the Zhao Clan again. Sixth level doesn’t cut it.

Chen Fan’s eyes flickered, and his mind went to work, meticulously devising his next steps.

Xuan’er said that the Zhao Clan might have a Core Formation realm expert. However, I only encountered Zhao Hong. He wasn’t even at the peak of the ninth level. It seems there is still an old freak hiding somewhere in there.

If I go to the Zhao Clan again and kill one of their higher-ups, this old freak might be pushed into taking action. Core Formation realm powerhouses are no joke. If the old freak makes a move, my life will be in danger.

Chen Fan was at the sixth level with five illusory primeval vessels. He could contend against someone at the eighth level if he went all out. So, let alone a Core Formation realm powerhouse, he couldn’t even defeat someone at the ninth level.

Based on Chen Fan’s estimations, he would be no match for a Core Formation realm powerhouse even if he advanced to the seventh level. Still, with the Wings of Rain Dragon, he should be able to escape.

Hopefully, the Zhao Clan’s old monster’s level isn’t too high. It’d still be fine if they’re at the first level, but it’d get dangerous if they’re at the second or the third level.


Time swiftly elapsed, with ten days passing in the blink of an eye.

The early morning dawn broke over the imperial city.

In the southeast area of the central district, the Nangong Clan's opulent mansion, sprawling across several thousand mu of land, witnessed the arrival of numerous horse carriages and caravans.


The wheels, crafted from fine steel, emitted sharp, ear-piercing noises as they rubbed against the ground.

A caravan with an embroidered white tiger stopped before the Nangong Clan’s mansion. The curtain of the luxurious carriage was drawn aside, revealing a pair of imposing leather boots that stepped on the ground.

The owner of the leather boots was a middle-aged man. He stood as straight as a spear, wearing a large cloak sprinkled with gold. Despite the heat from the blazing sun, a cool wind enveloped him and the surrounding hundred-step radius.

This person had practiced his cold-attributed cultivation technique to near perfection.

This person was from the Tianhai County’s Nangong Clan, the Bloodline Leader of a branch bloodline, Nangong Chuan.

After Nangong Chuan alighted, a pair of youths disembarked from the carriage behind his. They were his son and his daughter; both were young talents. Their breaths were long and deep, and their temperaments were extraordinary. Their eyes flickered brightly, reflecting their rich cultivation.

“Our chance has come, Father. The Moon Bloodline has been declining for the past eighteen years. Their end has finally come. They are no longer fit to be a main bloodline. This time, our branch shall replace them.”

“We’re already at the doorsteps. Save your words for later, once we're inside."

Nangong Chuan waved his hand, silencing his children's mocking remarks. As they approached the entrance, he saw two stone lions, towering like massive beasts, and a sharp glint flashed in his eyes.

Simultaneously, another caravan's carriage stopped, and a middle-aged man emerged. An eerie voice reached them. “Hoho, Nangong Chuan, it looks like you are trying to become a part of the main bloodline.”

The speaker wore armor, which was like jade and silk. It was a rare soft armor, an exceptional treasure that could block the attacks of godly weapons. He oversaw the Nangong Clan based in Chaolu County City, Nangong You.

“Nangong You, is your branch challenging ours?” Nangong Chuan flicked his finger, unleashing a force shimmering with a crystal-like blue light.

Instantly, small holes appeared on the stone-paved ground, and layers of ice materialized under the blazing sun.

Wearing the soft jade armor, Nangong You showed a stern expression, looking at Nangong Chuan with a heavy gaze.

“Your Great Ice Soul Cultivation Technique is impressive. Are you now at the second or the third level of the Core Formation realm? But I’m not afraid of you. Naturally, we will fight for the main bloodline position."

With a wave of his hand, a torrent of qi blew like the spring breeze, melting the ice on the ground.

This was the Spring Breeze Vast Qi cultivation technique. It had an upright, rich, and gentle nature, with a robust foundation.

Another caravan stopped in front of Nangong Clan's mansion. A tall, burly middle-aged man exited with spirited steps. He gave off a sense of oppression, and his voice was bright and full of vigor.

“Hoho, you two are talking about vying for the position here? Move on. Let’s talk about it after we’re in the residence, or you’ll make a fool of yourself if outsiders see you.”

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