Unrivaled Martial Emperor - C.276 - Killing in Three Strokes

Unrivaled Martial Emperor

C.276 - Killing in Three Strokes

From the moment Chen Fan entered the fighting arena until now, he had won six consecutive matches. Yet, he still looked like the fights were a mere cakewalk. It left onlookers uncertain about his limits.

As Ding Haipeng stepped into the arena, threatening to end Chen Fan's life, the crowd eagerly anticipated the upcoming fight.

Frequent visitors to the battle palace were familiar with Ding Haipeng.

Although he could not be compared to an influential figure like Muye Xiao, whose name was listed on the Earth Leaderboard, he had quite a bit of fame in the imperial city.

After all, Ding Haipeng was at the peak of the fourth level, came from a distinguished family, and even had the record of winning seven matches in a row twice.

Comparatively, Xue Sihai had achieved seven consecutive victories only once; this highlighted Ding Haipeng's superior strength.

Now that Ding Haipeng had challenged Chen Fan, the result of this battle was unpredictable. It stirred excitement among the spectators.

Would Ding Haipeng overwhelm and kill Chen Fan?

Or would Chen Fan unleash his true strength and kill Ding Haipeng instead?

The crowd waited for Chen Fan to make his choice.

“Very well!”

In the face of Ding Haipeng’s threats, Chen Fan smiled chillingly.

“Since that is the case, I’ll take your worthless life!”

Chen Fan’s words brought about an intense reaction.

“You’re looking to die!”

Chen Fan had called his life worthless, Ding Haipeng was thoroughly enraged, and his face became somewhat twisted.

His cultivation erupted. Fierce winds whistled, sweeping all around. Explosions boomed everywhere.

Ding Haipeng shot forward with a swish as if a catapult launched him. He was so fast that the spectators only saw a blur; even the strong wind he raised was left in the dust.

As he revolved his cultivation fiercely, his clothes and hair fluttered wildly. His primeval force surged, and a golden Chinese swordbreaker appeared in his hand.


With a swing of his arm, golden light blossomed from his Chinese swordbreaker and smashed down.

With a powerful swing, golden light erupted, creating shockwaves that instantly ruptured the air, producing booming noises that echoed through the space.

“Go die!” Ding Haipeng shouted sinisterly. He held nothing back, as he wanted to turn Chen Fan into meat paste in one hit to relieve his hatred.


However, a sharp clang resonated as Chen Fan skillfully parried Ding Haipeng's assault with his scabbard. The rebounding force left Ding Haipeng staggering and struggling to catch his breath.

Chen Fan’s expression was cold and calm. He swung his arm once more.


The scabbard struck the golden Chinese swordbreaker. Immediately, Ding Haipeng felt like he had been knocked by a huge mountain, stepping backward uncontrollably.

With another clang, the golden Chinese swordbreaker also fell to the ground.


Chen Fan stepped forward, his cultivation stirring. It made people feel like Mt Tai was pressing down on them or that a divine giant had descended into the mortal world.

“Die!” A cold ultimatum escaped from Chen Fan’s mouth. With a shing, he drew his sword from its scabbard.

Icy light gleamed off the blade, forcing Ding Haipeng to squint. His muscles tensed, pores contracted, and a deathly aura enveloped him as if he had descended to the eighteenth level of hell.

A subtle sound reached Ding Haipeng's ears—the air being sliced by Chen Fan's sword.


Fear gripped Ding Haipeng as he watched a streak of icy sword light aiming for his head, threatening to snatch away his life.

“Not good!” Ding Haipeng’s expression changed drastically. He twitched and trembled as a layer of qi shield materialized before him.

Unfortunately, as Chen Fan's slash descended, the entire qi shield proved feeble, torn apart like paper instantly.

Ding Haipeng screamed as he tried to retreat, “Don’t kil—”

His golden Chinese swordbreaker was on the ground, and now, with his qi shield rendered gone, he was fully exposed to the impending slash. It was a dire situation with no escape.

Regrettably, he could not finish his sentence before the sword light swiped through him like a hot knife to butter, from top to bottom. He was split into two halves, and his guts spilled all over the ground.


The entire battle palace fell silent at this moment.

Ding Haipeng, who had won seven matches consecutively twice on this very stage, was killed by Chen Fan in three strikes.

The crowd never expected the battle to end so quickly.

They had expected that there would be a huge, spectacular battle between Chen Fan and Ding Haipeng. Instead, Ding Haipeng had died in only three sword strikes.


“So, this is his strength?”

“Sword drawn. Life taken!”

“Ding Haipeng, killed in three strikes!”

“He finally drew his sword, though Ding Haipeng had to die for it.”

“This guy... He can win ten matches in a row!”


The crowd soon returned to their senses, and lively discussions erupted among them.

“Big Brother Dongfan... is so strong!” Chu Xuan’er’s eyes were filled with stars.

If she admired Chen Fan a bit after he dealt with Scarface, witnessing him defeat an even stronger opponent, Ding Haipeng, in just three moves turned that into complete idolatry.

“Is this his true strength? Sword cultivator draws sword and takes life!” Nangong Wan’er leaned forward slightly, staring fixedly at Chen Fan. A strong light flickered in her pretty eyes, her heart beating fiercely.

“Perhaps in this Bloodlines Martial Meet, our Moon Bloodline can really...”

Nangong Wan’er’s eyes were filled with a trace of anticipation.

“Damn it, he killed Ding Haipeng!” In contrast, Nangong Fengyun's expression had soured. His gaze turned grim, his dissatisfaction evident.

He had recruited Ding Haipeng to assist him. Although he did not care whether Ding Haipeng lived or died, Chen Fan killing him in three moves was no different from slapping Nangong Fengyun in the face.

Muye Xiao, seemingly indifferent, remarked, “No need to get angry, Brother Fengyun. Ding Haipeng was just trash. If he's dead, so be it. He won't be able to embarrass himself at the Bloodlines Martial Meet.”

“You’re right. Ding Haipeng doesn't matter; he's useless. Couldn't even handle that little bastard and yet dared to boast about killing him within ten moves. Truly worthless! But this little bastard killing Ding Haipeng is akin to slapping my face,” Nangong Fengyun said coldly.

Muye Xiao smiled lightly and said, “That’s nothing. I’ll kill him on the stage after he wins another round or two.”

"Really? Alright then, I trust you'll handle it." Nangong Fengyun nodded, placing full confidence in Muye Xiao.

Although Ding Haipeng had the record of obtaining seven consecutive victories twice, Muye Xiao had his name on the Earth Leaderboard.

They were both in the fourth level, but Muye Xiao could fight seven or eight Ding Haipeng alone.

Someone with seven victories and someone with their name on the Earth Leaderboard shouldn’t even be compared. The difference between them was so massive that even achieving the seven-victory record a few more times wouldn’t change anything.

In the battle palace, every additional consecutive victory was very difficult to achieve.

That was especially true when the victories reached seven or eight. Every challenger would have seven or eight consecutive victories then, as those with fewer wins were deemed unqualified to step into the arena at this stage.

For example, Chen Fan was currently on a seven-win streak. The lowest standard for his next opponent would be someone with seven consecutive wins. Otherwise, they did not have the qualifications to challenge Chen Fan.

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