Unrivaled Martial Emperor - C.275 - Fighting Consecutively and Winning

Unrivaled Martial Emperor

C.275 - Fighting Consecutively and Winning


On the viewing stands, Ding Haipeng clenched his fist. He was angry, feeling like a needle had pricked him. He clutched the iron railing tightly, deforming it. Cracking noises rang out as he stared at Chen Fan in shock.

A regular at the battle palace, Ding Haipeng often fought in the battle palace to hone his combat skills in his free time. He had previously faced Baldy Qiang and was well aware of his strength.

He could defeat Baldy Qiang, but it would be, by no means, an effortless feat.

Baldy Qiang’s body cultivation had reached a high level; even weapons or elements could not harm him if he used the Iron Shirt Cultivation Technique. His Iron Sand Palm was even more powerful—one hit could leave anyone with multiple broken bones.

How many moves did Chen Fan and Baldy Qiang exchange?

They fought for fewer than fifty moves before Chen Fan defeated him with a palm strike.

Ding Haipeng had fought Baldy Qiang intensely, exchanging more than a hundred moves before he could defeat Baldy Qiang. Comparatively, did this not imply that he wasn’t on par with Chen Fan?

After all, he had boasted in front of Nangong Fengyun earlier, claiming he could kill Chen Fan within ten moves.

“Heavens, I’m not seeing things, am I? Baldy Qiang actually... lost!”

“I underestimated him. This kid conceals his skills well. Despite the intense battle with Baldy Qiang, he appears unruffled, neither flushed nor out of breath. His aura remains steady, revealing no hint of disorder. He's truly incomprehensible."

“Could this guy possibly have the strength to win ten matches in a row and be listed on the Earth Leaderboard?”

“Not necessarily! Baldy Qiang may be strong, but plenty of people are stronger than him. Winning ten matches in a row won't be that easy."

“I think he can win seven matches at most.”

“Let’s wait and see. It’s only the fifth round. The upcoming challengers will only get stronger. Someone is bound to test his true strength and put an end to his winning streak."


Chen Fan defeating Baldy Qiang had surpassed the crowd’s expectations, altering their perspectives.

“Yay, Big Brother Dongfan won. He defeated that big guy," exclaimed Chu Xuan'er, relieved and excited. Chen Fan had lived up to her hopes.

“Not bad,” Nangong Wan’er said calmly with a nod, a light flickering in her eyes.

Chen Fan’s strength did not disappoint her. Having defeated Baldy Qiang, he could be considered highly skilled within the fourth level, though not yet reaching the top tier.


A frivolous voice suddenly rang out. “Impressive. You do have some skills to defeat Baldy Qiang. I, Xue Sihai, shall meet you in this round.”

A scholarly-looking youth descended gracefully, landing opposite Chen Fan in the fighting arena.

“It’s Xue Sihai, a prodigy from the Xue Clan. He is at the peak of the fourth level. Didn’t he win seven matches consecutively and gain some fame?”

“Xue Sihai couldn’t wait any longer, I see. That kid's winning streak will end here.”

The crowd’s eyes lit up when they saw the youth stepping onto the stage.

The Xue Clan had similar standing to the Zhao Clan, a second or third-rate clan in the imperial city. Their foundations and strengths were relatively deep and powerful, however.

As a prodigy from such a prestigious clan, he wasn’t a mere hedonist like many other clans’ descendants. He had genuinely cultivated hard to utilize his talents, as proved by his impressive record of seven consecutive wins in the battle palace.

Xue Sihai observed Chen Fan calmly. Despite the latter's seemingly relaxed stance and apparent vulnerabilities, Xue Sihai squinted his eyes, as Chen Fan just seemed dangerous.

“Be careful now," he cautioned Chen Fan.

Next, he moved as swiftly as lightning. He wasn’t some vain and idiotic descendant from a prestigious clan, so he didn’t look down on others.

Brandishing a black iron spear, Xue Sihai shook his arm, creating a resonant hum. The spear shot forward like a snake emerging from its burrow, thrusting at Chen Fan with remarkable speed and force.

Chen Fan did not try to take on the attack with his bare hands. He slightly bent his knee and quickly retreated backward.

However, Xue Sihai advanced as he withdrew, like an abscess attached to bones.

Suddenly, Xue Sihai stopped.


A sword appeared in Chen Fan’s hand, though it remained sheathed. He precisely thrust it forward, intercepting Xue Sihai's spear tip.

Immediately, an immense force surged forth, making Xue Sihai tremble. He had no choice but to stop.

“Damn, it turns out this kid has a weapon.”

“A sword? Is he a sword cultivator?”

“How truly arrogant. He’s not drawing his sword even when facing Xue Sihai.”

The crowd’s pupils contracted when they saw this scene.

Chen Fan did not pay any attention to the crowd’s reactions. A sharp light suddenly flashed in his eyes as he moved, his figure turning into a blur.

Immediately, Xue Sihai felt like an ancient, ferocious beast was pouncing at him. That ferocity made his mind tremble.

He knew Chen Fan was using his powerful aura to suppress him psychologically.

However, Xue Sihai was not just anyone—he was a prodigy. He immediately came back to his senses. His gaze turned sharp, and his arm shook violently. His spear transformed into a blurry silhouette, stabbing through the air nine times.

“Nine Stars Chain Strikes!”

Poof, poof, poof...

However, Chen Fan ignored them. His arms moved with a natural fluidity, effortlessly dismantling Xue Sihai's nine consecutive strikes.

Following a muffled noise, Chen Fan’s scabbard slammed into Xue Sihai’s chest, pushing him back repeatedly until his chest felt numb.


Chen Fan raised his scabbard and said calmly, “You’ve lost.”

Xue Sihai glanced at Chen Fan and turned to get off the stage.

“Amazing. Truly amazing. Even Xue Sihai lost. And that too so quickly!”

“He didn’t even draw his sword to win against someone at the peak of the fourth stage. I wonder where his limit is?”

“I am more curious about who can make him draw his sword.”


The crowd’s gazes flickered.

On the viewing stand, having crushed the iron railings to bits, Ding Haipeng could no longer hold himself back. He leaped onto the stage with a snort and shouted, “Hmph, I’ll meet him!”

Staring at Chen Fan with an icy gaze, Ding Haipeng said coldly, “Little bastard, I’ll give you a way out. Scram off the stage, and I’ll spare your life. Remember, I said scram, not walk off. Otherwise, only death awaits you!”

Chen Fan regarded Ding Haipeng with indifference and replied, “So, you want to kill me?”

While participants typically signed a life-and-death agreement, they seldom took matters to the extreme unless deep grudges were at play, in which case they would aim to kill.

Take Chen Fan’s earlier matches, for example. He never dealt any killing blows.

However, Ding Haipeng spoke harshly as soon as he stepped into the arena, threatening to kill him. An icy light flashed in Chen Fan’s eyes.

“Scram off the stage if you don’t want to die. I'm not interested in making a move myself. But if you force my hand, death is the only outcome.” [1]

Ding Haipeng’s voice was as cold as ever. Anyone could make out the murderous intent in his words.

“Seriously? Does Ding Haipeng have a grudge against this kid or something? Why is he so full of killing intent?”

“Who knows?”

“Ding Haipeng is also an expert. He’s the pride of Tianhai County’s Ding Clan. It is considered a prestigious clan even in the imperial city. He’s even stronger than Xue Sihai. I wonder what this kid would choose.”

“He’ll probably choose to scram off the fighting arena! Although face is important, no one would pick it over their life. That’s a no-brainer.”

“I don’t think so! Ding Haipeng is very strong, but this kid has yet to display his strength truly. Perhaps he’s a fearsome character pretending to be weak. There’s a chance Ding Haipeng can force him to reveal his true strength.”

“It’s possible. In that case, this will be a spectacular fight.”


The crowd discussed among themselves, their eyes flickering with anticipation.

1. The word used is to roll, but meant in a get the hell off way. ☜

The source of this c𝐨ntent is fre𝒆w(e)bn(o)vel