Unrivaled Martial Emperor - C.273 – Invincible

Unrivaled Martial Emperor

C.273 – Invincible

Chen Fan’s first opponent was a middle-aged martial artist in a yellow robe. He appeared to be in his thirties and was at the early stage of the fourth level.

The opponent wielded a sharp blade. He said with a lively voice, “I, Hao Lian, shall be the first to challenge you, baby boy. Make your move, or regret not doing so once I start."

Looking at Hao Lian indifferently, Chen Fan said coldly, “Cut the crap and make your move. Don’t think you’re stronger than me just because you’re older. You’ll find yourself on the ground the moment I act."

“Such arrogance!”

Hao Lian was enraged and quickly unleashed his cultivation.

An invisible qi wave spread out with him at the center, resembling a massive wave in the fighting arena.

However, with a mere stomp, Chen Fan countered the surge with an invisible force, quelling the turbulence.

“You do have some strength, but it falls short of earning you the right to challenge me. Watch this!” declared Hao Lian, his eyes gleaming sharply. He rushed forth like a whirlwind, wielding his blade. The dazzling blade light flickered in the space, cold and sharp.

He wielded his blade with both hands. When he was about ten meters away from Chen Fan, he suddenly rose into the air, like a roc spreading its wings. He streaked through the air briefly before suddenly swooping down and chopping at Chen Fan.

Mount Hua Split!

Boom tch!

Sparks flew, and flames erupted as the blade clashed violently with the air. A heat current swept at Chen Fan.

The surrounding air was immediately pushed away, and an invisible force descended like a huge mountain.

Chen Fan stood there, unmoving. He looked up and struck out.


A large golden seal flew out from his palm. It instantly grew larger and crushed the air, producing a deafening rumble as it darted toward Hao Lian.

Thousand Hands Seal, Vajra Seal!

In mid-air, Hao Lian gripped his blade tight and swung it with force. With a whoosh, the air shattered, and the blade clashed with the Vajra Seal.



A thunderous noise echoed. The resultant gale and the rolling qi combined, sweeping out and stirring the space. It was as if the earth was shaking.


Hao Lian had been sent flying; when he fell, he stood up, staggering. With a clang, he stabbed his blade into the ground behind him to regain his footing. He looked at Chen Fan with fear and anger.

“Get down. You’re no match for me,” Chen Fan said indifferently.

Hao Lian took a deep breath, turned around, and silently got off the stage.

That one attack was enough for him to see the difference between their strengths. If he didn’t concede defeat after that, he would be plain stupid and blind to reality.

First match, win!

Second match, win!

Third match, win!

Fourth match, win!

Chen Fan won the next three fights, one after the other.

He stood in the center of the fighting arena, steady as a rock. From the start to the end, he never moved a single step.

All who challenged Chen Fan, be they in the early, middle, or late stage of the fourth level, exited the stage in defeat, courtesy of the Vajra Seal and Golden Light Palm.

He refrained from using his strongest martial arts, the Undefeated King’s Fist and Heaven Piercing Spear, because he had used them in front of Zhao Hong and the others.

Using them would be no different from telling the Zhao Clan he was their intruder, as word of it would surely reach them at some point.

“This young man is so powerful. He’s already won four matches in a row, yet he isn’t panting for air. Has he even exhausted any of his qi? It’s unbelievable.”

“He’s the first to win four matches consecutively in the battle palace today. I wonder how many matches he’ll win in the end?”

“Judging by his aura, he should be in the middle to late stage. I think he will secure six to seven victories at most. In the earlier matches, his opponents all had slightly weaker cultivation than him. Soon, top experts of the fourth level will be making a move.”


Many people discussed Chen Fan from the viewing standpoint and expressed their opinions.

Chu Xuan’er said happily, “How is it, Sister Wan’er? I told you, Big Brother Dongfan is very strong. He’s already won four matches in a row, but he hasn’t even drawn his sword yet. Once he reveals his identity as a sword cultivator, he will fight even more fiercely. He should be able to secure ten consecutive victories.”

She was so happy that it seemed that she had secured those four victories.

“Maybe.” Nangong Wan’er smiled lightly.

Although Chen Fan had already won four matches in a row, the real experts only showed up from the fifth match onward. She was unsure if Chen Fan could overcome the next round.

“Winning four in a row... He does have some strength, but he’s only average. I can kill him within ten moves!” Ding Haipeng said disdainfully.

Winning four matches in a row was not worth mentioning in front of him. After all, he had won seven matches consecutively.

Nangong Fengyun looked at Muye Xiao and smiled. “Brother Muye, what do you think?”

Muye Xiao said indifferently, “One move. I kill him.”

Hearing Muye Xiao’s confident answer, Nangong Fengyun laughed. “Haha, as expected of Brother Muye. Domineering!”

“Hehe, winning four in a row? That’s interesting. I shall meet him in this round!” On the viewing stand was a burly, bald man known as Baldy Qiang. He was a mountain of a man, being two meters tall. He kicked off the ground, leaped across dozens of meters, and landed on the fighting arena.


A dull thud rang out as he landed. The entire ground shook a bit.

Some people recognized this bald man in the viewing stands and told the nearby spectators about him.

“Baldy Qiang has made a move. He’s a ferocious character with five consecutive victories. His physical martial arts have already reached a really high level. A kick from him can blow a hill away, and a palm strike can split the earth. He has immense strength; more importantly, he practices the Iron Shirt Cultivation Technique. That gives him great offense and defense.”

“Haha, boy, count yourself unlucky to have run into me. Your progress shall stop here, but you’re not bad to have won four matches consecutively.”

Baldy Qiang looked at Chen Fan, emitting a powerful and invasive aura. His muscles were close to bursting, giving people a strong visual impact, and his voice was loud as a bell.

“Now, I’ll give you a chance to save some face and let you surrender. Otherwise, I might be unable to control my strength if I throw a palm strike at you. Your bones will at best, and you might die at worst. Make your choice.”

Baldy Qiang waved his large iron-like palms around, and the sound of the wind whirring rang out.

Chen Fan was not intimidated. He did not say a word, only gesturing for Baldy Qiang to come at him with his finger.

This action angered Baldy Qiang. He shouted, “Brat, you’re pretty arrogant, aren’t you? Since you don’t know what’s good for you, I’ll grant your wish! You won’t even get a chance to surrender! Go lay on your bed for a year or two!”

Baldy Qiang shot forth like a cannonball. The entire fighting arena shook violently with his footsteps.

A fierce wind immediately blew toward Chen Fan, making his clothing flutter wildly.

Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo...

Immediately, a powerful aura locked onto Chen Fan. A mental image of him being pressed down by an ancient divine mountain sprung into his mind.

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