Unrivaled Martial Emperor - C.272 - Going on Stage

Unrivaled Martial Emperor

C.272 - Going on Stage

“Damn him!”

Noticing Chen Fan's disregard, Nangong Fengyun's eyes flashed with icy killing intent.

“Hoho, don't worry, Brother Fengyun. Wait till this kid steps into the arena. I’ll meet him there and teach him the consequences of offending you,” said another youth with a cold smile.

This man was Ding Haipeng, a genius from the Tianhai County’s Ding Clan. He had gained some fame in the imperial city by winning seven consecutive matches in the battle palace; subsequently, Nangong Fengyun recruited him for the martial meet.

“Haha, good. With Brother Haipeng giving me your word, that little bastard is dead for sure!” Nangong Fengyun smiled coldly and turned his head to look to the side. He looked at Chen Fan like he was looking at a dead man walking.


On this side, Nangong Wan'er shared some information with Chen Fan while observing the intense battles in the arena. “That's Nangong Fengyun, a standout talent among the Nangong Clan's junior members with the Star Bloodline. He recruited two individuals: Muye Xiao and Ding Haipeng, both of whom are famous in the imperial city.

“I shan’t delve into details about Nangong Fengyun. You're already somewhat familiar with the structure of our clan. The Sun Bloodline and the Star Bloodline have been suppressing my bloodline for the past eighteen years, ever since my aunt's scandal. Now, we've fallen from grace completely."

Chen Fan maintained his silence, absorbing the newfound knowledge that his mother had an older brother, who was also Nangong Wan’er’s father and a former genius of the Nangong Clan.

Presently, the Moon Bloodline faced a talent shortage, with only two representatives in the council of elders. One was from Nangong Wan’er's grandfather's generation, nearing the end of his life, and the other was Nangong Wan’er’s father, Nangong Baxiong.

It could be said that Nangong Baxiong was single-handedly carrying the entire Moon Bloodline on his shoulders. The Moon Bloodline would have collapsed long ago if it had not been for him.

Despite his efforts, the Moon Bloodline was on the brink of crisis.

Chen Fan asked casually, “Oh, don’t you blame your aunt for dragging you guys down?”

Nangong Wan’er said calmly, “I’d be lying if I said I did not blame her, but I can empathize with her reasons back then. So, I actually don’t feel that much hatred for her.”

Indeed, her tone did not carry much resentment.

“Let's not dwell on that. Instead, I'll brief you on Muye Xiao and Ding Haipeng. After all, you will probably run into them during the Bloodlines Martial Meet.”

Nangong Wan’er directed the conversation towards Muye Xiao and Ding Haipeng

“Muye Xiao is an elite disciple of the Divine Light Sect and is currently at the peak of the fourth level. He’s only a step away from advancing to the fifth level and becoming a core disciple.

“Three months ago, Muye Xiao won ten matches in the battle palace back to back and got his name on the Earth Leaderboard. That made him quite famous in the imperial city. Although his ranking is not high, being on the Earth Leaderboard proves his strength.

“I tried very hard to recruit him before. Regrettably, our bloodline couldn’t bring out any chips onto the table that could attract him.”

“Muye Xiao practices the Divine Light Sect's cultivation technique and martial arts. When he revolves his cultivation, he can wield sun rays and make them take shape, transforming them into various weapons to attack. He is powerful.

“As for that Ding Haipeng, he’s a descendant of the Tianhai County’s Ding Clan. Tianhai County is a Grade-1 County City, and the Ding Clan is one of the top clans there. Their foundation and strength are similar to some third-rate clans in the imperial city.

“He is also at the fourth level, but he specializes in using a spear. His cultivation is robust, and he won seven matches in the Earth Class Battle Palace. Although he’s not at Muye Xiao’s level, he’s also strong.”

Chen Fan nodded in agreement.

At the Earth Class Battle Palace, it wasn’t every day that one won seven matches in a row.

The further one went, the stronger the opponent they would face. On top of that, they were not given any time to rest and recover their qi. They had to keep fighting.

This kind of qi consumption would exhaust anyone without sufficiently robust cultivation after a win or two.

Since Ding Haipeng could win seven matches in a row, he could be considered top-class within the fourth level. Meanwhile, Muye Xiao was even more impressive, having achieved ten victories in a row—a feat akin to reaching the heavens.

Chen Fan suddenly asked, “You’ve told me about the Star Bloodline. What about the Sun Bloodline?”

Nangong Wan’er sighed again and said, “Currently, the Sun Bloodline stands as the strongest within the Nangong Clan. They have Nangong Qingshuang. She’s at the top in both appearance and talent. Moreover, she is extremely close to the Qin Clan’s Qin Jian. Haaa, with Qin Jian helping them, the Sun Bloodline is sure to obtain first place in the upcoming Bloodlines Martial Meet.”

“Qin Jian?” Chen Fan asked, narrowing his eyes.

Chu Xuan’er said, “Qin Jian is very famous in the imperial city. His father, Qin Wudi, held great prestige twenty years ago and was the top martial artist of the younger generation at that time. Qin Jian has similarly achieved glory. He won thirteen consecutive matches in the Martial Market Arena and currently holds the thirty-sixth position on the Earth Leaderboard.”

“Is that right...”

A fierce light flickered in Chen Fan’s eyes.

Qin Wudi’s son...

Eighteen years ago, Qin Wudi had issued the kill order on Chen Fan’s father. That single decision had split their family, separated his father from his mother, and damaged his father’s primeval vessel.

“Aside from the Sun and the Star, some branch bloodlines are as strong as my bloodline; some might even be stronger. These branches would have their eyes on my Moon Bloodline at this meet. They would think of all methods to remove and replace us.”

Nangong Wan’er’s tone carried hints of exhaustion.

In the other martial clans, the young missus and the young masters, such as Nangong Wan’er, would have things go their way. Yet, that wasn’t the reality for her. For the sake of her bloodline, she had to go around trying to recruit others, even humbling herself to beg others for help.

Chen Fan consoled her and said, “Rest assured. With me here, nothing will happen to your Moon Bloodline.”

Nangong Wan’er smiled and did not say a word. She only treated it as Chen Fan comforting her.

Although Chen Fan was at the fourth level and a sword cultivator, the other bloodlines would all target their Moon Bloodline. It was impossible to resist them all only by relying on her and Chen Fan.

Nangong Wan’er’s lukewarm reaction was within Chen Fan’s expectations. He smiled inside and said, “It’s about time for me to try things out in the fighting arena and see how many rounds I can win.”

Chu Xuan’er immediately shouted, “Big Brother Dongfan, I believe you can win ten matches in a row!”

“Then go place your bet.”

Chen Fan tousled Chu Xuan’er’s head.


Chu Xuan’er went to place her bet, pulling Nangong Wan’er with her.

Meanwhile, Chen Fan walked down, signed the life and death agreement, and ascended the fighting arena step by step.

As soon as he stepped into the arena, the battle palace echoed with speculation and chatter.

“Who is this young man? He dares to come to the Earth Class Battle Palace to fight at such a young age?”

“He’s probably hoping to become famous! There are too many hot-blooded youths like him. Dozens of them die every month. It’s nothing strange.”

“I noticed him chatting up Nangong Wan’er of the Moon Bloodline and the Calm Sun Commandery Princess earlier..."


Meanwhile, from a higher viewing stand, Nangong Fengyun’s trio fixed their gaze on Chen Fan, sporting malevolent smiles.

“Hoho, look, Brother Fengyun, that kid stepped into the arena.”

“Hoho, Brother Haipeng, later on, you go teach him a lesson he’ll never forget.”

“No problem.” Ding Haipeng smiled coldly as if he was sure to win against Chen Fan.

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