Unrivaled Martial Emperor - C.271 - Nangong Fengyun

Unrivaled Martial Emperor

C.271 - Nangong Fengyun

A lot of people took part in betting on the matches. If one consistently made accurate predictions, they could potentially amass a fortune.

Nie Yuan, with his third-level cultivation, was average at best. Predictions varied, with some speculating he could win up to five consecutive matches, while the majority placed their bets on two or three victories.

The first challenger, a martial artist in their forties, had a similar cultivation level to Nie Yuan. It could be said that they were about the same in strength.


Nie Yuan stood in the middle of the arena. He used only ten moves to send his first opponent flying off the arena.

“Crap! I misjudged him. Nie Yuan may have come from a third-rate small sect; being the number one disciple, he must have received guidance from his sect’s experts. I’m afraid he can win five matches in a row.”

“Right, right, we’ve misjudged him. Luckily, I only bet fifty primeval stones. It’s not too much.”


Nie Yuan’s first battle surprised the onlookers. Some of them even expressed their regret for betting wrongly.

Chen Fan, however, watched calmly. Even if he lost his bet, it was only a hundred primeval stones; he wouldn’t cry over it.

Soon, another third-level Yuanfu realm martial artist jumped on stage and fought Nie Yuan.

This person’s strength was decent, being slightly stronger than the first. He exchanged over a hundred moves with Nie Yuan before the latter seized an opening and sent them flying.

Nie Yuan won for the second time.

“Haha, I’ll win as long as he wins one more match,” Chu Xuan’er said excitedly.

The atmosphere in the battle palace heated up after Nie Yuan won two matches in a row. Spectators in the stands erupted into wild cheers.

Under the crowd’s wild cheers, a youth who seemed to be in his early twenties stepped into the arena. He had a fierce aura and robust cultivation; his gaze was sharp as a sword. He brandished a blade, and his blade qi whistled through the air.

Nie Yuan squinted. He knew he had come across a strong foe.

The two engaged in a fierce back-and-forth battle, unleashing explosive qi that sent shockwaves in all directions, even causing the fighting arena to tremble.

Ultimately, the blade-wielding youth proved slightly superior, defeating Nie Yuan.

“Ah, he lost!” lamented Chu Xuan’er with a pout.

Chen Fan smiled and said, “It's understandable. His opponent is at the late stage of the third level. His cultivation is robust, and he has great physical strength. Moreover, he specializes in blade techniques, making each of his moves wild and fierce. Nie Yuan had a tough match.”

The subsequent battles were thrilling, yet no one managed to secure more than five consecutive wins.

Eager to try his luck, Chen Fan was about to step into the arena when a voice interrupted from the sidelines.

“Huh, isn’t this my dear cousin Wan’er? Back to the Martial Market Arena for talent scouting, are we? I wonder which young talent caught your eye? If you haven’t recruited anyone, I don’t mind sending you one of mine to let you order them around.” A distinctive voice echoed, prompting Chen Fan to lower his lifted leg and turn around. A youth, approximately twenty years old, swaggered over with two companions in tow.

People nearby instinctively made way, clearly aware of the youth's identity and unwilling to offend him.

Nangong Wan’er saw the youth, and a look of disgust appeared in her eyes. She said coldly, “Nangong Fengyun, what are you doing here?”

Chu Xuan’er whispered to Chen Fan, “Big Brother Dongfan, this annoying guy is Nangong Fengyun. He’s from the Nangong Clan’s Star Bloodline...”

Nangong Fengyun strolled over with a smile and said, “Whatever could you mean by that, Wan’er? Do you run the Martial Market Arena? Why are you allowed to come but not me?”

A youth in blue attire stepped forward from behind Nangong Fengyun and bowed respectfully to Nangong Wan'er with a gentle smile. “We meet again, Miss Wan’er.”

Nangong Wan’er’s expression was somewhat ugly as she replied, “So Nangong Fengyun recruited you, Muye Xiao.” [1]

This blue-clothed youth was Muye Xiao—an elite disciple of the Divine Light Sect at the peak of the fourth level. Three months ago, he had won ten consecutive matches in the battle palace, creating quite a buzz in the imperial city and establishing his reputation.

Nangong Wan’er had tried to recruit Muye Xiao, but he politely turned her down. Surprisingly, he now followed Nangong Fengyun, clearly having been recruited by him.

“Look, it’s Muye Xiao of the Divine Light Sect. Did he win all those battles three months ago in the Earth Class Battle Palace? He even defeated an early-stage, fifth-level expert. His name is on the Earth Leaderboard.”

“I know. I actually saw him fight three months ago with my own eyes. He can manipulate sun rays when he unleashes his cultivation, transforming them into various weapons. It's truly formidable."

“Hehe, I wonder if he'll grace the stage today. If he does, I'll bet on him securing eleven consecutive victories!"


Some nearby people recognized Muye Xiao and murmured among themselves.

“Haha, I’ll be honest, Nangong Wan’er. Your efforts? They are meaningless. Your bloodline is bound to get removed as one of the primary bloodlines at this Bloodlines Martial Meet.

“Of course, you can’t blame any of this on us. If you want to blame, point your fingers at your aunt, who brought shame to our clan. The removal of your bloodline as a primary bloodline is the consequence of her sins!"

A light immediately flickered in Chen Fan’s eyes.

Aunt? My mother, Nangong Yue, is Nangong Wan’er’s paternal aunt?

Chen Fan did not expect that. [2]

Chu Xuan’er could not listen to it anymore and said, “Hmph, why the arrogance, Nangong Fengyun? Let me enlighten you—Sister Wan'er has already recruited someone. See this guy? He's Big Brother Dongfan."

Nangong Fengyun’s gaze immediately fell on Chen Fan. He sized up Chen Fan momentarily and said, “Oh. Did you really promise to fight for her in the meet? You better weigh your choices carefully. I hope you won’t end up walking on the wrong path; I heard it leads to death!"

His words carried a subtle yet evident undertone of threat.

Nangong Fengyun smiled and said, “Of course, if you decide to join our Star Bloodline and fight for us, I can double Nangong Wan'er’s offer! Her Moon Bloodline is already on a decline. I’m sure they can’t offer you anything good.”

Nangong Wan'er's face sank, concerned that Chen Fan might reconsider.

Chen Fan said indifferently, “Hoho, thanks, but no. Your Star Bloodline doesn't pique my interest. As for the path leading to death... I am a really lucky person, and not just anyone can threaten me.”

Nangong Wan'er breathed a sigh of relief.

Nangong Fengyun squinted, revealing an icy intent.

After a brief pause, he adopted a light smile and said, “Hoho, alright, very well. Then I’ll look forward to your performance at the Bloodlines Martial Meet.”

Chen Fan curled his lips and turned his head away, not paying any attention to him.

1. Interestingly, I thought he is surnamed Mu at first, but it turns out he’s surnamed Muye, a Japanese family name that should be Makino if Google didn’t fail me. There’s no Japan in this universe, and no other language has been revealed, so I’ll leave it as Muye. ☜

2. Meaning he didn’t think their relationship would be so close, being the child of Nangong Yue’s brother. He thought they would have a more distant relationship. ☜

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