Unrivaled Martial Emperor - C.265 - Calm Sun Marquis

Unrivaled Martial Emperor

C.265 - Calm Sun Marquis

The imperial city of the Great Chu Empire stretched across hundreds of thousands of miles, making it the largest and most populous city in the empire. It was a hub of experts and prosperity.

On the outskirts of the imperial city, Chen Fan, fatigued from his journey on a Demon Horse, gazed at the towering city walls, feeling a sense of awe.

These walls, standing at a formidable three hundred feet, were constructed with special materials, rendering them impervious even to Qi Grandmasters.

“We’re here, Big Brother Dongfan. Let’s enter the imperial city.”

Chu Xuan'er, having grown up in the city, remained unfazed by its grandeur.

A hint of mockery appeared in Zhao Yuan’s eyes when he saw Chen Fan being shocked and acting like a country bumpkin. He thought, Country bumpkin, peasant.

Chen Fan nodded slightly at Chu Xuan’er’s words. The group dismounted and proceeded on foot, crossing a stone bridge over the moat towards the city gates.

When the guards in front of the city gates saw Chu Xuan’er, they immediately bowed and greeted, “Commandery Princess!”

Chu Xuan’er waved her hand, not putting on any airs as the Commandery Princess of the Calm Sun.

“At ease, at ease.”

After Chen Fan and the others entered the imperial city, these guards began talking. “I wonder where Commandery Princess of the Calm Sun went this time to uphold justice?”

“Hmm, I remember the Lin Clan’s Lin Ziang was with them when she left the city yesterday. I didn’t see him with her today, and an unfamiliar youth has taken his place.”

"Come to think of it, I recall that Lin Ziang's guardian, Uncle Fu, is also nowhere to be found."


Inside the imperial city, the streets paved with limestone were tens of meters wide. The sounds of beasts roaring rose and fell.

“So many experts! And many are even riding demon beasts!”

Notably, a Green Ape, a Tier-1, ninth-level demon beast, carried a youth on its shoulders just ahead of Chen Fan. It was much stronger than a Qi Grandmaster, yet here it was, humbly serving as a mount.

Admittedly, the imperial city was truly impressive.

In other cities, encountering a Qi Grandmaster-level demon beast like the Green Ape on the streets would cause panic. Yet, here it was as docile as a puppy, its ferocity reduced to that of a mere mount.

Qi Grandmasters were as common as cabbages in the imperial city. They even had to be careful on the streets to avoid bumping into people they could not afford to offend.

Yuanfu realm experts were common, too. In Watermoon City, they would be considered prominent figures at the top of the hierarchy; here, they were commonplace.

Chu Xuan’er pulled Chen Fan along, heading toward the Calm Sun Marquis mansion.

“Come with me, Big Brother Dongfan.”

Walking along the main road of the imperial city, Chen Fan couldn't help but sigh in admiration. The continuous flow of traffic, the well-maintained and spacious streets, and the grandeur of the surrounding buildings left him in awe.

The imperial city truly lived up to its reputation. Compared to it, Xuanyang City and Watermoon City seemed like mere rural villages.

His father, Chen Zhengqing, had forged his own path in the imperial city, even becoming brothers with Zhao Ru and the others. Looking at the city’s splendor, Chen Fan finally understood why those people still looked down on his father in their hearts.

The descendants of prestigious clans in the imperial city, born into favorable conditions with powerful family backgrounds, harbored a sense of superiority.

Even though they made friends with him, they didn't think much of him since Chen Zhenqing was from a small city.

This was the confidence nurtured in the imperial city.


The Calm Sun Marquis’ mansion occupied a prime location in the city's central district. The neighboring clans comprised prestigious martial families, high-ranking officials, and nobility.

A huge mansion occupying close to a thousand mu of land sat in the southwest area of the central district, with a magnificence that displayed its deep foundation. [1]

This huge compound was the Calm Sun Marquis’ mansion.

The Calm Sun Marquis, Chu Feng, was the younger brother of the current emperor of the Great Chu Empire. Born into royalty, he was conferred the title of Calm Sun Marquis and was a big shot among princes and dukes, comparable to a prestigious clan like the Zhao Clan.

Since they were royalty, their status was above second and third-rate clans like the Zhao Clan. They could be considered a quasi-first-rate clan; their status was just below the four great houses.

Outside the mansion, the strong guards saw Chu Xuan’er and immediately half-knelt on the ground, paying their greetings. The leader of the group was a Qi Grandmaster.

“You’ve returned, Young Miss.”

“All rise.”

Chu Xuan’er led Chen Fan into the Marquis mansion. Carved beams and painted pillars were everywhere. It looked extraordinarily magnificent.

“You’re back, Xuan’er. Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?”

Just as they entered the Marquis mansion, a dignified-looking, middle-aged man came up with quick steps, bringing up a whirlwind.

Chu Xuan’er saw this middle-aged man and called out, “Father.”

This middle-aged man was the Calm Sun Marquis, Chu Feng.

Chen Fan narrowed his eyes slightly when he saw Chu Feng.

He was a genuine Core Formation realm powerhouse. His deep and powerful cultivation gave Chen Fan a sense of pressure.

An elegant, graceful, and beautiful woman also came over and embraced Chu Xuan’er, her voice choking.

“Xuan’er, are you hurt anywhere? You’re not allowed to run around from now on. I got so scared, you know that?”

This beautiful woman was Chu Xuan’er’s mother, the wife of the Calm Sun Marquis, Ming Ruyue. She was at the seventh level of the Yuanfu realm.

They had already learned what happened in Cloudsun Town and sent people to look for them, but the two groups did not run into each other.

Chu Xuan’er broke away from Ming Ruyue’s embrace and said, “Father, Mother, I’m fine. I’m not hurt anywhere, all thanks to Big Brother Dongfan. He stepped in and saved us.”

Chu Feng looked at Chen Fan and cupped his fists. “Many thanks to Young Master Wang for saving my girl. I’m very grateful to you.”

Despite being a marquis and a Core Formation realm powerhouse, Chu Feng did not show an overbearing attitude toward his daughter’s savior.

Chen Fan hurriedly returned the salute.

“It’s not much, Lord Marquis.”

The two exchanged pleasantries before Chu Feng said, “Since it’s your first time here and you’re my daughter’s savior, why don’t you stay in my humble abode as a show of my gratitude?”

Chen Fan declined out of politeness, but under Chu Xuan’er’s playful insistence, he nodded and said, “I’ll be intruding upon you then, Lord Marquis.”

Chu Feng said, “Then please go rest in the western courtyard, Young Master Wang, while I have my people prepare a banquet.”

“Let’s go, Big Brother Dongfan. I’ll bring you to the western courtyard.”

Chu Xuan’er led Chen Fan to the western courtyard that was deeper in the mansion.


In the main hall, Chu Feng regained the majesty of a marquis.

He looked at Granny Rong, kneeling on the ground, and said coldly, “Get up. Tell me what happened.”

“Yes.” Granny Rong hurriedly recounted the happenings, not daring to leave out any details.

Chu Feng tapped on the armrest with his finger. A light flickered in his eyes as he mumbled, “Passing by?”

Granny Rong said carefully, “Lord Marquis, shall I get people to investigate Wang Dongfan’s origins?”

Chu Feng waved his hand and said, “Forget it. All we know is his name. Where and how do we begin investigating? Moreover, he is indeed at the fourth level. Even if he harbors some other thoughts toward Xuan’er, I am fine as long as he doesn’t harm her. But if he dares to use or harm her, I’ll not spare him.”

An extremely powerful but cold aura erupted from Chu Feng, making Granny Rong, a fourth-level Yuanfu realm expert, tremble.

1. About 66.67 hectares of land. ☜

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