Unrivaled Martial Emperor - C.264 - Inquiring Information

Unrivaled Martial Emperor

C.264 - Inquiring Information

Chu Xuan’er pulled Chen Fan along, ignoring Zhao Yuan. She stuck out her tongue and asked, “Big Brother Dongfan, you’re so strong. Are you really not an elite disciple of a sect?”

In her opinion, Chen Fan was truly too powerful. Only those large clans or sects could produce such a young talent.

However, he had claimed to be unaffiliated with any sect or clan, claiming to hail from a remote area. This left Chu Xuan’er somewhat skeptical.

Chen Fan glanced at Chu Xuan’er and said, “Why are you assuming one needs to be an elite disciple to wield such power?”

“Alright then, I’ll believe you, Big Brother Dongfan.” Chu Xuan’er smiled.

Chen Fan didn't dwell on the matter and swiftly redirected the conversation. “Right, Princess Xuan’er, this is—”

Chu Xuan’er interrupted him and said, “Big Brother Dongfan, you can just call me Xuan’er. No need to be so formal. You’re my savior.”

“Ugh... alright then, Xuan’er. This is my first time in the imperial city, and I'm unfamiliar with it. Could you tell me about it?” Chen Fan asked.

“No problem.” Chu Xuan’er nodded and briefed Chen Fan on the imperial city's general situation.

Through her explanation, Chen Fan learned about the city's structure.

The imperial city stood as the largest and most prosperous city in the Great Chu Empire, housing a population exceeding one billion, with martial experts abound. Many powerful martial clans had established themselves in the city, with the four most dominant ones being the Qin Clan, Yang Clan, Su Clan, and Nangong Clan.

The four great houses had stood in the imperial city for several thousand years, boasting deep and rich foundations that mirrored the Great Chu Empire's own history. It underscored the formidable depth of the four great houses' roots.

Aside from the four great houses, there were also many second and third-rate clans, like the Zhao Clan, Lin Clan, and He Clan, with over a thousand years of heritage.

Chen Fan posed some casual questions to Chu Xuan’er to learn more about the city.

The four great houses wielded considerable influence, essentially having the liberty to act as they pleased within the imperial city. They had numerous Core Formation realm powerhouses in their ranks.

The number one house was none other than the Qin Clan. This coincided with the information Chen Zhengqing had told Chen Fan previously.

The foundations and strengths of second and third-rate clans like the Zhao Clan largely varied. Rumors said that they, too, had Core Formation realm powerhouses, but they rarely revealed themselves, leaving the truth uncertain.

Chu Xuan’er, the daughter of the Calm Sun Marquis and a member of the royal family, held the esteemed title of Commandery Princess.

Through conversation, Chen Fan discovered that despite her royal status, Chu Xuan’er led a life akin to a chivalrous warrior. She displayed no arrogance or delicateness.

Chen Fan asked her some questions about the Nangong Clan inconspicuously.

Chu Xuan’er had a rather close relationship with a girl named Nangong Wan’er; thus, she knew some things about the Nangong Clan.

Chu Xuan’er suddenly turned and looked at Chen Fan suspiciously. “Big Brother Dongfan, why do you keep asking about the Nangong Clan?”

Chen Fan rubbed the tip of his nose and said, “Did I? They were just casual questions, though.”

Chu Xuan’er did not think much of it and said, “Oh, by the way, the Nangong Clan is hosting the Bloodlines Martial Meet soon, which occurs once every six years. I can introduce you to Nangong Wan’er.”

“Bloodlines Martial Meet?” Chen Fan revealed a puzzled look.

Chen Zhengqing had briefly mentioned it when recounting events from eighteen years ago, but he had only briefly mentioned it, so Chen Fan didn’t have all the details.

Chu Xuan’er explained, “The Nangong Clan has three main bloodlines and many other branch bloodlines. Each Bloodlines Martial Meet determines the standings of these bloodlines, which are not fixed.

“The Nangong Clan’s Bloodlines Martial Meet is held once every six years. The event encourages the younger generation to compete, deciding which bloodlines become main or branch. It also encourages the clansmen to cultivate hard.

“External assistance is allowed, and given your strength, Big Brother Dongfan, you could be a great asset. Nangong Wan’er of the Moon Bloodline is a good sister of mine. The Moon Bloodline has been suppressed by the Sun and the Star bloodlines in recent years and is on a gradual decline. If they lose in this meet, they might lose their status as a main bloodline."

Chen Fan, intrigued, remained composed and asked, “The Moon Bloodline is declining? Why is that?”

“Ehhh...” Chu Xuan’er sighed and said, “This matter goes back eighteen years ago. I heard that there was someone called Nangong Yue. She was considered the imperial city's number one beauty and the designated successor of the Nangong Clan. At that time, the Moon Bloodline was the strongest among the three main bloodlines—Sun, Moon, and Star.”

Chu Xuan’er continued to share the details with Chen Fan, who organized the information in his mind, comprehending the story.

His father and his mother’s love story had turned out to be a rather huge setback for the Moon Bloodline. The Moon Bloodline experienced a sudden decline from their once-prosperous state. Now, the number of their talents had dwindled, and they teetered on the brink of losing their main bloodline status.

However, Chen Fan was not interested in any of this. He hurriedly asked, “Then, Xuan’er what happened to Nangong Yue in the end?”

Nangong Yue was his mother, and despite Zhao Ru's claim of her death, neither Chen Zhengqing nor Chen Fan believed it.

Chu Xuan’er replied, “Wan’er said that the matter nearly turned the Nangong Clan upside down. The Grand Elder ordered Nangong Yue to be confined within the clan, prohibiting her from leaving. This situation persists to this day.”

Chen Fan secretly sighed a breath of relief. It seemed his mother was indeed alive, albeit under house arrest.

Chu Xuan’er pleaded, “Big Brother Dongfan, why don’t you help Wan’er in this meet? You’re so strong. You can definitely help the Moon Bloodline keep their position as a main bloodline.”

Chen Fan said noncommittally, “We can discuss it when the time comes. Besides, even if I'm willing to help, I'm unsure Nangong Wan’er would accept my aid."

“It’s decided, then. I’ll introduce you to Wan’er when the time comes. She’ll surely be delighted.” Chu Xuan’er smiled.


Half a day later, in the evening, beautiful orange clouds could be seen in the skies.

“Big Brother Dongfan, the imperial city is just ahead,” Chu Xuan’er said with a smile, pointing at the enormous, magnificent city ahead that was like a gigantic beast prostrating on the earth.

The imperial city featured a towering city wall reaching a height of three hundred feet, an awe-inspiring sight for any observer. Beneath this mighty wall, a massive gate led to the city.

This city gate was extremely wide. It was cast in bronze and stood tens of meters tall. At the sides of the city gate were squads of mighty armored soldiers standing guard, wielding spears in their hands.

Surrounding the imperial city was a river, serving as a moat similar to the one outside Loulan Ancient Imperial City.

The rushing river water flowed, and three expansive stone bridges spanned its surface opposite the city gate. Crossing one of these bridges would lead directly in front of the city gate, providing access to the imperial city.

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