Unrivaled Martial Emperor - C.262 - Slaying Scarface

Unrivaled Martial Emperor

C.262 - Slaying Scarface

“Who is it? Show yourself!”

Both Chu Xuan’er and Scarface’s groups were shocked at the sudden turn of events.

Just as Scarface’s voice fell, Chen Fan flew down.


“Brat, who are you? How dare you kill my brothers. Are you looking to die?”

Scarface’s pupils shrank violently at the sight of Chen Fan.

However, when he sensed Chen Fan’s cultivation, the fourth level of the Yuanfu realm, he secretly sighed a breath of relief.

That streak of sword light had killed dozens of his brothers in a flash, so Scarface had feared that an expert had come, causing his heart to tighten. Aware of Chen Fan’s cultivation now, he acted fiercely.

Granny Rong also sensed Chen Fan’s cultivation and immediately shouted, “Young Sir, this man is extremely evil. Everyone abhors this bandit; he kills without batting an eyelid. Please give me a helping hand. Let’s join forces and kill this savage and bring peace to this place. Our Calm Sun Marquis mansion will be eternally grateful.”

Scarface’s eyes flickered. He suddenly made a move, jumping toward Granny Rong. He struck out viciously and in a tricky manner, wanting to kill her in one strike.

Although Chen Fan was also at the fourth level, that streak of sword light had been too powerful. Scarface quickly concluded that Chen Fan was a sword cultivator.

Sword cultivators were known for their high offensive ability and were some of the strongest among martial artists within the same cultivation realm.

If Granny Rong were to join forces with Chen Fan to attack him, he would slip into a huge crisis.

Therefore, he decided to kill Granny Rong with one move. If it were Chen Fan alone, Scarface wouldn’t be afraid to engage in a one-on-one fight.

However, Chen Fan reacted immediately, swinging the Autumn Slay with precision. A swift streak of sword light tore through the air, appearing in front of Scarface instantly.

“Damn it!” The attack forced Scarface to stop and unleash his cultivation to counter the sword light with a palm strike.

Meanwhile, Granny Rong hurriedly retreated, putting some distance between them. Without Chen Fan's intervention, she would have likely fallen victim to Scarface's deadly attack.

“You go deal with the others. Leave this scar-faced man to me,” Chen Fan declared, stepping forward. His cultivation surged as he gracefully wielded his sword, unleashing sharp streaks of sword light that surrounded Scarface.

Chen Fan didn’t want to expose his true strength; otherwise, he could have killed Scarface with a finger flick.

Granny Rong was slightly taken aback.

She knew Scarface was terrifyingly strong, yet this youth wanted to take him on alone. She was worried Chen Fan was no match for him.

However, her worries quickly dissipated.

The powerful sword technique Chen Fan executed sent streaks of sword light flying, sealing the area. They were incomparably sharp and slashed forcefully, suppressing Scarface. Granny Rong’s worries were lifted, and she shifted her gaze to the bandits.

Though numerous, their strength varied, with the strongest among them merely at the third level of the Yuanfu realm. Their collective threat did not intimidate her.

She quickly charged into them, wreaking havoc like she was overturning the seas. Miserable screams immediately rang out from the bandits.

The situation had flipped completely.

Chu Xuan’er had accepted that she was about to meet her doom. However, when she saw Chen Fan suppressing Scarface, her eyes flickered excitedly, and she cried out, “Get them, kill these bastards!”

She liked to act chivalrously and uphold justice and felt nothing but hatred and disgust for these inhuman bandits.

Naturally, she seized the opportunity to command her guards to eliminate the bandits.

Although her cultivation level was not high—the second level of the Yuanfu realm—her attacks were clean and sharp, displaying extraordinary strength.

Locked in combat with Chen Fan, Scarface immediately grew enraged when he saw Granny Rong and the others massacring his brothers. His eyes turned bloodshot, and he emitted a ferocious aura.

“Damn you, you little bastard! I’ll skin you alive!”

“Hmph, with just you?” Chen Fan snorted disdainfully. His gaze suddenly turned fierce, and he swung his sword, unleashing a sword qi much more formidable than before.

The swift and powerful sword qi destroyed Scarface’s Northern Goshawk Thirteen Claws and continued on its trajectory, striking Scarface's left arm.


Scarface’s left arm was severed like tofu and flew out. Scarlet blood sprayed out from the wound like a fountain, raining blood from the sky. In pain, he screamed miserably and quickly retreated some distance away.


His scream naturally drew the attention of others.

A look of surprise immediately showed on Granny Rong’s withered face. Then, it turned into a look of joy, feeling greatly relieved inside.

“So strong!”

An unusual light flickered in Chu Xuan’er’s eyes as well. She hadn’t expected Chen Fan to be powerful enough to make Scarface feel helpless.

Conversely, panic spread among the bandits. Their collective momentum suffered a severe blow.

“Curse you, brat. I will remember your face. Just wait. I’ll definitely get my revenge!”

Scarface, filled with fear, vowed with a twisted and hideous expression, the pain from his severed arm evident.

He had a feeling Chen Fan was hiding his cultivation. Otherwise, he couldn't have chopped off his left arm in one slash, no matter how high a sword cultivator’s offensive ability was.

He did not dare to continue fighting Chen Fan. Scarface abandoned his subordinates and sped off into the distance.

“Ah, Young Sir, we mustn’t let him get away! He’ll surely wreak havoc again when he recovers. Who knows how many people he’ll kill then!” Chu Xuan’er immediately shouted.

Chen Fan shot a glance at Chu Xuan’er. He did not say a word and chased after Scarface.

Granny Rong, Chu Xuan’er, and their group successfully eradicated the remaining bandits in Cloudsun Town a quarter of an hour later.

Chen Fan returned with Scarface's head, tossing it on the ground. The severed head rolled a few times before stopping at Chu Xuan’er's feet.

She jumped in fright and exclaimed in shock, “Ah, you really killed him!”

Chu Xuan’er hadn't expected that Chen Fan would catch up to Scarface, let alone succeed in killing him. Her admiration for Chen Fan grew as she looked at him anew.

Granny Rong stepped forward and performed a curtsy to Chen Fan. “Many thanks to Young Sir for saving us. If it wasn’t for you, I’m afraid everyone here would have died.”

“It’s fine. I just happened to be passing by,” Chen Fan said indifferently.

Granny Rong added, “Young Sir, you are so powerful despite your age. You are even a sword cultivator so strong that Scarface fell to your sword. You truly deserve to be called a young talent. Are you an elite disciple from some sect?”

Granny Rong naturally knew about some of the rules of the sects of the Great Chu Empire.

Those below the fifth level were known as elite disciples. They would be promoted to core disciples after reaching the fifth level.

Chen Fan’s cultivation was at the fourth level. It went without saying that he was an elite disciple.

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