Tome of Troubled Times - C.66: Endless Storms

Tome of Troubled Times

C.66: Endless Storms

Qi Bubi looked on in abject terror. His first reaction was that he wanted to run instead of risking his life to fight a lunatic.

This was one of the effects of Scattering the Gods and Buddhas—dread. It had no effect against Yue Hongling and her staunch will; it had no effect against Zhao Changhe who was naturally valiant... But against those who had weak wills, it could hardly be more effective.

Qi Bubi did not dare take this attack head-on. He lightly tapped the side of the saber with his folded fan in an attempt to deflect it.


The fan spread open and he tried to cut open Zhao Changhe’s wrist.


One had no choice but to admit that this move of his was executed marvelously.

However, what came as a result of it was much less than marvelous. That feeble tap could only slant the path of the saber by one or two inches. As for Zhao Changhe, he was not the least bit concerned about Qi Bubi’s attack and simply let the fan slice along his wrist. He was completely incapable of feeling any pain.

The power of Zhao Changhe’s saber did not wane as it reached Qi Bubi’s shoulder.

With that one move, Qi Bubi had lost the initiative. At this moment, how could he have time to try something else? He was also rich in experience and rolled on the ground like a lazy donkey, doing all he could to avoid the attack. As a result, his shoulder instantly broke from the force of the fall, but he kept his life.

He got up from the ground in a sorry state. When he raised his head to take a look at his opponent, his soul almost flew out of his body.

Zhao Changhe’s blood-red saber looked like it was absorbing his blood into itself. Initially it was the vicious blood qi surfacing that made the saber look like it was covered in blood. However, right now, it really appeared as if it was merging with his blood.

Blood from Zhao Changhe’s wrist kept on flowing toward his saber. His blade was like a starving demon that suddenly received nourishment. It gave Qi Bubi the illusory impression that it was jubilant.

However, it was clearly just a steel blade that cost around a few tens of taels of silver and definitely not a treasured command saber from the Blood God Cult!

Just what’s happening?

Of course, all this was an illusion that arose from Qi Bubi’s will falling under the influence of Zhao Changhe’s saber art.

The malevolence of vicious blood qi was not something ordinary people could withstand. This applied to both the user and their enemies.

In Qi Bubi’s mind, the illusion lasted for a long time; in reality, not even half a second had passed, and Zhao Changhe’s second attack was about to hit its mark.

If Zhao Changhe’s use of Scattering the Gods and Buddhas had been like a demonic god furiously cleaving the sky and its deities with power incomparably terrifying, then this next attack felt like the bleakness of a land covered in blood, devoid of life—not even Zhao Changhe, and most certainly not his enemy, existed there. This barren world was completely desolate.

This was the second of the Vicious Blood Saber Art’s three ultimate techniques: No Man’s Land!

Without entering this berserk state where Zhao Changhe lost all his sense of self, there was no way he could use this skill!

Qi Bubi was standing in a barren field.

The sky above was a bloody red, the ground was littered with corpses, and blood covered the wilderness, small streams converging into a giant river. He was the only living thing in this realm, faced with the obliterating might of the Dao of Heaven.

He did not belong there.

He was sentenced to death for his transgression.

A blood moon descended from the sky to enact the punishment of the gods.


The sound of weapons striking each other woke up Qi Bubi. He realized there was no blood moon. That was Zhao Changhe’s saber. He blocked the attack with his fan on instinct, but due to his will faltering from the illusion, his movements were weak and lacked power. His fan was deflected away.

Qi Bubi quickly retreated in terror. He no longer wanted to fight with Zhao Changhe. He had not even a sliver of interest in battling him.

Zhao Changhe had an average movement art. In his berserk state, he would not pursue Qi Bubi, so running away was actually quite simple. Some other man who’s not afraid to die can come deal with this lunatic. I’m out!

As he thought this, he felt a sharp pain in the middle of his back.

Qi Bubi was at a loss as he turned around. Cui Yuanyang, who he did not even consider a person, had snuck up behind him and driven her sword through his heart.

That filthy little rabbit, at this moment, had a resolute gaze that even contained some ruthlessness.

How could she be a little girl without experience in the jianghu? In such a short span of time, she had already slain no small number of people...

As Qi Bubi realized this, there was a bit of regret in his eyes. Before he had time to open his mouth, a roar came from behind, and a steel saber landed on his neck.

His head flew up and blood gushed out.

Only the splattering blood separated Cui Yuanyang from Zhao Changhe as she looked into his eyes. The blood shined on him and made his eyes appear even redder. That ruthlessness and bloodthirst of his got even stronger as he panted like a wild beast.

Am I going to die by his hand here?

Cui Yuanyang did not know. What she did know, however, was that she could not just give up and abandon him here. Zhao Changhe had lost his mind and would continue fighting rather than running away. Once other people came searching for them, he would certainly die.

Both of them were at the third layer of the Profound Gate, so Cui Yuanyang knew she had a chance. She only needed to hit his acupoints.

He’s used his ultimate techniques back-to-back. Right now, he should be like an arrow at the end of its flight. There’ll definitely be a chance for me to hit his acupoints. I have to stay calm.

She took a deep breath, slowly and firmly raising her sword as she looked at Zhao Changhe’s bestial expression.

She did not know how long they had stood face to face—perhaps it was only for an instant—before Zhao Changhe raised his bloody saber.

At that moment, a sharp screech echoed through the air as a sword, like a shooting star chasing the moon, appeared next to Zhao Changhe’s neck.

Zhao Changhe’s saber immediately changed direction and struck the blade. Then, he groaned, coughing out blood as he tripped backward a good distance.

His ambusher cried out in surprise. He had also underestimated the strength of Zhao Changhe’s attack and was sent flying back in the air.

Wielding a heavy saber against a slender blade, Zhao Changhe, in his berserk state, unexpectedly did not have enough strength to withstand the strong impact of the attack. He was sent reeling backward and even spat out blood!

Cui Yuanyang’s heart skipped a beat. From that single move, she had figured out who this new arrival was.

It was an assassin from the Snow-Listening Pavilion, and a Silver-rank one at least. From that one attack, she understood that this person had reached the fifth layer of the Profound Gate or even higher!

This was an opponent they had no chance against!

Cui Yuanyang’s heart was exhausted. We’re really done for now... At the same time, she felt like she was being mocked.

Prior to this, those people might have intended to snag Zhao Changhe’s bounty while hunting for Cui Yuanyang, but the price on her head was higher. She was the main reason criminals swarmed to them like bees when they were sailing along the river. Zhao Changhe involved himself in this battle all to protect her. However, this assassin from the Snow-Listening Pavilion had been gunning for Zhao Changhe from the start. Now, she was the one who had dragged Zhao Changhe into this situation.

Furthermore, Zhao Changhe no longer had the strength to fight. The only one in any condition to do battle right now was Cui Yuanyang.

While the assassin was sent flying back, she did not waste time thinking and rushed to pick up Zhao Changhe, who had fallen on the ground.

The vicious qi that had rushed to his head had disappeared with that one attack. His eyes had cleared up. As Cui Yuanyang pulled him up, he said weakly, “Go in the direction Qi Bubi went.”

Cui Yuanyang did not question why and carried him away in the moonlight without uttering a word.

Just minutes before, she had felt like she could not carry him, but at this moment, he was in her arms. It felt effortless.

A person’s attitude and willpower could influence them to this extent.

After running only a few steps, she saw a horse pacing back and forth under the moonlight.

Cui Yuanyang quickly figured out Zhao Changhe’s reasoning: Qi Bubi had definitely come here on horseback. There was no way he could have traveled across these lands at such a speed on foot, not where plenty of mountains converged. If they went in his direction, there would most likely be a horse!

Zhao Changhe was really too clear-headed.

“Just now, I had to rely on you to row the boat. Now, I need to rely on you to ride the horse. I don’t know how to.” Zhao Changhe weakly dug himself into her embrace and smiled, a little bit embarrassed.

Cui Yuanyang had no idea how Zhao Changhe was still in the mood for self-deprecation... Anyway, thank god I’m way fucking better at riding a horse than rowing a boat. She got on the horse in a single leap and sat Zhao Changhe down behind her. Whipping the reins, she urged the horse onward.

Behind, they could hear the billowing of sleeves. The assassin from the Snow-Listening Pavilion was already chasing them, and he was getting closer.

By a willow tree on the side of the road, numerous people had nimbly arrived and now stood on the treetops. They silently watched the chase unfold under the moonlight.

Someone asked in a low voice, “Saintess, do we move out now?”

Xia Chichi, who Zhao Changhe had not met for a long time, stood beautifully under the moonlight. Her clear eyes were filled with pain and bewilderment as she silently watched Zhao Changhe slowly unsling his bow.

Even now, he had no intention of quietly escaping. To her surprise, he still had the will to resist.

From the very start, he was steadfast and valiant. How could she not be enamored with him?

But do you wish to die with this vixen?

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