The Princess's Inner Thoughts Were Overheard by Her Emperor Father - C.57


The entire study fell silent.

"Jiang Yixu!"

The emperor threw out his interrogation out of the blue.

"What is the meaning of this phrase from the Great Learning?!"

The ministers in the room were completely puzzled.

"What does Your Majesty mean by this?"

"Why suddenly have Minister Jiang compose an article, and on the Great Learning?"

"So simple, what's so difficult about it?"

From the chief minister Fucha to the three vice ministers, none of the ministers in the council chamber understood.

They were finding it increasingly difficult to grasp the emperor's style of governance.

For the emperor to hold court with little Princess in his arms was already unusual. Now, he was even posing examination questions!

And to top it off, the question was ridiculously easy; anyone who had read a book would know the answer.

The ministers were all baffled.

But soon, officials from the six ministries began to feel something was amiss.

Because Jiang Yixu, who was being questioned, went from proud and aloof to gradually pale.

He stiffened his mouth, and surprisingly began to tremble speechlessly.

The other officials beside him, who initially thought the emperor's question was nonsensical, were now waiting in vain for Jiang Yixu's answer!

The bewildered expressions of the ministers gradually turned into shock!

They all looked incredulously at Jiang Yixu!

Emperor Xiao Yunzhou sneered coldly, "Why is Minister Jiang suddenly silent?"

"When you were insulting Us just now, your words flowed eloquently. Now, why—have you lost your voice?"

Jiang Yixu trembled.

The ministers raised their eyebrows.

Emperor Xiao Yunzhou took a step forward with little Princess in his arms. "Jiang Yixu, could it be that you can't even produce an essay for the palace examination?"

"Could it be that you can't even explain the outline of the Great Learning?"

Emperor Xiao Yunzhou was furious, then mocked.

"The way of the Great Learning is to manifest virtue, to renovate the people, and to rest in the highest excellence."

This examination question was so simple that even a mere scholar could articulate it fluently.

Because it is the opening sentence of the Great Learning!

It's taught by every teacher as an introduction to the Great Learning!

Anyone who doesn't know this sentence is no different from a semi-literate in the imperial examination!

"I, I, have been busy with official duties for many years, and haven't read a book for a long time." Jiang Yixu's knees buckled instantly, sweat pouring down his forehead as he knelt, "I am ashamed, I have forgotten... forgotten its meaning..."

The ministers were speechless.

Even the chief minister Fucha was stunned, staring with his old, dim eyes wide open.

They simply couldn't believe there was such a foolish person among them.

The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Personnel... actually forgot the meaning of the first sentence of a book!

The magnitude of his examination scores was enough to flood the entire hall!

Emperor Xiao Yunzhou closed his eyes.

"While I cradle my daughter and handle state affairs, I'm about to be ridiculed by scholars throughout the realm."

"But scholars throughout the realm do not know that the so-called pillars of society they believe in are utterly clueless."

"They are truly ignorant!"

"Worse than useless!"

Emperor Xiao Yunzhou spat on Jiang Yixu's head!

He spat on the faces of the ministers!

"Immediately arrest Jiang Yixu and strip him of his titles! Summon the commander of the Imperial Guards to investigate the qualifications of all imperial examination candidates over the years!"

"Furthermore, five days from now, a table will be set up inside Zhengyang Gate for me to test the civil and military officials!"

"Ridiculous! Resign on your own accord, or undergo the ancient ritual of studying diligently suspended from a beam or pricking your thighs to read for Us!"

Jiang Yixu collapsed like a soft bone on the ground.

The courtiers were stunned.


Mu Xiu was not satisfied with just farming; he wanted to retake the exam too?

Damn it!

Even the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister stared at Jiang Yixu like he was their enemy!

This troublemaker!

They were utterly victimized!

After venting, Xiao Yunzhou still felt unsatisfied, feeling that he hadn't let off enough steam. With a wave of his hand, he commanded, "Wei Zheng, organize an assessment in five days. Arrange those who have criticized Us in the first two rows! We want to focus on grading them."

"I want to see what kind of people are advising Us!"

The courtiers were dumbfounded.

[Wow, the Emperor is imposing! Our Jing Country is on fire!]

Xiao Chuchu, nestled in the Emperor's arms, happily shook a tambourine with her little hands, creating a lively rhythm.

[We commoners are so happy today!]

[The Emperor is doing great, promoting capable people to serve! If you're not capable, then get lost!]

Xiao Yunzhou almost smiled, but immediately gritted his teeth, maintaining a serious demeanor in front of the courtiers.

His darling little princess spoke so eloquently and cutely. It made him feel proud.

Not to mention, after venting his frustrations on the officials, he felt incredibly satisfied.

"Well, Wei Zheng, draft another edict for Us."

"Liu Wenchang, temporarily assume the position of Deputy Minister of Personnel." Xiao Yunzhou's mood improved, and he remembered to reserve the vacancy for the recently accomplished Liu family patriarch.

Wei Zheng was secretly shocked.

The officials from the Cabinet and the six ministries were speechless.

Liu Patriarch got promoted again!? Just recently, he was fourth rank, and now he's directly third rank?

Liu Patriarch wasn't even summoned by the Emperor; he's still at home!

Damn it, he got promoted again just like that?

Several officials were about to retort, but Xiao Yunzhou dismissed them.

"Go study, We will test you in five days."

"Whoever fails, don't blame Us for being heartless."

"If Liu Patriarch can do it, so can you. We won't show favoritism!"

The courtiers gasped.

Meanwhile, Xiao Chuchu quickly received a notification from her system.

"Congratulations to the host, the Emperor has removed a corrupt official (Third Rank), assessed the officials, and the national strength of Jing Country is slightly increasing."

Xiao Chuchu couldn't help but grin.


Outside the Imperial City, at the Min residence.

Xiao Chuchu's grandmother, Madam Min, personally escorted Min Rou and her frightened daughters back home.

Madam Min, looking at her emaciated daughter and her grandchildren, tears almost fell as she held hands with the Old Madam of Liu Family and was reluctant to let go.

"If it weren't for you and the Empress, we wouldn't know what would have happened."

"We're too busy today; otherwise, we'd invite you to stay for dinner before leaving."

The children still need comforting, and Min Rou's eyes were red too.

It would be impolite to entertain guests now.

But as soon as Madam Min finished speaking, Min Rou stepped forward with red eyes, "Mother, it's okay. Lady Liu and Madam Min are kind and wouldn't mind such things."

She bowed to the Old Madam of Liu Family, "Grandmother, are you hungry? Please come in and have a meal before leaving."

Madam Min frowned.

"Oh, no need, I'm not hungry. I'll go back and check on my old man at home first. He went out to work in the fields today, I wonder how his old back is holding up." Old Madam of Liu Family didn't hesitate, quickly bidding farewell.

"Don't worry about it, it's the least we can do."

After Old Madam of Liu Family left in the carriage, she even left behind some pastries for the children.

The old lady of the Min family watched the carriage leave before furrowing her brows slightly and turning to her daughter.

"What's going on? Why was your behavior so inappropriate today?"

"One should still observe proper etiquette, especially considering that the Liu family saved you and the children's lives. How could you be disrespectful?"

Min Rou took a deep breath.

If it were merely a matter of gratitude, she definitely wouldn't have let Old Madam of Liu Family stay for a meal today. She would have waited until she was fully recovered and then brought the children to express their thanks formally.


Min Rou closed her eyes and remembered the soft voice she heard while sewing winter clothes.

Her eldest daughter would be the wife of the fifth prince of the Liu family in the future.

The Min and Liu families would be in-laws in the future.

Min Rou looked at her own mother with a complex expression. "Mother, don't ask. But in any case, we should strive to improve ourselves in the future, show respect and gratitude to the Liu family, and not be too distant."

She had a lot on her mind.

Otherwise? Should she mention that as the future mother-in-law of the legitimate brother of the little princess, she heard the inner thoughts of the little princess?

Min Rou swallowed her words and simply looked towards the distant palace walls.

"Mother, I want to hire a tutor for Zhi'er and Lu'er."

"What?" Madam Min was surprised. "A woman without talents is virtuous!"

Min Rou shook her head.

Her gaze was determined.

Old Madam of Liu Family and the concubine of Liu Family were both literate. Compared to her, who easily panicked when faced with problems, they were much calmer. If it weren't for their quick and composed handling of the situation today, her Lu'er might have been lost.

It was evident that women should also be educated!

"I've already made up my mind. Relying on beauty and serving others won't work in the long run. Only by standing on our own can women truly thrive!"

Min Rou hoped that both her daughters would be self-reliant and able to live well even without a husband. With a husband, they could advance together!

"I'll look for a tutor tomorrow."

Old Madam of Min was astonished.

And Old Madam of Liu Family, who hurriedly returned home in the carriage, was also shocked.

As soon as she got off the carriage, she heard Wei Zheng's announcement.

"Congratulations, Old Master Liu, you've been promoted to the third-rank Gentleman of Attendants."


Old Madam of Liu Family froze in place at the news.

She had only been out for a day, and the Liu family had been promoted again?

Their rank was growing faster than the radishes in her garden!

But Wei Zheng's next words left the couple dumbfounded.

"In five days, the Emperor will assess all the officials. If Old Master Liu fails, the Emperor will dismiss him," Wei Zheng reminded them.

Old Master Liu: "..."

Old Madam Liu: "..."

They looked at each other with strange expressions, a mix of joy and restraint.

Oh dear, maybe they weren't good at anything else.

But they weren't afraid of exams.

Old Master Liu had studied for the imperial examinations for over a decade, taking the test a whopping three times!

His exam results were truly impeccable!

Who knows how many sets of past exam questions he had done over the years!

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