The Princess's Inner Thoughts Were Overheard by Her Emperor Father - C.56


In the Emperor's study.

Xiao Yunzhou resisted the urge to look down at the precious daughter in his arms.

Meanwhile, Xiao Chuchu's cheeks flushed red with excitement as she eagerly scanned the faces of every minister entering the study.

Her "Scent of Intelligence" skill had leveled up to LV2, allowing her to double the intelligence of people within a one-step radius, with only three uses per day.

Today, she had already used up her allotted uses, investing them in her birth mother, elder brother, and nanny, Zhang Jia.

Currently, her "Scent of Intelligence" skill was grayed out, indicating it could not be used again. However, she could still glean the initial intelligence of everyone around her.

Initially amused by the spectacle, she couldn't help but burst into laughter upon further observation.

"No wonder Jing Country is on the brink of collapse."

"These high-ranking officials are not very bright, are they? Even though effort can compensate for shortcomings, how can someone like this, the Vice Minister of Personnel, hold such a crucial position? Can't they find someone more capable than this idle nobleman who hasn't even bothered to study?"

"With such poor abilities, yet holding such high positions of power in the nation, governing the livelihoods of the people, it's truly disheartening!"

Xiao Chuchu furrowed her tiny brows in the swaddle.

But there was nothing she could do; the system had labeled her as the "Beloved Princess of a Dying Nation," and it wasn't without reason.

"No wonder Jing Country's national strength ranks outside the top twenty!"

Xiao Yunzhou felt his vision darken.

Could his fairy-like little princess really perceive the national strengths of various countries?

Was Jing Country really that feeble?

Once, during the reign of his ancestors, Jing Country was unassailable, receiving tributes and worship from surrounding nations. And now, it had come to this?

"Your Majesty summoned us. What's the urgent matter?"

"Why does Your Majesty conduct state affairs while holding the little princess?"

"Affection between parent and child is unsuitable for imperial governance. Your Majesty, please have the little princess and the princes go to the side hall for serious discussions with us."

The ministers of the Cabinet and the six ministries all voiced their discontent.

These officials, who had served for generations and even hailed from distinguished families of the nation's founding heroes, occupied high positions. They were not afraid of Emperor Xiao Yunzhou because they had numerous connections passed down from their ancestors and teachers. Some even held imperial pardons granted by the founding emperor, passed down through generations.

Therefore, they were arrogant, occasionally giving Emperor Xiao Yunzhou a hard time to remind him that they were not to be trifled with.

Even though they had lost the upper hand in the matter of appointing the Crown Prince, they were quick to reclaim their authority in discussions.

"Your Majesty, holding the little princess like this, what kind of example does it set? It's more fitting for a palace concubine!"

"Your Majesty's behavior, if seen by scholars throughout the realm, I can only imagine the ridicule!"

Jiang Yixu, a Vice Minister of Personnel with a background as an Imperial Censor, was especially vehement, even resorting to questioning the Emperor's gender!

Jiang Yixu's rise from a seventh-ranking Imperial Censor to Vice Minister was fueled by his sharp tongue. He was known for his poisonous and quick wit. Normally, he acted as a sharp knife in the Cabinet, never missing an opportunity to criticize the Emperor, earning him the admiration of other ministers who thought of him as a breath of fresh air, considering him exceptionally formidable.

Today, the other ministers were equally admiring, nodding in agreement.

But halfway through the conversation, they began to feel that something was off.

In the study hall where official matters were discussed, a gust of wind arose, sending shivers down their spines.

Wei Zheng, the head eunuch who knew the emperor's temperament best, had long since retreated far away.

Looking at Emperor Xiao Yunzhou, they were surprised to find him not angry but rather amused.

Normally, if the emperor was compared to a concubine from the imperial harem, he would be furious, but today he simply chuckled at them.

"Do scholars across the realm mock Us?" he asked with a chuckle.

"Indeed," came the reply.

The ministers stiffened.

Jiang Yixu, the Vice Minister of Personnel who led the charge against the emperor, showed a change in expression.

Was the emperor losing his temper again?

Farming in the morning, what was he up to in the afternoon?

Xiao Yunzhou's gaze wandered to Jiang Yixu's face, ears perked up.

Sure enough, he heard his daughter's voice, "Jiang Yixu, tsk tsk, no wonder even with an IQ of 39, he can still become the Vice Minister of Personnel. Turns out, he doesn't understand books but has been a foul-mouthed troublemaker since childhood."

"Not only did he bribe the chief examiner of the imperial examinations, but he also had financial dealings with many servants of the ministers' households."

"Every time the ministers wanted to target someone, he got the news in advance and immediately slandered them during the morning court session."

"In fact, he hasn't even mastered the Four Books and Five Classics, but his insults are as venomous as a street thug's. He climbed the ranks and amassed wealth solely by his proficiency in cursing."

"Scholars across the realm always thought he was a rare breed, daring to scold the emperor and speak the truth, but alas, he's just a fool and a troublemaker!"

The string in Xiao Yunzhou's mind snapped!

He glared at the Vice Minister of Personnel with an IQ of 39, Jiang Yixu!

He saw a man nearing forty, still handsome, but with a look of arrogance on his face.

He had thought before that Jiang Yixu was a beacon of righteousness among scholars!

He even tolerated this foul-mouthed guy who repeatedly scolded him, the emperor, in court!

"Very well," Xiao Yunzhou laughed heartily, gazing at this half-hearted fellow!

"You're a scholar, We are not. We are mocked by scholars across the realm, while you are praised by them."

"What a scholar you are, hahaha!"

Xiao Yunzhou laughed heartily, leaning back.

The group of ministers felt something was amiss.

The imperial princes in the study had not yet left and were all stunned.

Only Cheng Qian, the Fifth Prince, looked at Jiang Yixu, who was basking in his IQ of 39, still defiantly challenging the emperor, with a complex expression, sighing and shaking his head.

Indeed, just as Jiang Yixu was about to speak, the emperor, Xiao Yunzhou, loudly interrupted him.

"Vice Minister of Personnel Jiang Yixu, in which year did you pass the imperial examinations?"

"Who was the chief examiner?!"

Jiang Yixu, who was singled out, froze.

The prime minister and other high-ranking officials beside him showed various expressions of astonishment.

What's going on?!

Why did the emperor suddenly ask this?

A few officials among them, in particular, looked flustered.

Vice Minister of Personnel Jiang Yixu frowned, but still calmly replied, "In response to Your Majesty's question, I passed the imperial examinations in the fourteenth year of the Zhenning era."

As he spoke, he lowered his head, his breathing slightly erratic.

But soon, he adjusted himself and smiled at the emperor.

"Why does Your Majesty ask such a question?"

Jiang Yixu clenched his hands within his official robes.

This couldn't be happening.

The emperor couldn't have found out about his bribery of the examination officials!

How long ago was that?

Seventeen years ago!

During the reign of the former emperor, the emperor couldn't possibly question the former emperor's decisions regarding him!

"Considering it, I've served in two dynasties as an official. When I was chosen by the former emperor, I vowed to dedicate my life to the prosperity of Jing Country!"

Jiang Yixu lifted his head proudly, his expression stern as he lectured Emperor Xiao Yunzhou as he had done before.

"So, Your Majesty, if there's anything wrong, I will surely offer my advice!"


Xiao Yunzhou almost disregarded the imperial decorum and spat right on the face of this shameless fellow!

He was livid!

As the Vice Minister of Personnel, as Little Missy had stated, Jiang Yixu held the second-highest rank in the Ministry of Personnel.

And the Ministry of Personnel was responsible for the transfer, appointment, promotion, and evaluation of officials throughout the empire!

A fellow with an intelligence quotient of 39, incapable of scholarly pursuits, relied on bribing the eunuchs close to the high officials to get advance knowledge of the court's movements and climbed to this position by hurling insults!

How could such a person be qualified to manage and evaluate the officials of the empire?

Jiang Yixu gazed at the emperor's displeased expression and spoke earnestly, "Unpleasant truths may offend, Your Majesty. I am strict with you only because of my loyalty to the former emperor."

"If Your Majesty finds it disagreeable, then punish me."

"But even if I fall, there will be countless scholars stepping forward to replace me in advising Your Majesty!"

Xiao Yunzhou glared, unable to contain himself any longer.

"You and your scholars can go to hell!"

"Jiang Yixu, last year's palace examination's third question, you'll answer it on the spot now!"

"The Great Learning teaches us, 'The path of virtue lies in the cultivation of personal morality, in the love for the people, and in the pursuit of ultimate goodness.' What does this mean?!"

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