The Princess's Inner Thoughts Were Overheard by Her Emperor Father - C.35


"Guards, gag the Fucha clan's mouth!"

"Your Majesty! What have I, your humble servant, done wrong? I received the news and came to tell you!"

Noble Consort Fucha was simply incredulous.

"Could it be that Your Majesty wants to watch idly as the clan of the Prince's mother conspires with the guards who walk in your presence, in exchange for Your Majesty's information? Intending to harm Your Majesty's safety and security?"

Noble Consort Fucha did not yet know that Pang Rusong was the guard who rescued the Emperor from the palace on the day the Dragon turned over.

She also did not know that the Emperor could hear the Little Princess's prophetic visions of the future.

Mr. Liu, the old master of the Liu family, Liu Wenchang, the Little Princess had said, was killed by the new Emperor.

Pang Rusong later became the great general of the border regions, but died from the recurrence of old injuries and overwork.

These were all loyal subjects!

Xiao Yunzhou was very clear, and would not be shaken by Noble Consort Fucha.

Let alone the fact that Mr. Liu and Pang Rusong originally had no connection, it was this Emperor who, because Pang Rusong had saved him and knew he would become a great general in the future, especially trusted this guard and let Pang Rusong accompany Liu Wenchang.

Noble Consort Fucha not only talked nonsense, but also loudly shouted "treason" and "collusion", if she startled the snake in the grass, the secret plan to rehabilitate the Liao King would fail.

This was no laughing matter!

"Fucha clan, how dare you peek into My Qianqing Palace!"

Noble Consort Fucha was dumbfounded, the Emperor called her what, the Fucha clan?

He had never called her that before!

And what does it mean, peeking into the Qianqing Palace, now the Qianqing Palace is under renovation, what's wrong with her peeking at a dilapidated palace!

The Emperor hasn't been living there recently!

"You dare to investigate My palace guards and imperial officials of the fourth rank, you are simply presumptuous!"

Xiao Yunzhou was quite unhappy.

"The Rear Palace is not allowed to interfere in politics, don't you know that!"

Xiao Yunzhou took a deep breath.

If the Fucha clan ruined their plan to suppress the rebellion, and the Liao King became aware of it, then the Liao King's rebel army would reach the gates of the capital.

Who would bear the responsibility for the tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians injured and killed, the consumption of grain and military supplies in the war?

Not to mention a mere Consort, not even his own cousin, even if it was this Emperor himself, he would have to apologize to his ancestors after death!

"Fucha clan, from this day on, you shall be demoted to Concubine Yu."

Noble Consort Fucha opened her mouth, "Wh-what...?"

Last time her cousin only placed her under house arrest and let her cultivate herself!

She fell to the ground in an instant,

This time she was just giving advice, and he simply stripped her of her Noble Consort status??

"Cousin, it's not true... Cousin!"

Concubine Yu.

The Yu of the elm tree.

The title was so named, indicating that the Emperor was displeased with her, leaving only dissatisfaction.

The Fucha clan was finished...

Standing beside her, Wei Zheng lowered his eyes and stepped forward without emotion, "Concubine Yu, the Emperor has spoken, please go."

The Fucha clan's hands and feet were weak, her face pale.

When she was sent back, she was like in a dream.

Even when her own Third Prince came anxiously to find her, she couldn't hear what he was saying.

"Mother, what's wrong with you? Mother, what did you do that Father the Emperor is so angry and punishing you?"

The lips of the Fucha clan trembled, and she couldn't say a word.

In the Kunning Palace, the Empress was still unable to fall asleep, "The Emperor is actually so protective of Concubine Liu, it's really surprising to this Empress."

The Emperor was too heartless.

He even discarded his own cousin like an old shoe.

Then what about her, the Empress?

If one day he was dissatisfied, would the Emperor be even more heartless towards her, the Empress?

The Empress suddenly sat up, "We can't wait any longer. Let my father take action, even if it means temporarily allying with the Prime Minister Fucha!"

"We must also quickly establish the Eldest Prince as the Crown Prince."

On the second day of the palace banquet, Mr. Liu and Pang Rusong, one made an excuse of illness, the other of returning home to visit family, both left the capital city, also under the pretext of suppressing bandits.

Xiao Yunzhou personally went to Concubine Liu's residence, comforting her and the Fifth Prince, "You don't have to worry, I've sent Pang Rusong to escort the old master."

"There are 50,000 soldiers in Yan Region who are under orders."

Xiao Yunzhou gently patted Concubine Liu's icy hand, and at the same time lovingly looked at the swaddled Little Princess.

"The old master is in good health, he will return safely on this journey."

Riding fast horses, if all goes well, they should arrive in about seven or eight days.

As for the Liao King matter, he had not told anyone else, but he came to Concubine Liu's place and told them first.

After all, the Liu family was loyal, he had no worries.

More importantly - Xiao Yunzhou perked up his ears, expectantly looking at his own sweet and delicate Third Princess.

Sure enough, after hearing Xiao Yunzhou's words, Xiao Chuchu couldn't help but start chattering in her heart.

【Hmm, my Imperial Father is awesome this time. Tonight the Liao King is still in the Elysium of Love~He will rise up in the new year.】

【So during the Chrysanthemum Festival these seven days, the Liao King will reward his troops in the provinces with wine and meat, he himself will also indulge in pleasure, in a sea of wine and meat.】

【So, my Imperial Father now lets Guard Pang and my maternal grandfather set off, and within seven days they will arrive at the Liao King's place, absolutely able to catch the fish in the jar.】

Xiao Yunzhou suddenly let out a sigh of relief, and his mood became more relaxed.

Concubine Liu and the Fifth Prince also secretly relaxed.

【This time, my Imperial Father owes a lot to my wise maternal grandfather!】

Xiao Yunzhou even wanted to nod his head.

Yes, that's how it is.

He looked again at the mature-beyond-his-years Fifth Prince Cheng Qian, and his satisfaction rose even higher.

What if, he handed over the throne to the Fifth Prince?

Now Xiao Yunzhou felt that just as the Little Princess said, the entire civil and military officials, all thanks to the old master of the Liu family!

With such a bloodline from the maternal family, Little Five in the future will definitely not be stupid.

And the Little Princess is the reincarnation of a celestial being, she is the Fifth Prince's own sister.

If in the future, when this father Emperor passes away, whoever he entrusts the throne to, Xiao Yunzhou is currently not too sure.

But if he hands it over to Little Five, perhaps the Little Princess celestial being will also show mercy, and in consideration of him, this father, in the future may also listen to the voice of the one inheriting the great rule.

Xiao Yunzhou thought so, and his gaze at the Fifth Prince Cheng Qian became even more approving.


Seven days later.

The Liao King's palace.

The Liao King was being fed a grape by his beautiful concubine, preparing to get up.

Just then, a shout rang out outside.

"Your Highness the Liao King, the people the Emperor sent to visit you have arrived."

The Liao King was startled, then delighted.

His foolish nephew liked the false flowers he sent so much? He actually sent people to thank him!

He laughed uncontrollably, "Quick, bring the people from the Emperor's side in. Oh no, I'd better go greet them myself."

He walked out of his main house, confidently going to the gate of the Liao King's palace.

But he was immediately met with a knife at his throat.

The Liao King was dumbfounded.

"Audacious Liao King, you dare to conspire in rebellion!"

"We have already found the secret letters of your collusion with the Eminent Cavalry General Zhang Chen in your guards' belongings!"

The Liao King: "...!?"

Wait, wait a minute?

The Emperor's people are in the capital, how did they find the secret letters from his domain?

"Liao King, do you confess?"

"The people who escorted the nine-colored peonies to the capital have all confessed."

Mr. Liu stood in front of the stunned, frozen Liao King, hands behind his back, head high.

"Your every move in the rebellion, the allied Xuancheng, Shu Region prefects and provincial governors, we knew about it all!"

The Liao King: "????"


How could this be possible!?

How did they know!?

He hadn't even started taking action yet!

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