The Primordial Record - C.804 Turning Point Of Reality

The Primordial Record

C.804 Turning Point Of Reality

Like a magnet dragging iron fillings around it, the Primordial Record held Rowan's consciousness and demanded his entire attention.

Rowan felt his consciousness convulse as if he were a mortal who had just touched a lightning bolt. This should not be far from the truth because his consciousness collapsed to dust, luckily he had six more and they surrounded the Primordial Record, containing its power and hearing the message it was passing across to him.

The Primordial Record had practically been screaming this to him. What this black book wanted was to make a deal with him.

He had an understanding that since the Singularity came into existence, it had never wanted anything else, but now for the first time in its existence, it desired something.

For a long while Rowan was silent, as he processed the information the Primordial Record had sent over. The risk of failure was profound, but if they succeeded, it would elevate both of them to a level that was unknown.

If they succeeded, it would become the greatest showing of power from the beginning of time to its end. Nothing would be able to top it. It was a testament to Rowan's fortitude that he was not foaming in the mouth when he understood the true scale of the offer from the Primordial Record.

Communication with the Primordial Record was still difficult, it existed at a level that was problematic for Rowan to conceptualize, and he imagined that whenever the Primordial Record was trying to speak with him, it was similar to a man talking to a tree.

Rowan was still able to get the meaning of the message. Apparently, the Singularity was excited with his new form and potential as a Second Dimensional being. Rowan had become close enough to its sort of existence.

It sought to make Rowan become one of its pages. It would be discarding the final missing page, and merging Rowan with itself.

This concept seemed so outlandish to Rowan, he had always been the one to merge treasures into his body and not the other way around. He was still battling with understanding this concept when the Primordial Record gave him a brief glimpse of what their union would become.

He could not digest it properly, his seven consciousnesses not able to handle the load, but he understood the general idea of it all.

There were advantages to this merger and also disadvantages. The greatest advantage would be that Rowan would essentially become the Primordial Record, able to access its abilities to a level that would be impossible for him.

He had not been able to access a greater part of the abilities of the Primordial Record, and there was a chance that he would never be able to, no matter how long he spent with it. The Primordial Record was a treasure that a single individual no matter how powerful would not be able to access all of it.

The abilities of the Primordial Record were so far-reaching that it obliterated all forms of power that Rowan had seen up to this moment. Rowan recalled the shocking moment when it took an entire timeline and folded it into one of its pages during the time when Rowan had gone insane and destroyed the universe using his Eruption ability.

Essentially the Primordial Record had duplicated reality in such a manner that Rowan still did not understand. Did it create a new timeline? Or shifted Rowan to an identical parallel reality? Did it recreate an exact universe and clone everything inside it to fit the old one?

What were the limits to the abilities of the Singularity?

Another of its profound abilities was to access bloodlines of every type just because Rowan had witnessed it or even given him the opportunity of becoming a Dimension by showing the path of a One-Dimensional Will.

Rowan suspected that the reason the Primordial Record was able to give him every bloodline he had ever evolved into was because it contained every single bloodline in all of creation. It did not need to search for the bloodlines that Rowan had come across because it was a Record of every bloodline across all-


If he merged with the Primordial Record he could have access to every bloodline that had ever existed, perhaps he would be able to choose every Primordial Bloodline that had ever existed, even creating his own unique Primordial Bloodlines as he planned to do with his Ouroboros Bloodline.

He did not forget that with the power of the Primordial Record, his powers would never clash, but instead work together in harmony, to become something greater than the sum of its parts.

He was already such a powerful Creator with three bloodlines, what would he become if he could carry a dozen bloodlines or even one hundred bloodlines at the same time? What about a thousand unique bloodlines?

"Goddammit… Is it even possible for a single being to control such amounts of power? There must certainly be a drawback.

Rowan did not have to imagine how powerful he would become. With all these bloodlines he would essentially be invincible. This was true invincibility, beyond what even a Primordial would enjoy. He would be a god to even Primordials.

This was essentially only using the Primordial Record as a bloodline farm, but if he had access to its other hidden features, it could transform the way he saw reality.

He forced himself to calm his consciousness and analyzed the drawbacks. There was none!

Rowan wished for that to be the case, but it was a lie.

Now for the disadvantages and he quickly understood that the greatest of it was that the Primordial Record would lose its invincibility, and if Rowan was killed the Primordial Record would cease to exist alongside him.

The greatest treasure to ever exist would vanish forever if he was killed when merged with it. Such a loss was too massive to even contemplate. With the Primordial Record, even an ant could fight to become a Primordial, what else in all of time could guarantee such a thing?

The Primordial Record was invincible and the only reason his father had been able to extract pages from it was through bending Rowan's mind and essentially using his hands to slice off pieces of the Primordial Record. Yet that did not lead to the destruction of the Primordial Record and his father had been unable to access it.

The second disadvantage of this process which was equally as challenging was that the last page of the Primordial Record that was left in Trion would finally be unclaimed. Anyone who was holding that page would be able to control its power.

He did not know the powers that this single page would contain, nevertheless, it would be enough to change the tides of reality.

Rowan would not be able to hide the fact that the page of the Primordial Record was now separated from its whole because it would release so much energy it would not only be felt throughout this universe but in every universe in the Great Darkness.

It would be similar to birthing a somewhat lesser Singularity. Yet one that could be considered equally as powerful.

This would be like creating a newborn Primordial Record.

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