The Primordial Record - C.798 Problems Arising From Excessive Power

The Primordial Record

C.798 Problems Arising From Excessive Power

The booming sound was like the heartbeat from a titan the size of a universe, and it only increased in intensity as time went by.

The cracks on the line multiplied and when it seemed as if it was about to shatter into pieces, the booming sound ceased and finally, the line exploded.

What emerged first was a shockwave of monumental proportions. This unleashed force swept through the Forge destroying the entire earth until it impacted against the edges, sending massive cracks throughout the space. Luckily the Forge had a self-healing component that rapidly reversed the damages.

Immediately after the shockwave was light, like a thousand suns exploding. At first, it shone white, the intensity of it was blinding, and even a god would not be able to stare directly into this light without their Immortal Soul not burning to ash.

The white light turned blue, and then red, before transforming into a horrifying black hue. As the light emerged, it was accompanied by a loud sound that resembled the screams from the depths of hell, and as the light changed, that screaming sound increased in intensity.

The Forge was being repeatedly brought to the edge of destruction and only Rowan's careful engineering and his continual infusion of the spare Spirit Guises into it kept the Forge in a single piece.

The screams reached such an incredibly high pitch it could no longer be heard and what followed was an explosion. The explosion was the true emergence of Rowan's essence and all the signs that had emerged before had just been pushed out before it due to the incredible force that erupted from the explosion.

Like the Big Bang that triggered the expansion of a universe, what emerged from the explosion was so much matter that it would be able to fill up a portion of the galaxy stretching for tens of light years.

They flew out from the area where the silver line had once occupied with speeds that were faster than light, and if the explosion was to be slowed down, it would reveal world after world emerging from the shattered silver line.

Suns, black holes, asteroids, moons, and countless other exotic materials and heavenly bodies emerged from that explosion, all of them were covered by a web of purple lightning, so it resembled a massive growing purple egg.

The Forge began to stretch to accommodate the increasing number of entities rushing out from the line, and the egg was now as big as fifty light years in diameter. Curiously there was no sound from this explosion, but the sound had already been pushed ahead by the sheer force of it.

If Rowan had chosen to evolve outside the universe, then his evolution would have been seen by the entire universe. The shockwave alone would have crushed reality, exposing Rowan to the harsh environment outside the universe.

The light that shone from this purple egg had gone beyond Intent and would have been able to touch all the corners of the universe at the same time. Rowan had grown to such an extent that his evolution would have shaken the universe to its foundations.

It was a good thing that he did not choose to use the planet his mother had arranged for him for his evolution because he doubted that it would be able to withstand this amount of energy that he had released, which had crushed even his most overblown estimate.

The egg kept expanding until even the Forge could no longer grow to accommodate its size and its edges slammed against the Forge, suppressing the stars in the sky and crushing the planets above to dust.

The Forge creaked dangerously, but it held, but the cost of running it grammatically increased as the number of Spirit Guises he was destroying every second reached the triple digits.


Rowan was facing a peculiar problem, shattering his Will to grow into a higher dimensional state was the right move to make, but he had ignored the fact that while he had not been in complete control of his powers when he was in a one-dimensional state.

His powers had been growing.

He had swallowed thousands of worlds and Seeded them with his Chaos Engine ability, and a fragment of the Mountain and Sea Supreme Realm, and inside his body Time moved multiple times faster than the standard universal time.

He may have spent twenty years outside in the universe, but inside him, more than 3,700 years had gone by.

This was enough time for all the world he Seeded to have received his bloodline and their inhabitants emerged from their chrysalis. His dominion had expanded thousands of times, and while he was trying to create new gods with his powers, inside him there were multiple individuals of his bloodline who had become gods!

This change was also reflected in the Mountain and Sea Realm which had trillions of people whose mortals and beings of power were slowly transforming into people with Rowan's unique bloodline.

The population inside him had grown exponentially over the years and this translated to power… so much power that his Forge would soon be crushed underneath and his wish to hide from the universe would be nothing but a fool's desire.

Rowan had only been accessing a small part of himself, his consciousness power too weak to understand the full scale of his body, and now he found himself stuck. The Forge he created was too small.

If he wanted to evolve successfully into a two-dimensional being, there was only one method he could think about, which was to forcefully compress his abilities so he could gain more control, to achieve something like this, he had to evolve his bloodline of Sheol to the Fourth Supreme Circle at the least it even the Fifth if he could achieve all its criteria for evolution.

If he did not do this, he could still become a Two Dimensional Entity, but his presence would now be revealed to the rest of the universe because this Forge could not contain him.

Rowan did not wish to display his powers to the universe. His father and the other Reflection had hidden themselves for billions of years even though they had the power to kill a universe at their whim.

Rowan did not know how to even go about killing a universe, which showed that in some ways his enemies were far more powerful than him at this moment and they were still not flamboyant. Instead, they moved in the shadows and used other methods to accomplish their wishes.

Your enemies can be your greatest teachers. Rowan would be upgrading his bloodline of Sheol so he could properly manage this unexpected boost in his powers.

There were two criteria for Rowan to evolve this bloodline to the next level. The first was to increase the Authority of Sheol, which was done by collecting Soul Origin, and the second was time.

The second part was not an issue for Rowan, he could easily use Soul energy to bridge past the issue of time, he had used this same method to grow this quickly with his previous evolutions. For the issue of Soul Origin, twenty years ago, Rowan had no idea how to gather this enigmatic resource, but since that time he had come across two methods.

The first was using the method of seizing and releasing space after the previously confiscated space had healed itself, this action generated a massive amount of energy that when unleashed against mortals would result in not only the collection of their soul energy, but their Soul Origins as well.

The second was discovered recently as he tried to create gods, when they pledged their souls to him and then failed to hold on during the cleansing process, he gained their Soul Origin as a result.

To easily gain a lot of Soul Origin, the first option was better, he did not utilize it before due to his fear of the universe retaliation, and now the threat had vanished, which was supposed to be good news, but it was replaced by another hidden danger.

Rowan feared that he had no choice but to proceed with this method. He had previously estimated that he would need hundreds of millions of Soul Origin in order to ascend to the Fourth Supreme Circle of his Sheol bloodline, and he had barely collected twenty million Soul Origin after all this time.

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