The Primordial Record - C.787 Happiness And Fear

The Primordial Record

C.787 Happiness And Fear

It was the presence of this eye and the effect it had on her that convinced Emrelda that there could be a smidgen of truth in the claims made by this mysterious organization.

The Eye Of Truth proposed itself as an organization to help the slaves of Trion in gathering resources together that would aid many others of their kind in ways that would make their lives a bit more manageable. They would offer services like relocation out of Empire-controlled territories and many other activities that would aid every slave.

However, those were all peripheral tasks of the organization, because there was also a chance to obtain revenge and power.

This last part, although very attractive, did not matter to Emrelda as much as the welfare of her children. Unlike the average Earth god slaves who might not have any descendants, she had hundreds of thousands, and every day as she watched them suffer and die pitiful deaths it became a unique form of torment that she could not look away from.

She felt it was her duty as a mother to witness every death of her children since she was the only one who cared for them in this wretched world.

After all this time, while the torture of her flesh had ceased to affect her the torture of her descendants could never fail to draw out the pain in her hearts. All their voices were different, their lives were distinct no matter the small cage they were made to live all their lives in, they all had souls.

She was only permitted a single second to touch her children after she gave birth and she remembered every touch.

This organization promised to spread itself throughout the Empire-controlled territories and beyond. If it was possible she wanted to move her children out of Trion and its Territory, but if that was too much, at least she wanted to be given the chance to bury their bones.

Emrelda would join this organization even if the only benefit she earned was the chance to bury her children in dignity. The power of Trion was invincible, and nothing they could say or display could shake that immutable fact.

She had gone through many tests and trials with the Eye of Truth and the day before a Rune had been given to her, it came with a promise: Trion Will Burn.

She was to find a quiet place just before the crack of dawn and wait for her true initiation into the Eye Of Truth. Supposedly it came with a benefit that was impossible to be attained anywhere else.

She had followed the instructions and when a sudden white light swallowed her, she prayed that her actions did not lead to a greater suffering for her children.


Cornelius was being watched by his masters. This was not the plan he had made when he began to hide the day before but he had been caught.

He was unaware that the Slave Rune imprinted deep into his Spirit that he had fooled over the years with some careful tampering also came with the feature of observation.

His master gleefully told him that normally he had not been observed, but recently he had begun to take the pain with more fortitude, he no longer cursed his fate as much as before, and they could see the faint light of hope in his eyes.

That light would be snuffed out. They did not know for what reason he was becoming hopeful, Cornelius had discovered that he could not speak the name of the organization even if he wanted to.

After torturing him, they decided to monitor and follow him along. They all believed that whoever was behind this was one of their rival royal families. Cornelius, who was a slave of the Boreas Family, lamented his carelessness.

It was foolish of him not to anticipate something like this happening, but it was already a miracle that he had been able to alter the Slave Rune in his consciousness to this extent and survived for so long. He had just been unlucky in this final stretch.

Everything from this point depended on this mysterious organization, if they were as powerful as they claimed then the first test was to survive his masters. Cornelius was not afraid of death, but he would gladly betray this organization if they were weak. He would do all this so he could survive, waiting for the day when he would butcher everyone inside this hell.

When the light came for him, he nearly laughed aloud when the hundreds of runes and spells covering him were shattered to pieces and he was whisked away. The angered shouts of his masters were music to his ears, at least he had made them feel a bit uncomfortable and their plot was foiled.

He felt a brief moment of darkness that was so intense that it felt alive, and then he felt a hand made of ice cover his entire body and he was seized.

A profound fear took hold of his heart like nothing he had ever felt before. This hand made of ice had touched a part of him that three thousand years of suffering had not reached and the thought that he might have been too hasty with his decision to trust this new player was still running through his head when his consciousness returned.

He expected that the next time he woke up he would be inside the torture room of another noble family, nothing but a disposable piece in their sick games.

Cornelius opened his eyes to see himself lying down on a field of purple grass, a few inches away from him was a woman who also appeared to be waking up, she was naked and a glance down at his body revealed that he was also in the same state. He applied power to his hands and he shot up into a standing position as if his body was a spring.

Something felt off with his movement and he looked at his arms and saw that they were flawless, he had no protruding bone or disconnected joints, his muscles rippled under his skin and he marveled at the overall state of good health that he was feeling.

He waved his fingers, amazed that he could move them without pain. His bloodline was called the Bone Golem, and it caused bones to grow out of his body haphazardly, his skin was scarred from the countless times he had to dig into his body and shave off the growing spikes of bone.

This was the first time in a very long time that he could feel his body without pain or any signs of blemishes. He found himself laughing and crying aloud in glee and desperation.

Happiness that for a moment he could live without pain and desperation when he feared that it was short-lived.

Cornelius looked around him and caught a glimpse of hundreds of people noticing the changes in their bodies and laughing aloud too. Their laughter came together, infectious, perhaps for some of them this was the first time that they had ever truly laughed in the entirety of their life.

Yet he could still sense the fear and the mania in those laughters, most of them did not think this was real, or it could last, but they could choose to pretend for a while.

With his perception as an Earth god, he easily noticed that there were a total of a thousand people in this field, all of whom should have been selected by the organization.

Knowing that he should start asking questions and making contacts occurred to him, but for now, Cornelius shared in their joy he looked around him before looking upwards, and his laughter got stuck in his throat, he did not know when he fell to his knees as the strength left his body.

He tried to speak but he could not, only an intelligible dribble escaped his lips when what he wanted to be doing was screaming like a lunatic and running for his life.

Hanging above him and covering the entire horizon was an open eye. He had no time to truly process what he was witnessing before a crushing force seized him and the others and carried them into the air.

The enormity of what he was witnessing was threatening to collapse his mind. The eye that had replaced the heavens... Blinked.

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