The Girl Who Reincarnated as a Vampire Heiress - C.98


After so long, Chloe still had not regained consciousness.

Even now, she was only biting Anderson's neck, oblivious even to her own father's presence.

Anderson and Xavier exchanged glances, and for some reason, the atmosphere was extremely tense.

Even Qin Huaibei and Daniel, who were resting nearby, sensed that something was amiss.

Ren Yunying stepped forward: "What's going on with you two..."

Before she could finish her words, she saw Xavier approach Anderson and extend his arms to take Chloe away.

Anderson didn't move, but when Chloe felt the force coming from behind her, she reacted strongly for a moment, tightly wrapping her arms around Anderson's neck in resistance.

The pressure emanating from Xavier grew even colder.

His tone betrayed no emotion: "Chloe."

Hearing the familiar voice, Chloe was still in a daze.

She stirred, then twisted her head to look at the person who had spoken.

When Xavier saw the blood of another on his daughter's lips, his expression clearly darkened.

Seeing that Chloe had turned towards him, seemingly recognizing him, Xavier felt relieved, thinking she would release Anderson. But just as he was about to reach out to her, he saw Chloe forcefully push his hand away. With glazed eyes, she spoke clearly, enunciating each word:

"Bastard, old geezer! Scumbag dad!"

Xavier: "..."

Coughs erupted all around, and even Ren Yunying turned her head to stifle her laughter.

The once proud Xavier had never been insulted like this before, yet now he was being cursed by his own daughter.

Chloe was truly something.

Xavier's face turned ashen, and he immediately forcefully snatched Chloe away.

Chloe felt the sweet taste of blood disappear from her nose and lips, and cried out in desperation. She flailed her arms wildly, pounding on Xavier's shoulders and body, trying to reach for Anderson.

Xavier let her strike him, not even furrowing his brow.

Finally, as if irritated by Chloe's antics, he delivered a chop to the back of her neck, causing her to pass out.

Seeing this, Anderson couldn't help but take a step forward.

Xavier immediately raised his gaze coldly towards the youth, waiting a long while before addressing him:

"Remember your place, and do not overstep."

With that, he paid no further attention to the others present, unfurled his wings, and left with Chloe.

Anderson's eyes instantly reddened.

Qin Huaibei and Daniel, who had been feigning death on the ground, scratched their heads in embarrassment, unsure of what to do.

Ren Yunying knew how much Anderson cared for Chloe. She sighed and patted his shoulder, saying:

"It's alright, don't be sad. That's just how Xavier is, full of nasty habits."

Anderson pursed his lips, remaining silent.

Ren Yunying rehearsed countless speeches in her mind, but in the end, said nothing.

Without a word, Anderson took the lead and started walking away.

Since they had found everyone, Ren Yunying didn't linger either, instructing the rescue team to lead the youngsters out of the ice cave.


The crisis at the Joint Military Academy Competition was finally resolved, but civilians on the Star Network were causing an uproar, insisting that the organizers show them the current state of the people from First Military Academy.

Left with no choice, they had to film a video of Qin Huaibei and the others and release it on the Star Network to appease the riotous citizens of the mainland.

In the video, when they filmed Chloe, she was holding a cup of fresh red blood and drinking it.

However, the youngster clearly disliked the taste of the blood, wrinkling her face in disgust.

Finally, exasperated, Xavier forcibly held Chloe's hand and forced her to drink it.

Furious, Chloe threw the empty cup, shattering it, and then flipped the table. She bared her teeth at everyone around her, scowling at them all.

The staff filming the video were extremely embarrassed and nervous, and asked the Vampire Progenitor if they should wait until Chloe was asleep to film it again.

But Xavier merely waved his hand, telling them to leave and that this segment would suffice.

The staff had no choice but to mix this video with footage of the others and release it on the Star Network.

As soon as the video was released, it caused a huge uproar on the Star Network.

[The others seem fine, but what's wrong with the sister? Why is she so aggressive? Who provoked her?]

[I don't know, I heard that if vampires go too long without drinking blood, they enter a period of delirium and become difficult to pacify.]

[Ah... poor thing. By the way, who's that handsome guy beside the sister? He looks so noble...]

[Don't even think about it, that's the sister's dad, our Vampire Progenitor.]

[...Now I know why the sister is acting like a hooligan, behaving like that in front of the Progenitor. Yet the Progenitor didn't say anything, he must really dote on her.]

[Dote? No way. I'm an insider at the competition, let me tell you, the sister's aggressive period can actually be resolved quickly if she has the blood of a certain person. The sister just needs to rest for a day or two, but you know what? The Progenitor refuses!]

[Why? Why won't he allow it?]

[What else could it be? It's because the Progenitor doesn't approve of that vampire's blood, thinking the person's status insults the sister.]

[...I'm guessing this person is Anderson.]

[Shh! Don't want to lose your head! Everyone scatter!]

The rumors spread like wildfire on the net, and everyone involved with the competition organizers caught wind of it. Their work was distracted as they huddled together, whispering about the scandals of the vampire royal family.

Finally, after a week had passed and Chloe remained in her delirious, aggressive state, Xavier had no choice but to glower and summon the kneeling Anderson from outside.

The youth's neck wound was still there, whether intentionally or not, he had not even bandaged it.

Catching the familiar scent of blood, Chloe immediately crawled off the bed and tried to run towards Anderson.

But before she could reach him, Xavier grabbed her waist and pulled her back, scolding her:

"A young lady shouldn't behave this way!"

Chloe's teeth itched terribly, and she bit down on Xavier's hand.

At this age, a vampire youngster's teeth were already razor-sharp, let alone Chloe's. Despite the searing pain, Xavier didn't make a sound.

Enraged, Chloe was forced to speak: "Let me go!"

Hearing her voice, Xavier's brow furrowed dangerously as his eyes narrowed:

"You could speak, yet you didn't tell me?"

Chloe stubbornly glared at him, shooting him a vicious look, before forcefully pushing Xavier's hand away and running towards Anderson.

She ran too hastily and nearly fell, but Anderson caught her in his embrace.

Ravenous for his blood, Chloe sank her teeth into his nearly healed wound, her expression rapturous.

The pain was excruciating, but Anderson didn't even furrow his brow, only calmly raising his emerald eyes towards the lofty Xavier.

Xavier's aura grew increasingly frigid.

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