The Girl Who Reincarnated as a Vampire Heiress - C.116


"So you still kept their contact information?" Chloe sat on the back of the sofa, remarking casually.

Hearing this, the officer chuckled, "You were witnesses to the case, after all. Keeping your contact information is useful for following up on the case's progress."

Students from military academies are different from ordinary younglings, after all.

Qin Huaibei looked up and met Chloe's gaze, then turned back and said, "Sorry, but we don't really intend to follow the case. We're just younglings."

Upon hearing this, the officer seemed a bit surprised, "Is that so? I thought you might be curious."

"It's alright," Daniel said, munching on an apple, his eyes lighting up as a thought struck him, "But I am interested in seeing your human prison cells, if possible. I'd like to take a look."

At this remark, the officer was momentarily taken aback before waving his hand with a laugh, "That won't do. The interrogation rooms and prison cells are high-security areas. We can't just let outsiders wander in and take a look."

Daniel then scoffed, "In that case, we don't really have any intention of following up on the case either."

"Found it, I'll hang up soon," the officer said helplessly, and his gaze fell on Chloe once more. He hesitated, "By the way, those younglings you rescued have regained consciousness. Would you like to see them?"

Chloe pondered carefully before shaking her head, "Nah, it's fine. They're awake now, so they can just go on living their lives. No need to get involved with us."

After all, it was just a spur-of-the-moment rescue.

Hearing this, the officer could only let it go. After some casual conversation, he hung up.

Once the unrelated person had left, Chloe took out the badge and genetic modification serum from her pocket and tossed them to Qin Huaibei, lowering her voice as she spoke, "This... find a reliable courier service and send it to The No.1 Military Academy, addressed to Instructor Ren."

Qin Huaibei caught the badge and syringe, feeling a bit puzzled but ultimately not asking any questions. He patted his chest, assuring her, "I'll take care of it, don't worry."

With that, he headed out to find a courier service.


During these few months among the humans, they had been living quite comfortably.

Today they went mountain climbing, tomorrow they'd go bungee jumping, and the day after that, they'd go surfing at the beach. They were completely carefree.

As for training, what training? Weren't they just ordinary younglings? Why would they engage in such tedious activities?

Instructor Ren Yunying's advice had been completely ignored as they only indulged in their own amusements.

It wasn't until the Military Academy Joint Competition sent out emails informing all participating teams that they had found a suitable replacement military academy that Chloe and the others' excited restlessness finally subsided.

Daniel was utterly thunderstruck, furious to the point of transforming into his beast form and rolling around on the floor, "Why! There are still so many places I haven't gone to play! Which military academy is replacing us? How could they find one so quickly! I'll beat them until they lose all their teeth!"

Chloe: "..."

She stepped forward and kicked Daniel out, disdainfully remarking, "Don't drag us down with your embarrassment."

"It wasn't easy finding a military academy willing to join the competition at this point."

The three military academies they had now were all renowned and formidable in strength. Any ordinary academy with a brain wouldn't actively seek out a beating at this stage. Finding an academy with decent strength that wasn't afraid of getting beaten wasn't an easy task.

Only Daniel could be so childish.

The childish Daniel was kicked out into the garden, rubbing his aching leg as he scoffed. Only Chloe dared treat him like this; if it were any other member of the Wolf Clan, hmph! He would have beaten them until all their teeth fell out!

As he was thinking this, there was a sudden knock on the garden gate, and a fully wrapped parcel was thrown over the wall, landing squarely on Daniel's head.

Enraged, he spun around, "Who's there! So disrespectful!"

Daniel picked up the parcel from the ground, looking it over before coldly limping back into the house and tossing it to Chloe, "Here, it's for you."

At the time, Chloe was sitting on the sofa with everyone else, watching a movie. Upon hearing this, she deigned to glance down.

Seeing the small parcel, Chloe pondered briefly before asking, "Who sent it to me?"

Daniel scowled as he flung the parcel into her lap, "Don't you have eyes? Look for yourself!"

Chloe caught the parcel and examined it. It only had her name written on it, with the sender's information left blank.

Her curiosity was piqued, and she quickly elbowed Anderson beside her, "Quick, get me some scissors."

Anderson brought her a pair of scissors. As Chloe was about to open the parcel, Qin Huaibei couldn't help but caution, "Be careful, I've heard that terrorists sometimes put bad things in packages."

Bad things?

Chloe carefully considered what that might mean - dead rats, dead animals, severed heads, and the like. But she, Chloe, had never feared such things.

However, if there was some prank like a spring-loaded boxing glove inside, that would be a different story.

With this in mind, Chloe became more cautious, moving the parcel further away and using her psychic powers to operate the scissors and open it.

Even after the parcel was opened, nothing shocking emerged from within.

Chloe then handed the scissors back to Anderson and carefully examined the contents of the parcel.

Inside was a pendant.

It appeared to be made of red agata stone, with the edges polished to a smooth shine. The patterns on its surface were beautiful, with irregular streaks of red snaking across it like blood, but without giving off any eerie vibe.

A small hole had been drilled in the center of the stone, with a thin, frayed cord threaded through it.

It wasn't a particularly precious item, but it was quite beautiful.

Chloe raised her eyebrows slightly, picking up the red agata stone pendant.

"It's quite beautiful," Chloe remarked, clutching the pendant in her palm as she turned to Daniel, "I wonder who sent it?"

Daniel had long since returned to his human form, shrugging, "How would I know? This parcel was just thrown over the wall and happened to hit me right in the head. Sheesh."

Hearing this, Chloe lowered her gaze to the pendant, hissing, "Then who was this pendant meant for me?"

Daniel grabbed a nearby cup to get some water, speaking as he did so, "In any case, it's not a valuable item. If you like it, you can just wear it. Maybe it was from those younglings we rescued?"

At this, Daniel's expression soured again, "But if it really was from them, why would they only send something to you and not the rest of us who helped rescue them?"

Upon hearing this, Chloe also found it reasonable, "That's true."

In any case, it wasn't a valuable item, so she could simply take it as a token of the sender's goodwill.

Chloe put the red agata stone pendant around her neck.

The cool stone felt soothing against her skin in the summer heat.

She didn't dwell too much on the matter, quickly settling back onto the sofa to continue watching the movie.

The group of idlers only continued their carefree ways for two more hours before a spacecraft came to pick them up and take them back to the competition venue.

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