The Girl Who Reincarnated as a Vampire Heiress - C.115


Chloe stared at the exclamation and question marks at the end of the message for a while, wiped her wet fringes with a corner of the towel, and idly tapped on the light screen with her other hand.

—[Does the instructor recognize this badge?]

The video call came through soon after.

Chloe answered it.

Ren Yunying seemed to be in a laboratory at The No.1 Military Academy, with a pure white background and various experimental equipment visible.

Her expression was extremely anxious: "Tell me, where did that badge come from?"

After observing her expression for a while, Chloe vaguely guessed something and then clearly explained what had happened today.

After she finished, Ren Yunying's face turned green.

After a long while, she said through gritted teeth, "Are you guys not afraid of death at all?"

Chloe blinked: "Don't be angry, instructor. We knew what we were doing. I scanned them with my perception before we went, and they were no match for us."

"Is that so?" Ren Yunying sneered. "I didn't know the perception of vampires had that function."

Chloe touched her nose sheepishly: "Only vampires know exactly what their perception can be used for."

Ren Yunying narrowed her eyes, the look in them clearly saying, "You're talking nonsense."

Chloe pretended not to notice.

She casually pulled the towel down and asked again, "The instructor hasn't answered me yet. What's the story behind this badge?"

Hearing this, Ren Yunying snorted, her tone and manner utterly sarcastic: "Aren't you so amazing? You rescued the hostages from those doomed people and even took their badge. How can you not know what it is?"

Chloe: "..."

She coughed a few times and sincerely said, "I was wrong, instructor. I really knew I was wrong. I will never take risks again."

Ren Yunying glanced at her indifferently: "If I really believed you, I'd be the fool."

Chloe pretended not to understand and continued to listen to Ren Yunying attentively.

A vampire's perception couldn't probe an opponent's true strength, but it could give a vague, blurry outline. Generally, if their strength was quite weak, vampires could sense it.

It was for this reason that Chloe dared to go out with a few fledglings to rescue people.

However, Ren Yunying was also right. No matter what, they were only fledglings who hadn't come of age yet. They could handle their peers, but if they encountered adults who had gone through training, there might be serious consequences.

But Chloe had never been afraid.

While she was thinking all this, Chloe maintained an obedient and well-behaved appearance.

No matter how angry Ren Yunying was in her heart, when she saw that innocent face, she couldn't help but calm down. Only then did she start explaining the origin of that badge.

Apparently, the viper on the badge represented the most infamous human trafficking organization on the continent.

This criminal group had existed on the continent for many years, with deep roots and members from all major races. Since thousands of years ago, the leaders of the major races had tried to eradicate this cancer, but after so many years, they still had made no progress.

After hearing all this, Chloe pondered for a while:

"Then how come the people in this criminal group are so weak? That's just not right..."

Ren Yunying: "...The ones you encountered today were just small fry from the outside. They might not have had any contact with the core of this group at all. Are you proud of defeating these grunts and small fries?"

Chloe waved her hands repeatedly: "No, no, of course not. I was worried I'd dirty my hands beating them up."

Hearing this, Ren Yunying's mood brightened somewhat, and she said solemnly:

"Remember, you are a legitimate student of the military academy. The enemies you should truly take to heart are few and far between. At least in terms of strength, they cannot differ too much from you."

Chloe obediently nodded, and then she remembered something else and continued to ask: "Oh, I found some gene modification drugs on them. What's the story with that?"

"Gene modification drugs?" Ren Yunying frowned. "Are the drugs still with you?"

"Of course." With that, Chloe placed the syringe she had taken from Anderson in front of the light screen. "Here, this is it."

Ren Yunying looked at it, her expression serious: "Gene modification is indeed a common tactic used by the Viper Group."

"Their members scour the continent for fledglings, with the goal of finding suitable vessels to inject these illegal gene modification drugs. Fledglings modified by these drugs will gain strength superior to ordinary people, but at the same time, the side effects are also severe."

Chloe moved her fingers slightly: "What side effects?"

Ren Yunying recalled a few points and answered: "Frenzy, emotional instability, arrogance, tendencies towards self-harm, and generally shortened lifespans."

She shook her head: "In other words, a short-lived humanoid weapon. It's pitiful."

Ren Yunying raised her eyes: "Anything else you want to ask?"

Chloe shook her head: "No."

"Well then," Ren Yunying looked at her, "Find a time to mail me the badge and the gene modification drugs. After I get them, I'll study them for a while."

"Got it." After chatting idly with Ren Yunying for a few more sentences, Chloe hung up the video call.

The room fell silent again.

Chloe lowered her eyes and took out the few viper badges from her mustard ring.

The viper carved on the golden badge was exceptionally lifelike and ferocious, its triangular venomous head raised high, its crimson forked tongue protruding from its mouth. Just looking at it made one feel extremely uncomfortable.

Chloe frowned slightly.

So, when she first came to this world, the ones who kidnapped her were actually from the Viper Group?

Was she injected with that gene modification drug?

Just thinking of this possibility made Chloe feel sick all over, as if her entire body was tainted.

...Probably not, right?

Chloe pondered to herself. Ren Yunying had already told her about the side effects of being injected with the gene modification drug.

Frenzy, emotional instability, tendencies towards self-harm—Chloe carefully recalled and felt that she didn't have any of those symptoms.

Especially the self-harm tendency, she was overjoyed at not harming others. How could she possibly harm herself?

Thinking of this, Chloe felt that her worries were superfluous.

The two people from seven years ago had already been killed by Kewen, and now that they were reborn, they were probably only seven-year-old fledglings. As for the past... it was better to think positively.

Chloe exhaled and put away the towel. After tidying up her clothes, she went downstairs for dinner.

As she was going downstairs, she happened to see Qin Huaibei and the others huddled in front of a light screen, intently watching something.

Chloe walked over: "What are you doing?"

As she spoke, her gaze fell on the light screen, and the person on it looked very familiar.

It was that police officer from before.

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