The Girl Who Reincarnated as a Vampire Heiress - C.114


It was an indescribable feeling, but when Chloe noticed that pattern, she suddenly felt suffocated, gasping for air.

Chloe didn't say a word, and she reached out to take off that badge.

Who would have thought that this action completely enraged the Scar-faced Man. He suddenly struggled and shouted loudly:

"Give it back to me!"

He lunged forward, but ignored the perception in front of him. In the next instant, his neck was slashed in half.

Chloe: "...How stupid."

Daniel gave him a glance: "Indeed."

This kid was even more stupid than him. How could there be such a person?

The Scar-faced Man didn't seem to live long. Chloe looked around the other people and found that they all had a badge with the same venomous snake pattern pinned to their belts.

Chloe pondered for a while, and finally took off the badges from each of them one by one.

Watching her actions, Qin Huaibei could not quite understand: "What are you going to do with these?"

Chloe said indifferently: "They will be useful."

Looking at the badges in her hands, Chloe's thoughts wandered, frowning as she carefully pondered for a moment. Finally, she found the reason why she felt this pattern was familiar in her memory—

Seven years ago, when she had just arrived in this world and was kidnapped by two men whose faces she could no longer remember, they also had badges with this same pattern.

The fierce coiled venomous snake was simply identical.

Chloe's expression turned grave. Could it be that the kidnapping case from back then was not as simple as it seemed?

Did those two men have some connection with the Scar-faced Man and his group here?

With this thought, Chloe let out a long sigh.

Seeing everyone looking at her with concern, Chloe smiled slightly and reassured them: "I'm fine."

After saying that, she put all the badges into her mustard ring, instructed the others to knock out the men, and went to tend to the unnamed child lying on the ground.

Their faces were filthy, completely obscuring their features, but they had many wounds.

Chloe lifted one of the young boys and applied medicine to the wound on his arm.

The boy frowned tightly, perhaps because the medicine was too pungent. After a while, he began to struggle violently, even opening his eyes slightly.

Noticing his condition, Chloe simply glanced at him casually and said offhandedly:

"If you want to live, endure it."

With that, she continued applying the medicine without another word.

Qin Huaibei and the others went to apply medicine to the other children.

When the Law Enforcement Officers arrived and saw the mess in the abandoned factory, they were all taken aback.

One of the Police Captains asked in astonishment: "What happened here?"

Chloe screwed the lid back on the medicine and looked up, saying:

"Officer, this is a case of gang kidnapping."

The Police Captain looked at her: "Kidnapping?"

"Yes." Chloe gestured for him to look at the unconscious children on the ground.

The Police Captain immediately waved for his colleagues to pick up the children, while the other half went to put handcuffs on the group of men.

When one of the officers approached and noticed the weapons in the hands of Qin Huaibei and the others, they all gasped in shock.

The Police Captain also hesitated: "You kids... how did you..."

Upon hearing this, Qin Huaibei showed his No.1 Military Academy Student Id with a smile:

"Officer, we are students from the military academy."

With these words, the Law Enforcement Officers finally felt reassured.

"So you're students from The No.1 Military Academy, no wonder."

The Police Captain looked at the blood on the ground and couldn't help but wipe the sweat from his face. Then he walked over and took the young boy from Chloe's arms.

Chloe let go naturally.

The Police Captain, holding the boy, glanced at Chloe and asked hesitantly: "You kids saved these children. Aren't you going to wait for them to wake up?"

Chloe's gaze fell on the boy who had been struggling earlier, and she scoffed and waved her hand: "No need. Right now, I'm only concerned about one thing."

As the words fell, Qin Huaibei immediately shouted from behind:

"Are we getting a reward?"

Hearing this, the Police Captain was taken aback at first, then laughed: "Yes, of course!"

With these words, everyone became excited.

Qin Huaibei squeezed to the front and continued:

"We also saw them flying in the no-fly zone earlier! Add another six thousand!"

The Police Captain couldn't help but laugh: "Alright, alright, we'll add that, don't worry."

This group, despite their young age, already had the demeanor of fortune-seekers.

He became a bit more serious: "You will definitely get the rewards and benefits due, but I hope you remember this."

"You are still kids now. In the future, if you encounter such situations, remember to call the police first and not take matters into your own hands rashly. I know you are military academy students with exceptional skills, but you are still so young. What if something had happened?"

Chloe obediently nodded: "Understood, sir, I'll remember."

Qin Huaibei and Daniel also quickly followed and admitted their mistake.

Seeing this, the Police Captain nodded in satisfaction: "Alright, come with us to the station to give your statements, and then you can leave."

After saying that, the Police Captain waved for everyone to leave the abandoned factory.

One of the officers, carrying the men on his back, remarked curiously:

"It's really strange. This group has people from several different races, like a real mixed bag."

The Police Captain scoffed lightly: "Criminals never distinguish by race. Alright, get in the police cars, no more dallying."


By the time Chloe and the others came out of the police station, it was already past six o'clock in the evening.

She raised her hand and sniffed her arm, immediately feeling disgusted:

"Let's go back quickly. I reek of blood, it stinks."

Daniel remarked curiously: "Aren't you vampires supposed to drink blood? How can you be disgusted by it?"

Hearing this, Chloe simply glared at him: "You werewolves eat meat, so why don't you eat rotten meat?"

Daniel was instantly stumped.

Chloe couldn't be bothered with him and walked straight ahead.

Qin Huaibei took a few quick steps to overtake him, raising his eyebrows smugly and mocking:


"Hey, you just wait!" Daniel ran up and punched him.

Originally, they had planned to go to the amusement park, but they ended up only riding the drop tower ride, which only scared Daniel pale, without gaining anything else. In the end, they even encountered a group of scoundrels.


However, it wasn't a complete loss. At least they got a substantial reward, even more than six thousand.

This reward was divided equally among the five of them. Although Chloe didn't lack money, there was a difference between having money and being able to earn it herself.

Finally, when they returned to the villa, Chloe went to take another shower until she felt refreshed all over. Only then did she take out the few venomous snake badges from her mustard ring, take a photo, and send it directly to Ren Yunying.

Within a few minutes, a message came on her terminal, Ren Yunying's tone urgent and hurried.

--[Where did you get these badges from?!]

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