The Girl Who Reincarnated as a Vampire Heiress - C.113


Qin Huaibei's family was very wealthy, but Qin's Father and Qin's Mother never gave him any allowance from a young age in order to cultivate a spirit of hardship and endurance in him.

To the extent that when Qin Huaibei was obsessed with money, he would feverishly catch those who broke laws and rules at school and in society.

In this way, he could earn some meager reward money.

This kind of behavior should have been abhorred and disliked by others, but given Qin Huaibei's upright appearance and conduct, coupled with his distinguished family background, everyone simply saw him as an extremely law-abiding and solemn person, never imagining it was for the petty reward money.

In fact, ever since he could remember, Qin Huaibei often looked up at the sky, hoping to find people flying in no-fly zones.

For rewards under six thousand yuan, he would make a killing.

After listening to this self-account, everyone was stunned into silence.

Daniel howled: "Split the reward in half, no objections, right?!"

Qin Huaibei didn't even turn his head, only raising his hand to make an extremely handsome OK gesture.

Seeing this, Chloe and Anderson exchanged a glance, both grateful that they were not poor.

The direction Chloe had pointed to earlier was the westernmost edge of the amusement park, where there were few rides, only an abandoned factory.

When they arrived there, Chloe spread out her perception, then suddenly pulled Qin Huaibei, who was running at the front, by the collar, and put a finger to her lips:


Qin Huaibei was caught off guard, his collar tightening around his flushed cheeks, his eyes full of puzzlement.

The other companions also stopped, silently looking at Chloe.

Although they didn't know why Chloe wanted them to stop, Chloe must have had her reasons for doing so.

Katherine looked around and asked in a low voice: "Did something happen up ahead?"

Chloe gave a slight nod.

They had come very quickly, and when she had spread out her perception just now, she had sensed that there was more than one person inside the factory ahead.

There was a group, roughly a dozen or so people.

Chloe closed her eyes again and observed for a moment, finding that most of them were large, burly men who looked unsavory, with vicious and ugly features, covered in fleshy bulges.

And in the middle of this group...were four or five bound children.

After seeing this clearly, Chloe's expression turned grim.

She said in a low voice: "Forget calling them superheroes, those are kidnappers."

Upon hearing this, everyone frowned.

They looked at each other, eventually proceeding forward without a word.

They moved very slowly and quietly, ensuring they would not be heard by the people inside.

The closer they got, the more clearly Chloe could see what those men were doing.

The men took out syringes from their pockets, seemingly about to inject their contents into the children.

Chloe didn't know what drugs were in those syringes, but she could tell they weren't anything good.

She held her breath, shouting fiercely: "Charge in!"

She didn't lower her voice this time, soon startling those people into turning around, all with stunned expressions.

But before they could react, a huge iron hammer came smashing towards them with great force!

At the same time, Katherine drew her bow and arrow.

The hammer and arrows moved extremely fast, instantly knocking down two men.

Another was shot in the chest by an arrow, immediately coughing up blood.

The leading man cursed loudly: "Damn brats, how did you little shits find your way here!"

As the words left his mouth, they brandished their weapons and surrounded the group.

Chloe didn't give them a chance, and the vague perception previously drifting around the men suddenly materialized, an invisible sharp edge slicing off their arms!

Blood gushed forth, spilling crimson all over the ground.

Chloe held back, not immediately taking their lives.

At the same time, Qin Huaibei rushed forward, drawing his long sword and holding it to two men's necks, coldly shouting: "Stay still!"

In just a short while, the abandoned factory was in utter disarray, filthy blood flowing across the ground, not even glanced at by Chloe.

The blood of these men was simply too dirty.

Over a dozen men, subdued one by one at sword and weapon-point by Qin Huaibei, Daniel, Katherine, and Anderson, while the remaining were controlled by Chloe's perception, unable to move at all.

There was nothing in front of them, but the slightest movement would immediately bring sharp pain to their necks.

They dared not act rashly.

The leading scar-faced man's face had a horizontal scar crossing his right eye, nose bridge, all the way to his left cheek, making him look vicious and terrifying.

The scar-faced man glared venomously at Chloe, revealing his gold-capped teeth as he spoke:

"Little girl, there are some things you shouldn't meddle in."

Chloe stared coldly at him, finally saying:

"Uncle, your teeth are full of plaque, you'd better not cap them in gold anymore. If you don't believe me, take off your gold caps, they'll definitely reek, just like your plaque."

Scar-face: ...

He became infuriated: "Nonsense! Can't you understand my warning?!"

Chloe scoffed: "It seems you still haven't grasped the situation."

As she spoke, the scar-faced man felt a pain in his neck, drops of blood trickling down, and he panicked: "What did you do!"

Chloe tilted her head, looking innocent: "That's what I should be asking you."

With that, she took the syringe from the scar-faced man's hand, its needle glinting coldly, looking rather chilling.

Chloe looked at Anderson.

He immediately understood, sheathing his sword and kicking hard into the chest of the man he had previously pinned down, knocking him unconscious to prevent further trouble, before walking over to Chloe.

He carefully examined the syringe, his gaze falling on the clear liquid inside, then shifting to the symbol on the syringe.

It was a golden apple missing a wedge, and Anderson's eyes flickered slightly as he said in a deep voice:

"Gene modification drug, it's an illegal substance."

After speaking, he confiscated all of these syringes, storing them carefully in his mustard ring:

"I'll hand these over after reporting the case."

Qin Huaibei's expression was grave: "Just who are you people, and why do you have these drugs on you?!"

The scar-faced man remained silent, his face sullen.

Chloe opened her terminal and sent an emergency alert, then went to untie the five children.

These children were probably a year or two younger than them, skinny and haggard, their faces sunken in - no telling how long they had been bound, still unconscious now.

After untying them, Chloe carefully arranged them into relatively comfortable positions, allowing them to sleep properly.

Once everything was done, she turned back towards the scar-faced man.

But this time, her gaze wasn't on his face, but rather on the scar-faced man's waist.

It was a plain, unremarkable belt, simple and unadorned - if there was anything worth noting, it was the gold emblem on this belt depicting a coiled triangular snake.

Looking at this emblem, Chloe felt a sense of vague familiarity.

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