The Girl Who Reincarnated as a Vampire Heiress - C.112


"Your human-made stuff is just low-quality!" Daniel retched as he found an opportunity to relentlessly disparage.

Qin Huaibei's eyebrows twitched: "Shut up, or I'll throw you down from here if you keep blabbering."

"Go ahead and throw me! Then you'll lose such an excellent teammate like me!" Daniel said defiantly.

Qin Huaibei was so angry that his heart, liver, and lungs ached. He was too lazy to reason with him.

As they bickered intensely, Chloe's head ached from the noise. Finally, she asked, "Are the people below aware that we're stuck here?"

If they remained stuck here, wouldn't that be disastrous?

Chloe pondered silently. If the staff below didn't know, she would fly down herself.

Surely the human laws couldn't be so strict that she wouldn't be allowed to fly even when she was about to die?

Qin Huaibei raised his eyes and instantly noticed Chloe's gaze filled with excitement and eagerness. He immediately warned: "Information about the bungee jump machine malfunction would be sent to the control center below, so don't worry. A repair robot will come up soon."

After a brief pause, he continued, "So be careful and don't act rashly."

Upon hearing this, Chloe seemed slightly disappointed and bluntly replied, "What a pity, I wanted to fly."

Qin Huaibei: "...If you want to fly, you can fly freely during the competition! Why do you have to do it now?"

Chloe muttered silently in her heart that it was because she was capricious, but she didn't say it out loud.

At that moment, a red light flashed on the armrests of the bungee jump seats, followed by a mechanical synthesized voice:

"Please remain calm, dear guests. Our department has detected a bungee jump machine malfunction. A repair robot will be dispatched in five minutes."

Upon hearing this, Qin Huaibei immediately said, "See, I told you not to worry."

Daniel continued to mutter complaints: "Your human bungee jump machines are just no good, low-quality. It's better to go cliff-jumping in the Werewolf Race."

Everyone: ...

Qin Huaibei sneered coldly: "Why don't you finish vomiting your stomach acid first before talking, you coward."

Daniel was furious: "Say that one more time, and see what happens!"

He complained, "Chloe, look at him! He's always bullying the Werewolves!"

Chloe expressed that she was too lazy to deal with this matter, as some people indeed deserved to be bullied.

After all, falling from a bungee jump might still allow one to survive, but cliff-jumping would likely result in certain death.

Five minutes passed quickly. A dull hum sounded from below as three synthetic gold robots with propellers on their heads flew up. They extended pliers and wrenches from their bodies and began repairing the bungee jump machine.

Chloe whistled: "The little robots look quite cute, with their tiger-like heads."

Katherine couldn't help but give her a look.

This girl, always with such a sassy demeanor wherever she went.

It's a good thing they're robots; if it were someone else, they would either be disgusted or seduced into a daze by her flirting.

As she thought this, the robot suddenly let out a bashful giggle:

"The guest's words are so sweet, I love the guest the most!"

Katherine: ...?

Chloe was also startled. She turned to Qin Huaibei, "Your robots are quite intelligent."

Qin Huaibei looked at the witty robot with a complicated expression but said nothing.

The repair time passed quickly. Soon, the repair robots retracted their tools, and the armrests turned green.

The bungee jump machine began to slowly ascend, probably intending to give the guests the most realistic and thrilling skydiving experience once more.

Daniel's eyelids wouldn't stop twitching: "I think the previous height was already enough..."

"Well, well, the coward also wants to become the future Wolf King." Qin Huaibei would never miss an opportunity to mock Daniel.

As they bickered, the bungee jump machine ascended to the highest point again.

From this height, combined with her heightened perception, Chloe could see very far.

Her gaze fell upon the azure sky, but suddenly a black shadow flashed across her vision.

Her perception reacted faster than her mind. In less than half a second, Chloe saw clearly what it was.

She remained silent for a moment, then turned to ask Qin Huaibei beside her:

"Is this amusement park a no-fly zone?"

Qin Huaibei: "Of course it is. In fact, most human territories are no-fly zones."

"Is that so?" Chloe stroked her chin. "But what if someone openly flies over the amusement park?"

Qin Huaibei: "That person would be arrested by the Law Enforcement Officers unless they're a Superman. Otherwise, there's no way to escape their watchful eyes."

"I see," Chloe looked at him seriously. "But the Supermen here seem quite unique, as they don't wear their underwear backwards."

Qin Huaibei was caught off guard and burst into laughter: "What kind of Superman would wear their underwear backwards? Hahaha!"

He turned to Chloe, about to tease her, but closed his mouth when he noticed her expression:

"...Hey, are you saying you saw someone flying in the no-fly zone?"

Chloe blinked innocently: "Yes."

As soon as she finished speaking, the bungee jump machine began to plummet at high speed!

At that moment, Qin Huaibei and Daniel both let out earth-shattering screams.


After getting off the bungee jump machine, Daniel's legs were wobbly, but at least he stopped screaming.

He trembled as he leaned against Qin Huaibei, and both of them, equally startled, supported each other as they walked forward. Daniel said:

"You called me a coward, but you're the same too!"

Qin Huaibei said fiercely, "It's not the same!"

Saying that, he pushed Daniel away and quickly approached Chloe: "Did you really see it? You're not tricking me, are you?"

Hearing this, Chloe was quite displeased: "Are you questioning my perception?"

With this retort, Qin Huaibei's face immediately broke into a smile:

"That's great then! Which direction did that person fly off to? Take me there!"

Chloe was confused by his attitude: "Why are you so excited? Over there."

Chloe casually pointed in a direction.

Seeing where Chloe pointed, Qin Huaibei became overjoyed:

"Let's go, let's go! We'll catch that underwear-backwards-wearing Superman!"

Everyone was clueless but still obediently followed.

Katherine pondered: "Back at The No.1 Military Academy, I've heard much about the human leader's reputation for being upright and unyielding, strictly disciplining himself and exposing any violations of the law. These words are indeed not false."

Qin Huaibei, walking ahead, heard every word and paused. Heartbroken, he exclaimed:

"You guys don't understand! Catching a reckless flyer gives a reward of six thousand bucks!"

Everyone: !!!

What a windfall!

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