The Girl Who Reincarnated as a Vampire Heiress - C.102


Kamen's cry was excruciatingly loud, making one doubt whether she had shredded her entire throat from screaming.

Chloe's death smile was frozen on her lips.

She glanced behind her guiltily, seeing no one coming for now, and hastily threatened:

"What are you yelling about? Keep yelling and see if I don't chop off your third leg too?"

These words made Kamen even more terrified, causing her to scream louder.

At the same time, the other sleeping cadets from the Brut Military Academy also woke up. Seeing the people from The No.1 Military Academy, they were struck with terror and joined in screaming frantically.

It was an ear-piercing cacophony of screams.

Chloe: "......"

She had an ominous premonition.

Chloe's premonitions were oddly accurate - the good ones never came true, but the bad ones always did. She didn't dare threaten the Brut cadets any further, gesturing for her companions to leave.

Though unclear on the reason, the others followed her lead out of habit as she prepared to depart.

But before they could exit through the main door, they encountered the event staff who had rushed over after hearing the screams, as well as the instructors leading the various military academy teams.

Behind the crowd, Ren Yunying's face was dark as the bottom of a pot.

Chloe and the others felt a chill run down their spines.

Chloe forced a pained smile and raised her hand cautiously: "Hi...?"

The instructors outside wore expressions of utmost horror—

"How did you all end up in here?!"

Especially the Brut instructor, whose entire face had turned green with rage as he roared:

"After what you did to our students, you still haven't had enough?!"

"Didn't I tell you to keep those animals from The No.1 Military Academy away from my students?! What were the event organizers eating?!"

His screaming was so loud that any guilt Chloe felt vanished, and she muttered:

"As expected, a crooked carpenter's work is never straight."

Her voice was soft yet audible enough for everyone present to hear.

The event staff didn't say anything outright but exchanged knowing glances.

They hadn't insisted that The No.1 Military Academy steer clear of the Brut students because this "accident" had been orchestrated by Brut themselves.

It was crystal clear to everyone that Brut was the culprit while The No.1 Military Academy had been the victim from start to finish. Yet this Brut instructor was putting on airs.

He truly couldn't tell the king from a commoner.

But the Brut instructor was oblivious, incensed by Chloe's remark as he confronted Ren Yunying:

"So this is the kind of 'good student' The No.1 Military Academy produces?! Disrespectful of elders and rebellious! I'll let the matter of injuring my students slide, but this time!"

"A mere student dared to talk back to a teacher!"

Hearing this, Chloe rolled her eyes, about to retort that someone like him was unfit to be a teacher. But before she could, Ren Yunying coldly interjected:

"Do you even have an inkling why your students were attacked?"

The Brut instructor's eyes widened in shock: "What did you say?!"

"I didn't expose you earlier to avoid embarrassment, but you've repeatedly provoked us. Don't blame The No.1 Military Academy for harsh words," Ren Yunying rested her hand on the whip at her waist, half-threatening as she said, "Don't think I don't know what twisted schemes you Brut people were hatching - first bribing the event staff to steal our map, then covertly excavating the ice plains and endangering my students with unknown creatures."

"Losing a few limbs was letting them off easy, in my opinion."

Ren Yunying showed no mercy with each word: "Was Chloe wrong? You people truly exemplify crookedness from top to bottom! Arrogant, ungrateful fools!"

The Brut instructor's face turned beet red from indignation, shaking as he tried to speak: "You...!"

"Me what?" Chloe cut him off. "Why don't you go take a good look in the mirror? Maybe then you won't be so blinded by your own ego, accusing others of bullying you."

Daniel chimed in gleefully:

"Yeah, some people probably just get senile and can't tell right from wrong anymore!"

The Brut instructor's cheeks flushed redder as he prepared another insult, but caught Anderson's calm gaze.

He remembered those eyes - when the youth had crushed his students' limbs with a greatsword, his eyes had been exactly the same, as if everyone present was nothing more than lifeless objects.

And the youth himself was an utterly heartless monster wearing human skin.

A chill ran down the Brut instructor's spine, his whole body trembling.

His lips quivered wordlessly for a few moments before he ultimately said nothing, slamming the training room door shut behind him as he left.

Silence returned to the training room. Chloe stood nonchalantly, snorting through her nose once more.

Ren Yunying narrowed her eyes slightly and gestured for Chloe to approach:

"Come here."

Chloe's lazy demeanor instantly stiffened.

She smiled warily and tiptoed over: "Coach... is something the matter?"

Ren Yunying's expression was complicated as she watched Chloe: "Come with me."

She turned to lead the way out of the training room.

Chloe's face fell, fearing Ren Yunying intended to punish her.

Her spirit deflated as she followed listlessly.

Behind her, Daniel, Qin Huaibei, and Katherine upheld the principle of sharing joys but not troubles, rooting themselves firmly in place as if it didn't concern them.

Unfortunately, Ren Yunying noticed when she reached the door, frowning as she beckoned them over:

"Don't think you can hide either - come here!"

They could only hang their heads dejectedly, withering under Chloe's gloating gaze as they followed.

Ren Yunying didn't take them anywhere special, just back to the training room. She pulled Chloe aside to examine her closely, asking:

"You're not seriously hurt, are you?"

Chloe was pleasantly surprised, tears welling up: "No, no, just minor injuries."

Ren Yunying let out a relieved breath:

"That's good, we can't have you getting injured and unable to compete for The No.1 Military Academy's profits."

Chloe: "......"

Snickers erupted from behind her.

Chloe darkly warned: "Whoever that was better pray I don't catch them, or none of you are getting away."

The laughter abruptly ceased.

Ren Yunying chuckled and tapped Chloe's forehead with her finger:

"You just love bullying them, don't you, little tyrant?"

Chloe pursed her lips dismissively.

Yes, she was the little tyrant, the ringleader of The No.1 Military Academy's main squad of thugs.

Ren Yunying sighed, repeating "Thank goodness you're not hurt" a few times before pulling Anderson's hand over.

Anderson's emerald eyes were as serene as ever.

Ren Yunying positioned him beside Chloe and said seriously:

"Chloe, Anderson's emotions aren't very stable. Help me keep an eye on him."

Chloe, who was arguably even less emotionally stable than Anderson, was bewildered:


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