The Divine Twilight's Return - C.489: Outer Celestial, Ubbo-Sathla (9)

The Divine Twilight's Return

C.489: Outer Celestial, Ubbo-Sathla (9)

“Wh-what is that?!”

“Is that...?”

“It’s a <Star Fragment>!”

“Give it to me! Give it to me!!!”

“No! Give it to me! I’ll grant you any wish if you do!”

Thud, thud, thud!

The prisoners rampaged. If not for their Divine Steel shackles, they would have already barged into the cell because of how tempting Ubbo-Sathla’s Star Fragment was.

‘It’s only natural that they would covet this, considering she absorbed the <Star Fragments> of every Worldline she brought <Extinction> to,’ Chang-Sun thought.

In some ways, Ubbo-Sathla was also a <Star>.

Chang-Sun picked up the jewel, which he believed was a concentration of Ubbo-Sathla’s <Myths> and at least hundreds of <Star Fragments>. He then brought it toward his mouth. As he had promised her, he would Celestial-Cannibalize her and find <Dull Darkness>, putting an end to their long-standing feud.

He wanted to ask him why he and Ubbo-Sathla had to suffer with these <Marks> and <Punishments>. Depending on his answer, he might have to meet <Deus Ex Machina> too.

Afterward, he would decide whether to end his journey or start a new one. Since people hadn’t told him the truth yet, he couldn’t really be sure which option he would take. Once he had learned everything there was to know, his seemingly endless journey might come to an end.

‘I also have to deal with Avalokitesvara’s favor, but I can take care of that anytime.’

With such thoughts, Chang-Sun put the jewel into his mouth. However, before he could get it past his lips, his shadow suddenly distorted and turned into a sawtoothed rabbit.

『Hohohoho! My, my! You resemble my Master a lot, so I followed you just in case. You didn’t disappoint me!』the Eight God of Disorder with a weird voice, whom Chang-Sun had run into during his meeting with Metatron and Baal, exclaimed.

Chang-Sun reflexively darted out of the cell. ‘Lord of the Pole!’

『You’re one sharp boy, but uh-oh! You can’t run away in that condition!』

Like a shark going after prey, the ferocious shadow rabbit opened its jaws.

Rip! Rip, rip!

Chang-Sun could hear space itself being horrifyingly ripped apart every time the rabbit chomped down at him. Cold winds soon raged, spreading frost all over the place. The temperature dropped so low that Chang-Sun’s breath became visible.


“Aphoom-Zhah is here?”

“Why in the world is that perverted rabbit here?!”

Just like Mephistopheles, who had many names like ‘Abyss-Chasing Great Devil,’ ‘Pale Star,’ and ‘Faust,’ the Outer Celestial before Chang-Sun had a lot of titles, including ‘Lord of the Pole’, ‘Aphoom-Zhah’, and ‘Laplace.’ Moreover, aside from being one of the Eight Gods of Disorder, he was also known as the most loyal son of <Dull Darkness>. Even Chang-Sun had occasionally heard about him, his tendency to live in the shadows, and his ability to summon blizzards.

‘I never imagined him to be a pervert who talks like that, though!’

Chang-Sun threw himself off the handrail to drop from the seventy-first floor to the first floor. It was quite high, but he didn’t hesitate.

『Hmm? That’s a great way to get injured in your current condition. I’m not sure what you’re trying to do here.』

Aphoom-Zhah tilted his head in confusion. He soon slid down the wall, leaving behind afterimages made of shadow.

『Well, I guess it doesn’t matter as long as I can nyom you!』

“You’re going to eat me?” Chang-Sun asked.

『Huh? Eat you? You perv! That’s sexual harassment, you know!』

Reaching the first floor before Chang-Sun, Aphoom-Zhah looked up and opened his jaws, revealing his abyss-like sawtoothed mouth. Chang-Sun found the sight bone-chilling.

『I’ll go easy on you since you’re my type~!』

Aphoom-Zhah’s pupils turned heart-shaped, living up to his “perverted rabbit” nickname, which the prisoners had given him.

『So stop playing hard to get and let me nyom you already! Nyooom!』

“I’m sorry, but I won’t go down easy.”

Once close enough to Aphoom-Zhah, Chang-Sun brought his golden key close to his neck.


『It’s meaningle...huh?』

Aphoom-Zhah stopped sneering at Chang-Sun as his eyes widened. Although Chang-Sun was quite skilled even back in his mortal days, something still seemed off right now. Aphoom-Zhah could see the restriction device around Chang-Sun’s neck coming undone.

[The Divine Class of the Celestial ‘Divine Twilight’ has been unlocked!]

[The Celestial ‘Divine Twilight’ is descending!]

『Y-you unlocked a Divine Steel r-restriction device?!』

Aphoom-Zhah’s jaw dropped to the floor. As far as he knew, no one could free oneself from a Divine Steel restriction device. After all, it was powerful enough to force even R’lyeh into slumber. Hence, he couldn’t help but question how a mortal managed to accomplish such a feat.

Putting his question aside, Aphoom-Zhah opened his mouth wider. Although the sudden turn of events was shocking, he was still up against a half-wit who hadn’t even become a proper Outer Celestial yet. He believed he had a good chance of winning for as long as he subdued Chang-Sun before he could absorb Ubbo-Sathla.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for him to be proven wrong.

Chang-Sun smirked. ‘He’s practically begging me to strike him by standing right in front of me.’

For him, there was no target easier than the rabbit before him.

[Firing Rád?us bolts!]


Lightning sparks suddenly flew up from Chang-Sun. Sunset-colored lightning bolts then poured down into Aphoom-Zhah’s throat, boring a hole through it.

『Kyaaaaaaaah! What in the world is this?! It hurtsss!!! 』Aphoom-Zhah screamed, <Darkness> bleeding out of his wound.


Chang-Sun wasn’t done.

Rumble, rumble, rumble―!


Stronger Rád?us bolts struck the floor, its light seemingly aiming to erase both Aphoom-Zhah and every shadow in this place from existence. The attacks destroyed half of his face and left holes all over his long body. The resulting heat also made the cold gales vanished, making the Tower’s environment extremely suffocating.


“S-save me!”

“Get me out of here...!”

Stuck in their cells, the prisoners were helplessly caught in the crossfire, but Chang-Sun couldn’t care less. After all, they were Star Signs—criminals who had committed murder numerous times.


Chang-Sun landed on the floor and quickly looked around for a way out of this weird Tower. Fortunately, the door was not too far away.


Before he could make a run for it, a strand of shadow dropped down from the sky and struck the floor, blocking his path.

『You aren’t going anywhere without my permission!』

The shadow transformed into a grinning rabbit with bloodshot eyes. Aphoom-Zhah now exuded far more ferocious energy.

“I beat you up pretty hard. Doesn’t it hurt?” Chang-Sun asked.

『Hohohoho! If you still want to fight, then come at me.』


With a flick of his fingers, Chang-Sun unleashed <Darkness> and supreme sacred light and started a Rád?us storm. Like sharp swords, the Rád?us bolts that flew out of it butchered the shadow rabbit even faster.


『Hahahahaha! It hurts! It hurttts! Hyung! Almost there!!』

Since Aphoom-Zhah’s Divine Ranks were shadow and ice energy, Chang-Sun was his worst possible enemy. Nevertheless, he seemed far too helpless to be one of the Eight Gods of Disorder.

‘Is he... enjoying this...?’ Chang-Sun wondered in disbelief, feeling as if something was off.

From his perspective, Aphoom-Zhah seemed to be screaming in excitement.

『More! More! Mooooooore! Keep immersing me in this thrill! Reward me harderrr! Pant, pant!』

Chang-Sun soon realized that his instincts were right.


The more pain Aphoom-Zhah was in, the more he seemed to cling to Chang-Sun, making the latter feel as if he was digging his own grave.

When Chang-Sun reached the door, Aphoom-Zhah screamed,『Don’t leave meee!!!』

“You perverted rabbit...!” Chang-Sun clenched his teeth.

『Harder! Harder! Strike me harder! I loveee it! You remind me of my master~!』

“Shit!” Chang-Sun cussed.

After kicking away Aphoom-Zhah’s hands, which were coming for his ankles, Chang-Sun swiftly opened the door only to find Bel-Marduk standing in front of it.

Narrowing his eyes, Bel-Marduk asked, “You’re always so easy to find. What in the world is happening now?”

Bel-Marduk should have been outside the gate of R’lyeh. Chang-Sun pondered what happened for a moment.

After pondering why he was here, Chang-Sun concluded, “You’re here to rescue me.”

“No, I got captured too.”

Bel-Marduk smiled bitterly, pointing at his neck. He had the same restriction device that Chang-Sun had on earlier.

‘In that case...!’

Chang-Sun quickly looked around. Criminals had to be accompanied by wardens.

『... What in the world is this commotion?』someone questioned, confusion evident in their voice.

At the same time, the sky around the Tower began to distort and release thick <Darkness>.

[Celestials of Nyx have shown up!]

One after another, the Gods of Disorder arrived, followed by five Outer Celestials.

[The Outer Celestial ‘Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young’ shakes her head, saying this is why a pervert should not be trusted with a job!]

[The Outer Celestial ‘Nameless Mist’ quietly watches the commotion!]

[The Outer Celestial ‘Source of Uncleanliness’’ guffaws and says that this reminds them of the good old days!]

[The Outer Celestial ‘Harbinger’ announces that he will sing a song because he is in a good mood!]

[The Outer Celestial ‘Green Flame’ dances to the music!]


Giggling, Aphoom-Zhah said, 『Aaaahhhnnn~! Are you here to join me? Hohoho! You’ve also realized how good this is! I’m glad to have you all with me in this, my dear friends!』

With Aphoom-Zhah inside the Tower and the other Outer Celestials outside, Chang-Sun and Bel-Marduk were essentially surrounded.

Chang-Sun chuckled dryly. ‘Six of the Eight Gods of Disorder are here.’

Dealing with Aphoom-Zhah alone was already so challenging that Chang-Sun had decided to run away. Now, he felt as if escape was no longer an option.

“Looks like we’re fucked.” Bel-Marduk quietly laughed, finding the situation ridiculous.

Thinking of a way to get out of this, Chang-Sun suddenly looked up. ‘If they capture me, the first thing they’ll do is take away my golden key. I have to make the best use of it right now!’

Chang-Sun turned to Aphoom-Zhah again—no, to the prisoners in all ninety-nine floors.

『If you stare at me like that, I might blush...❤ 』

Smiling from ear to ear, Aphoom-Zhah flew toward Chang-Sun and Bel-Marduk.

“Oh, I’ll make you blush, alright.”

Chang-Sun went down on one knee, thrust the golden key into the floor, and rotated it.


Thud, thud!

Thud, thud....!

Countless prison cell doors swung wide open. The prisoners’ shackles were unlocked as well.

[The sealed Divine Class of the Celestial ‘■■ ■■■’ has been unlocked!]

[The sealed Divine Class of the Celestial ‘■■■ ■■ ■■■■■’ has been unlocked...!]

[The sealed Divine Class of the Celestial ‘■■ ■’......!]



The energy from thousands of Star Signs’ Divine Classes violently shook the Tower.


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