The Art of Chaotic Divinity - C.124: The Secret of the Sword Scripture

The Art of Chaotic Divinity

C.124: The Secret of the Sword Scripture

At Yunmiao Peak, the residential area for disciples.

In the courtyard, a group of elite members from the Iron Blood Alliance, all in the later stages of the Pulse Formation Realm, knelt in silence, resembling cicadas in winter, not daring to move.

Before Ling Feng entered, he had warned them sternly: until Luo Jianying recovered, they were to remain obediently kneeling by the door. Any attempt to leave would be met with death!

Among those kneeling, two unfortunate souls, their faces bruised and swollen from a beating, struggled to maintain their balance. They lay on the ground like injured dogs, barely conscious, murmuring repeatedly, "I was wrong... I was wrong..."

These two individuals, identified as Huang Gou and Liu Quanhai, were the ones directly responsible for the injuries inflicted upon Luo Jianying and Su Hongxiu.

Ling Feng bound them to Luo Jianying's sickbed, compelling them to perform a hundred kowtows[1] before forcibly ejecting them from the room.

In Ling Feng's eyes, they had become utter wastes, unworthy of his direct intervention, as such actions would only tarnish his esteemed sword.

"Senior Uncle Ling... thank you..." Luo Jianying's voice trembled as tears streamed down from the corners of his eyes, while he lay on the bed.

"Rest assured, I will thoroughly heal your injuries," Ling Feng reassured, gently patting Luo Jianying's shoulder, a confident smile gracing his lips. "It won't be long before you're fully recovered."

"Is that so?" Luo Jianying bit his lip, grappling with the reality of his severed tendons and ligaments. Can such injuries truly be remedied?

"All you need to do is trust me." Ling Feng rose slowly, his smile unwavering. "Just rest well; your injuries are of no concern."

"Okay." Luo Jianying nodded, his gaze unwavering on Ling Feng, gratitude filling his voice. "Thank you! Thank you!"

For a martial artist, being bedridden in the latter half of life was akin to a fate worse than death. Now, with the chance for a renewed recovery, how could he not be grateful?

"If you regard me as a friend, gratitude is unnecessary," Ling Feng remarked lightly before turning his gaze to Su Hongxiu.

The bruises on her cheeks also needed attention; otherwise, they could leave scars in the future.

As Su Hongxiu caught Ling Feng's gaze upon her, her cheeks flushed red, and she quickly lowered her head, unable to meet his eyes.

"Remain still." With a focused expression, Ling Feng reached out and gently lifted her chin, examining the bruises on her face to assess their severity, which would in turn influence the dosage of medicine he would prescribe.


Su Hongxiu murmured, her lips pressed together in caution. She dared not move haphazardly, her heart racing uncontrollably as if it might leap out of her chest.

Before long, Ling Feng had assessed the injuries of all the harmed disciples. Apart from Luo Jianying's more complex injuries, the others seemed to have no major concerns.



As Ling Feng and the others' figures gradually faded from view, Lin Xian'er quickly left the crowd. Following a secluded path, she arrived at a manor nestled on the rear mountainside of the main peak.

This manor, reserved specifically for her by Lin Canglang, served as her residence whenever she returned to the Wenxian Sect.

"Daddy," Lin Xian'er called out as she spotted Lin Canglang standing with his hands behind his back in the pavilion outside the courtyard. With quick steps, she hastened toward him.

Lin Canglang turned his head to assess Lin Xian'er, nodding slightly before inquiring, "Xian'er, weren't you just leaving? Why did you suddenly involve yourself in the disciples' affairs?"

"Yeah!" Lin Xian'er blinked mischievously. "But as I was about to descend the mountain, I heard about the Iron Blood Alliance shenanigans. I thought I'd assist Daddy in dealing with those troublemakers."

"Mhmm." Lin Canglang guided Lin Xian'er to the pavilion, his expression softening as he spoke gently, "Xian'er, I'm pleased with your intentions. What about Ling Feng? Do you know him from before? Why did you come forward to speak up for him?

"You should know, Daddy kept your identity hidden for years, hoping you wouldn't let the narrow confines of the Wenxian Sect limit your perspective. With your talent, there's a vast world waiting for you."

"Ling Feng?" Lin Xian'er's mind conjured a handsome face, prompting her to chuckle softly. "I didn't know him before, but his assertiveness in dealing with the Iron Blood Alliance was quite impressive!"

Her excitement evident, Lin Xian'er continued with a flurry of questions. "Daddy, who exactly is this Ling Feng? Why do they address him as Senior Uncle Ling Feng? And—"

"Enough, Xian'er!" Lin Canglang's brow furrowed as he swiftly intervened, halting Lin Xian'er's barrage of questions. "Ling Feng is not a good influence. You must steer clear of him in the future, and there's no need to pry into his identity."

"Huh? Daddy, but why?" Lin Xian'er's voice betrayed her confusion as she nervously nibbled on her lip. "He—"

"There's no need for explanations!" Lin Canglang's expression turned cold. "Just remember daddy's words. It's getting late; you should hurry back to the Tianwei Academy!"

"Okay..." Lin Xian'er was filled with questions, but seeing Lin Canglang's sudden severity, she dared not argue. She simply nodded. Inside, she believed there must be some misunderstanding between her father and Ling Feng. After all, Ling Feng seemed like an upright man.

Little did she know, her own father, while appearing virtuous on the surface, was actually a deceitful character.

"Well then, Daddy, I'll take my leave." Lin Xian'er bit her lip, sighing softly. Since she and Ling Feng might not cross paths in the future anyway, there was no need to upset her father.

"Alright, listen to Daddy and be careful on your way. No matter what, Daddy won't let anything happen to you." Lin Canglang gently patted Lin Xian'er on the back of her head. "Off you go, take care."

Lin Xian'er nodded. "Daddy, I'm leaving now!"

Lin Canglang watched as Lin Xian'er gradually disappeared, his eyes burning with anger. "Ling Feng, do you think you have the right to be with my daughter, Lin Xian'er? She can only marry into the noble families of the empire, while you are nothing but a penniless nobody!"

Taking a deep breath, he muttered to himself. Since this boy's strength has already reached the level of Pulse Formation Realm, it's time to tighten the net. Duanmu Qingshan, you won't be able to hide the sword scripture of The Flower-Transposing Jade-Burying Sword forever. Hahaha...

He had already devised a plan. By using the antidote for the Golden Silkworm Gu poison to coerce Ling Feng, he would surely have to obediently hand over the sword scripture of The Flower-Transposing Jade-Burying Sword passed down by Duanmu Qingshan.

As for Ling Feng's connection with the young lady from the Cangqiong Sect, he had carefully considered it. At most, Ling Feng and Yue Yunlan were just ordinary friends.

"After the plan succeeds, I can imprison Ling Feng first. He can spend three to five years in captivity. If Young Lady Yue doesn't remember this friend of hers by then, I'll just kill him outright."

"The Flower-Transposing Jade-Burying Sword scripture is a forbidden secret of the ancient sect, the Yi Hua Palace. It even involves a secret treasury hidden by the Yi Hua Palace. As long as our sect obtains this item and comprehends its mysteries, there will be no need to remain in insignificant places like the Wenxian Sect in the future!"

"Duanmu Qingshan, do you think our master harmed your family and caused them to be destroyed just for a so-called sword manual? Perhaps you are unaware of this secret. Hahaha!"

"Duanmu old geezer, the day the sword scripture is in my hands will be the day of your demise!"

1. A kowtow is the act of deep respect shown by prostration, that is, kneeling and bowing so low as to have one's head touching the ground. ☜

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