The Art of Chaotic Divinity - C.117: Today, The Iron Blood Alliance Will Cease to Exist!

The Art of Chaotic Divinity

C.117: Today, The Iron Blood Alliance Will Cease to Exist!

Hisses filled the air, a collective gasp reverberated endlessly, a symphony of awe that seemed to have no end.

Three direct disciples at the fourth level of the Pulse Formation Realm!

Members of the Iron Blood Alliance nearly popped their eyes in disbelief. A Qi Formation Realm cultivator hitting a Pulse Formation Realm cultivator the same way one would strike their son?

Huang Gou, the minor leader, jolted awake from his drunken stupor, suddenly startled. Squinting his eyes, he scrutinized Ling Feng closely.

This Ling Feng, more unbelievable than the rumors suggest!

Today, they've truly encountered a tough opponent!

"H-His true qi!" Within the crowd, shock surged through Lin Xian'er's heart.

Having cultivated in the Tianwei Academy, she possessed a perspective far beyond disciples from third-rate sects like the Wenxian Sect.

She observed that Ling Feng's true qi was not only more refined than that of typical disciples from the Wenxian Sect but also imbued with a fiery essence!

"Could it be... spirit infusion?"

Lin Xian'er's heart trembled. Her mentor had once mentioned her possession of a five-star earth spiritual body. They planned to find water-attributed spiritual objects for her to infuse, enabling a complete transformation. However, spiritual objects were scarce, making the process difficult.

How could this youth have completed spiritual infusion?

The difference between regular true qi and spirit-infused true qi was stark. She could discern that the faces of those three mid-stage Pulse Formation Realm disciples, sent flying by a single slap from Ling Feng, were tinged with char.

True qi infused with the flame attribute, piercing their bodies, would undoubtedly subject them to the agonizing sensation of being consumed by flames, akin to a living hell.

Huang Gou's demeanor grew increasingly serious, his tone taking on a touch of formality as he spoke in a deep voice, "Ling Feng, you indeed possess some talent! However, you are but one individual. As the saying goes, 'One's fists are no match for four hands.' It is premature for you to believe you can flaunt your prowess before our Iron Blood Alliance!"

Ignoring him, Ling Feng's gaze turned icy as he advanced step by step toward Huang Gou, under the scrutiny of the crowd.

"You!" Huang Gou, pinned by Ling Feng's predatory gaze, couldn't help but shiver with fear. Maintaining a fa?ade of boldness, he said, "Ling Feng, are you determined to oppose our Iron Blood Alliance? Stay right there. If you come any closer, I won't be polite!"

However, Ling Feng continued to ignore him, advancing step by step without a hint of emotion on his face.

One step!

Another step!

Watching Ling Feng approach steadily, Huang Gou instinctively took a few steps back. In a moment of carelessness, he tripped on the doorstep and fell flat on his face.


The onlookers burst into laughter, clutching their stomachs.

What a sight!

Ling Feng's lips curled with a hint of disdain before he slowly raised his head.

As Ling Feng's gaze shifted, the attention of the crowd shifted with him, settling on the golden plaque above the Iron Blood Alliance's gate.

"Today, the Iron Blood Alliance will cease to exist!"

Ling Feng's gaze was sharp as a blade's edge. Not only did he intend to retaliate in kind, but he also aimed to uproot the so-called "Iron Blood Alliance" completely.

Almost instantly, everyone guessed Ling Feng's intentions.

As expected, in the next moment, Ling Feng planted one foot firmly on the ground and soared into the air like a wild goose. He flew directly to the height of the golden plaque, reaching out and grabbing the broken sword embedded on the plaque with a swift motion.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The crowd's vision blurred momentarily as several beams of sword light streaked across the sky like shooting stars.

Before anyone knew it, the ‘Iron Blood Alliance’ gold plaque had already turned into a pile of shards!



This time, there was no need for Huang Gou to give orders. The remaining twelve lackeys of the Iron Blood Alliance all leaped into the air simultaneously, charging ferociously towards Ling Feng who was suspended in mid-air.

The golden plaque was the symbol of the Iron Blood Alliance, personally inscribed by the leader and crafted at great expense.

Ling Feng's audacious act of destroying the symbol of their Iron Blood Alliance transformed it from a personal grudge into a declaration of war against the entire Iron Blood Alliance!

With his own strength alone, he aimed to overthrow the entire Iron Blood Alliance!

The surrounding disciples felt a sense of relief, but deep down, they couldn't help but worry for Ling Feng.

Can Ling Feng really accomplish this feat on his own?

"Boundless Sword Steps!"

Under the siege of over a dozen mid-stage Pulse Formation Realm cultivators, even Ling Feng had to temporarily evade them.

As Ling Feng's body technique unfurled, he moved as fast as lightning, rendering his movements unpredictable. The twelve experts from the Iron Blood Alliance missed their mark, and in the blink of an eye, Ling Feng had darted past them, heading directly for Huang Gou.

"W-What do you want to do?!"

Huang Gou was so frightened that he scrambled away, his courage to fight Ling Feng completely evaporated. He fled straight into the main hall.

Unfortunately, in Ling Feng's eyes, his speed was as slow as a snail's pace. He hadn't fled a few steps before Ling Feng kicked him down to the ground.

Ling Feng ruthlessly stepped on his face. Thinking of the injuries on Luo Jianying's body, Ling Feng couldn't help but feel burning anger.

"I've said it before, I’ll make sure you suffer the same way that Luo Jianying has from your beating!"

Ling Feng didn't immediately take his life, not out of kindness, but because he wanted to capture the mastermind behind it all. He intended to bind him and make him kneel before Luo Jianying's sickbed to apologize.

"Ling Feng, you have some nerve. Release Senior Brother Huang now!"

"Let go of Senior Brother Huang, or else don't blame us for getting rough!"

Members of the Iron Blood Alliance hurriedly rushed forward, surrounding Ling Feng in a threatening manner with their swords drawn.

He destroyed the Iron Blood Alliance's plaque and stepped on their leader.

Does he even respect the Iron Blood Alliance?

The cold light of their weapons gleamed. They had already recognized Ling Feng's strength and opted for a shameless siege.

Several mid-stage Pulse Formation Realm cultivators ganged up on a Qi Formation Realm cultivator!

"Senior Uncle Ling Feng, I'll assist you!"

Among the six disciples who came with Ling Feng, there was a slightly shorter youth. Gritting his teeth, he dashed towards Ling Feng.

This person's name was Wang Qiang. Due to his slender physique and mediocre talent, he had always been ridiculed by his fellow disciples. Only Luo Jianying treated him like a brother, never looking down on him.

Though he was weak, at this moment, the anger flowing within him couldn't be suppressed and began to burn uncontrollably.

He wanted to fight side by side with Ling Feng, to reclaim justice for Senior Brother Luo!

"Just with the capabilities of trash like you?" One of the Iron Blood Alliance's mid-stage Pulse Formation Realm experts sneered coldly, raising his hand high, ready to strike at the slender disciple.

However, a cold, fierce pressure, like that of an ancient ferocious beast, momentarily stunned him.

The next moment, Wang Qiang dashed past him and rushed to Ling Feng's side, his eyes filled with tears as he shouted loudly, "Senior Uncle Ling, I want to fight alongside you!"

"Good, then let's fight side by side!"

Ling Feng smiled faintly. "Weakness is not terrifying; what's terrifying is when even your heart becomes timid."

"Senior Uncle Ling Feng, me too!"

"Senior Uncle Ling Feng, I want to fight alongside you too!"

Wang Qiang took the first step, followed by Jiang Wanqing, Su Hongxiu, Zhou Yan...

Each former disciple of Ling Feng's team clenched their fists and gritted their teeth as they rushed forward.

They came for revenge together with Ling Feng, so how could they let Ling Feng fight alone from start to finish!

"Whether it’s one or two, all will be killed! This is all of you seeking death on your own!"

The members of the Iron Blood Alliance simply cleared a path, allowing them to rush to Ling Feng's side. In their view, this was nothing more than a group of ants huddling together to commit suicide.

However, from the crowd that had remained silent outside the Iron Blood Alliance, there also erupted a shout.

"Senior Brother Ling Feng, I, Chang Shuyang, want to fight alongside you!"

"Count me, Ou Yangde, in!"

"Fuck it, I've long been sick of those bastards from Iron Blood Alliance! Let's crush them!"

"A tossed stone stirs up a thousand ripples!"

Suddenly, one after another, inner sect disciple, and even some direct disciples who were discontent with the Iron Blood Alliance, drew their weapons and roared out loud.

They had been swallowing their pride and tolerating the Iron Blood Alliance's arrogance for too long!

The stewards turned a blind eye, the elders turned a deaf ear; they were willing but powerless. Today, Ling Feng stepped forward, Wang Qiang stepped forward, and even those disciples who were weaker and younger dared to speak up.

Are we even inferior to these newly admitted disciples?


It's time to resist! It's time to rise up!

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