Star Odyssey - C.2784: Meeting The Great Sovereign

Star Odyssey

C.2784: Meeting The Great Sovereign

Specter Progenitor and the other two Progenitors glanced at each other. Of course, it was impossible that they would stay in the Three Monarchs Universe when there were no people left in the entire universe. What would the Progenitors even do? Try to die?

Furthermore, they were not at fault this time. They had not failed to protect a member universe of the Sixverse Association. Rather, the Three Monarchs Universe had been ruined, and they were unable to directly travel to any other parallel universe.

"Let's return," Specter Progenitor stated simply as he suppressed his energy, signaling that he would not attack. That done, he simply started moving towards the spatial passage.

Chen Le felt frustrated that their plan to leave the three Progenitors behind in the Three Monarchs Universe had failed. The crux was that they had discovered the resealing of the spatial passage, which meant that there was no choice but to allow the Progenitors to return home.

Bai Sheng felt that the entire matter seemed ridiculous. Clearly, just a year ago, Luo Shan had eagerly agreed to cooperate with the four ruling powers to threaten the Heavens Sect. At that time, Lu Xiaoxuan had been so intimidated that he had asked to submit to the Three Monarchs Universe. The situation had taken a very drastic turn since then.

How much time had passed? How had Lu Xiaoxuan pulled this off?

Specter Progenitor and Xia Qin were equally incredulous, but there was no one who could explain what had happened to them.

Soon, the Three Monarchs Universe was a complete dead zone, and the spatial passage was resealed.


In the Cyclic Universe, there was a region known as the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths.

The Nine Heavens represented the Nine Sages, and above them was the Great Sovereign and the Three Sovereigns. Under the command of the Great Sovereign, no one in the Cyclic Universe would dare to disobey them.

Beneath the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths stood the Heavenly Gate. Anyone who sought to see the Great Sovereign had to first pass through the Heavenly Gate, and then request audiences from the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, though there were a few exceptions to this rule.

One of those exceptions was the Voidlord.

At the moment, Lord Xu was respectfully standing atop white clouds and staring at a distant location. Although there was nothing to be seen in that place, the man remained extremely respectful, as though he was facing the vast heavens and the endless earth.

"Are you proposing that the Origin Universe be made a member of the Sixverse Association?" an ethereal voice asked from a distance. Not even Lord Xu could tell if the voice belonged to a man or a woman, or even which direction it came from. It felt as though the world itself was speaking.

The Voidlord nodded. "Senior has removed the Three Monarchs Universe’s status as a member of the Sixverse Association, so I am suggesting that they be replaced by the Origin Universe due to their number of peak powerhouses. This is the only way to pull those people into the war against Aeternus without annexing the Origin Universe to the Endless Frontier.”

"As Senior knows full well, it is not easy to remove any of the parallel universes in the Endless Frontier and make them a member of the Sixverse Association, as the Aeternals will never willingly let any of those universes go. Attempting to do so will start a battle of peak powerhouses, which our overall Sixverse Association will be very resistant to.”

"It is impossible to not have six members in the Sixverse Association, and I believe that the Origin Universe is the most suitable candidate."

Clouds drift across the sky, carrying a strange fragrance with them.

A rainbow appeared in the sky, and a woman passed by. She was extremely beautiful, and she bowed to the Voidloard when she saw him.

Lord Xu continued to await the Great Sovereign’s answer.

"Xu Jia."

Lord Xu bowed. "I am here."

"Did you come up with this idea on your own, or have you already discussed this matter with others?"

Lord Xu did not dare to hide anything. "I have already discussed this matter with Shan Gu."

"And Shan Gu agrees?"

Lord Xu replied, "As long as this does not start a war, he agrees. He stated that the Lost Clan cannot afford the potential losses."

"Do not underestimate the Lost Clan. They are different from the rest of us."

The Voidlord grew puzzled. Different? What did that mean? The Great Sovereign had mentioned this on more than one occasion before, but he had never explained any further.

Before the Great Sovereign, even Lord Xu was a junior.

No one knew just how long the Great Sovereign had lived for. While the members of the Sixverse Association were said to be equal, aside from the ruler of the Arboreal Realm who was barely qualified to speak to the Great Sovereign, all of the other rulers of the various universes knew that they were the Great Sovereign’s juniors, including Shan Gu. Of course, in public, they were all equal, and the rulers of the universes were the Great Sovereign’s peers, but no one knew the limits of the Great Sovereign’s strength.

Luo Shan had been punished and sent to the Endless Frontier. If Lord Xu were given the same punishment, he could not say that he would refuse. That was because he had never even considered being punished by the Great Sovereign. Theoretically, the Great Sovereign should show the Voidlord a measure of respect, but if not, what then?

It was true that the Voidforce Universe was much stronger than the Three Monarchs Universe, but even so, there was no difference between them in the eyes of the Great Sovereign.

The Voidlord did not even understand how large the gap between himself and the Great Sovereign was, but he believed that, if the Great Sovereign wanted to destroy him, there would not even be a struggle.

"The Three Monarchs Universe has been abandoned, which leaves the Sixverse Association with only five members, which violates the meaning of the name. It’s true that another universe needs to be added to our number, but as you know, I dislike the Origin Universe."

Lord Xu answered respectfully, "Then use the Origin Universe in the fight against Aeternus. It is their blessing to be of service to the Great Sovereign."

"You certainly know how to flatter a person."

Lord Xu shrugged. The only person in existence whom he would ever bother to flatter was the Great Sovereign. Who else deserved such treatment from the Voidlord? He would strike them down with a single slap.

"As usual, we will put it to a vote. The five member universes will each make their choice."

Lord Xu felt that this should fulfill his promise to Lu Yin. Normally, the man would never agree to provide such assistance to Lu Yin, as everyone knew about the Great Sovereign’s distaste for the Origin Universe, so why would Lord Xu make trouble for himself with the Great Sovereign?

However, the brat had acquired Heaven’s Sight. Lord Xu had not initially noticed that fact, and given his friendship with Wu Tian, the Voidlord had been tricked into agreeing to help Lu Yin before he realized that Heaven’s Sight had already been found. Clearly, that brat would only make more trouble for Lord Xu in the future.

Before long, the Great Sovereign spoke again. "The Voidforce Universe, the Lost Clan, and the Transcendent Universe have all agreed. There is no need to ask the Arboreal Realm, so we will simply allow the Origin Universe to become a member of the Sixverse Association."

Lord Xu was overjoyed. "Understood."

He had not expected the Transcendent Universe to agree to his proposal, but he assumed that the woman, Bai Qian, must have agreed on behalf of Lord Wei while the man was in seclusion.

"Let that descendant of the Lu family come see me."

Xu Zhu was stunned. "Are you talking about the Dao Monarch of the Origin Universe’s Heavens Sect?"

"Dao Monarch? He is nowhere near qualified for that title. Those two words will bring him disaster, but that does not matter. Whether the members of the Lu family are dead or alive is inconsequential.

"Since that the Origin Universe has become a member of the Sixverse Association, it needs to have a ruler. If the descendant of the Lu family wishes to be that ruler, then have him come see me. If he doesn't dare, then who can represent the Origin Universe and meet me here above the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths to receive my consent? Who will be the ruler of the Origin Universe?"

Lord Xu bowed. "I understand. I will take my leave."

The Great Sovereign’s words were intended for the Origin Universe, but they were given to the Voidlord. However, he would pass the message along to Lu Yin alone. Lord Xu had absolutely no connection to the Perennial World of the four ruling powers.

Information was a terrible weapon. If the four ruling powers knew of the Great Sovereign’s command, they would do their absolute best to reach the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, but they knew nothing.

The Origin Universe was divided into the Fifth Mainland and the Perennial World. If one refused to surrender to the other, then whoever managed to receive the Great Sovereign’s recognition as the ruler of the universe would be acknowledged as the Sixverse Association’s official liaison with the Origin Universe. Then, they would even be able to receive the Sixverse Association’s assistance in dealing with the other party.

This was precisely the Great Sovereign’s intention.

As soon as Lord Xu left, the news also spread throughout the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths.

"That child of the Lu family is truly impressive. He managed to completely destroy the Three Monarchs Universe and even convinced Chen Le and Monarch Xing to betray their universe for him."

"Master, how do you wish to deal with this?"

"It’s done, so just let it go. The Origin Universe is already a member of the Sixverse Association. That boy, Xu Jia, chose this exact moment to offer his proposal, though it’s a bit odd for him to have done so...”

"Disciple, go look into this."

"Don’t bother. This will just be a bit of fun. I'm quite curious about this child of the Lu family. The Lu family has been exiled, so what attitude will he show when he sees me? Haha!"


It was not long before Lu Yin received the message from Lord Xu, but the news felt like a burden to Lu Yin.

Meeting with the Great Sovereign would not be child's play.

The Great Sovereign was from the same generation as the Origin Progenitor. This was a truly ancient monster who had lived for countless years. Lu Yin had already been outmatched against Old Mo, but that ancient Progenitor was no different from a child before the Great Sovereign.

The most important thing was that the Great Sovereign hated the Origin Universe. This attitude was the reason why Sovereign Shao Yin had suggested that the Lu family be forced to take responsibility for the Heavens Sect and be exiled. The true source of everything that had happened to Lu Yin’s family was the Great Sovereign.

It was still too early for him to meet the Great Sovereign, and yet it was a necessary step for the Origin Universe to become a member of the Sixverse Association.

Lu Yin had expected this, but he realized that he still needed to make more preparations after receiving the news.

The one thing that Lu Yin was certain of was that it was impossible for the Great Sovereign to directly move against Lu Yin himself. After being promised that by Mister Mu, Lu Yin actually felt no fear towards the Great Sovereign.

He had only obeyed the Great Sovereign's punishment to go to the Endless Frontier out of fear of the Three Sovereigns and Nine Sages, as well as the Great Sovereign’s influence in the Sixverse Association, and not to mention Luo Shan. A single word from the Great Sovereign could put an end to the Heavens Sect, and with only a little support, Luo Shan could have cooperated with the four ruling powers to wage a war that the Heavens Sect could not risk.

However, the Origin Universe had already been acknowledged as a member of the Sixverse Association, which eliminated all of those worries for Lu Yin. If he only needed to face the Great Sovereign, what of it? Mister Mu would hold up the sky if it ever fell upon Lu Yin.

The Origin Universe was officially a member of the Sixverse Association, which gave Lu Yin a tremendous amount of assurance. Even if he offended the Great Sovereign, he would not be attacked by the Sixverse Association.

Finally, if things did not work out, there was still Aeternus. While Lu Yin did not understand why the Aeternals valued him so highly, he had been the key detail to Shaman God’s clever plan, Blackless God had given Lu Yin 100,000 years to make a decision, and Forgotten Ruins God had always treated Lu Yin oddly. He knew that he was not truly all that important, and he could easily run into disaster, especially in the Cyclic Universe.

After mulling things over a bit, Lu Yin felt much more relaxed about his situation, though clearly, Sovereign Shao Yin was still a big problem. The man had seen Xuan Qi before, so if he saw Lu Yin, it would instantly expose the truth. Thus, Lu Yin needed to find a way to handle that complication.

While Lu Yin relaxed, others did not.

As the Heavens Sect had gained a greater understanding of the Sixverse Association, people had come to clearly understand the Great Sovereign’s attitude regarding the Origin Universe. No one could guess what would happen if Lu Yin faced the Great Sovereign on his own.

The Progenitor of Bloodlines, Arch-Elder Zen, and Master Shan all met with Lu Yin on their own, hoping to convince him not to go. At worst, he could abandon the opportunity to become the ruler of the Origin Universe and allow someone else to take that role.

However, Lu Yin had no choice but to go.

Senior Brother Mu Xie also came to visit Lu Yin, and he looked at him sternly. "You are not one to take these kinds of risks. Is there a reason behind your confidence?"

Lu Yin smiled. "Master promised me that the Great Sovereign will not act against me."

Mu Xie sighed. "So it is because of Master. At times, I have no idea what sort of existence our master truly is. When I first met him, Master asked me to demonstrate all of my power and to find a way to impress him if I wanted to be accepted as his disciple. To be honest with you, I did not really care about the opportunity at that time, and I wanted to show off a bit. Given my age when I met Master, the talent I had and the opportunities that I had encountered let me far surpass all of my peers, but I kept my strength completely hidden from everyone.

"It was such a rare opportunity to be able to show off, so I gave it my all. Even so, Master's expression never changed no matter what I showed him, which left me a bit frustrated. Luckily, he still ended up accepting me as a disciple.

"At that time, I believed Master to only be a Semi-Progenitor at best, but the more my strength improved, the more I realized that something was wrong. Next, I believed Master to be a Progenitor, and only now do I realize that even that is not enough to explain his strength."

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