Star Odyssey - C.2771: Seeing Through The Celestial Frost Sect

Star Odyssey

C.2771: Seeing Through The Celestial Frost Sect

Not much time passed since Lu Yin had last visited the Perennial World. During that one, he had gone to see the White Dragon Clan, but this time, he was visiting the Celestial Frost Sect.

After obtaining Heaven’s Sight, one of the first things that Lu Yin had wanted to do was to get a clear look at Bai Xian'er.

This woman was the only person who could be regarded as near Lu Yin’s level, and she was even able to ignore the power in his chest.

The power in Lu Yin’s chest had basically created its own separate universe with the way that the various different aspects fit together. Even Divine Martial Armor and the Garan family’s unique power were not able to suppress Lu Yin’s unique power, and yet he was unable to suppress Bai Xian'er. This matter had become a thorn in Lu Yin's heart, and he wanted a clearer understanding of her.

It was chaos outside the Celestial Frost Sect. There were all kinds of strange beasts running about, kicking up dust and leaping high into the sky.

The disciples of the Celestial Frost Sect were frantically surrounding the beasts and shouting.

As the strongest sect in the Perennial World, it should have been impossible for this scene to take place outside the Celestial Frost Sect, and it would be terribly humiliating if others witnessed it.

However, this happened to be the day when the Celestial Frost Sect accepted disciples.

When the people who had done their best to obtain the opportunity to join the Celestial Frost Sect saw how the typically refined, calm, and arrogant disciples of the sect were chasing after animals, they could not help but question what they were seeing. Was this really the Celestial Frost Sect?

Just outside the Celestial Frost Sect's gate, Dong Shan's face grew livid. He saw smoke rising into the distant sky while the howls and cries of the various beasts and the screams of people filled the air. Finally, the man could not hold back any longer. "Enough!"

The sharp shout startled both the disciples and the rampaging beasts. The cowed creatures and people all looked towards Dong Shan, fear filling their eyes.

A surge of oppressive stellular energy erupted from Dong Shan's body. He had passed his first stellular tribulation and successfully become an Envoy.

As one of the Celestial Frost Sect’s strongest disciples of his generation, Dong Shan had accompanied Bai Shaohong to the Dominion Realm. At that time, his cultivation had been roughly equal to that of the Ten Arbiters, so it was not unexpected for him to become an Envoy.

Dong Shan was only a one-tribulation Envoy, but because of his status as an elite disciple, he had as much influence as some of the sect’s elders.

Everyone knew that Dong Shan would rise up to become a high-ranking member of the Celestial Frost Sect. After all, of his generation, Bai Shaohong, Dong He, and several others had already died.

After a moment of silence, the strange beasts soon started running away once again.

Dong Shan glanced over, and all the people who wanted to join the Celestial Frost Sect grew afraid and quickly bowed their heads.

"There’s no need to bother capturing them! Kill them!" Dong Shan shouted.

A wailing rose up in the distance. "Senior Brother, please show mercy! They lost control, but they haven’t hurt anyone! Please show mercy, Senior Brother!"

Dong Shan stared at the distant person with cold eyes. "Hua Beibei, I already gave you a chance, but you didn’t understand how to use it. Kill these beasts now. Any that escape again in the future will be killed without mercy!"

As soon as Dong Shan finished speaking, the Celestial Frost Sect disciples rushed away from the gate, their blades raised to slaughter the beasts.

The hopeful applicants immediately had a much better impression of the sect. This was how the Celestial Frost Sect should be—ruthless and decisive in killing. The farce that they had just witnessed was too embarrassing to even mention.

The Celestial Frost Sect was indeed worthy of all their efforts to achieve this opportunity.

Hua Beibei wailed as he watched the blades fall. He was crestfallen, as he had raised all of these beasts.

Suddenly, the ground shook, and everyone's heart skipped a beat as they froze in place.

All humans, beasts, and even Dong Shan and the rest of the Celestial Frost Sect disciples who were at the nearby gate froze in place.

It seemed that everyone was being restrained by some form of invisible power.

The ground trembled again, coming from some distant force.

Everyone turned in a daze, and they saw a lone figure walking towards them. Every step that it took caused the ground to shake, and everyone reflexively stopped. No one dared to move about recklessly, fearing that they might provoke the person.

Hua Beibei stared at the approaching person, and his mouth fell open. "Is that him?"

Dong Shan's pupils narrowed to pinpricks. "Lu Yin..."

The Celestial Frost Sect sounded an alarm, and a vast number of disciples gathered at the sect’s gate, warily and nervously gazing into the distance.

Bai Teng, Bai Laogui, Bai Su, Elder Xi Zi, and several others all walked out from inside the sect’s gate upon seeing that Lu Yin had arrived. What did he want?

Bai Qi’s eyes grew large. "Notify Ancestor now."

The entire Celestial Frost Sect started to move. One by one, their powerful cultivators appeared outside the sect’s gate. The people who hoped to join the sect were stunned by the response. They had never seen so many important people gathered together before.

Bai Weiwei also appeared, and she stared off into the distance, seeming conflicted. Yu Hao?

Lu Yin continued to walk forward, and he eventually stopped in front of Hua Beibei, looking at him. "Did you tell Bai Teng long ago that I used the Void Rip battle technique on the rear battlefield?"

Hua Beibei was stunned, though also rather confused. "What kind of battle technique is Void Rip?"

Lu Yin stared at the man for a moment before finally looking away. "Alright, head on out."

With a wave of his hand, Lu Yin tossed Hua Beibei and all of the strange beasts away.

If Hua Beibei had not ratted Lu Yin out, then it meant that Bai Teng had falsely accused Lu Yin on Dragon Mountain.

Back then, Lu Yin had guessed that Bai Teng had been trying to make trouble for some unknown reason. After all, the man had not been entirely rational after Bai Shaohong’s death. Now, Lu Yin had finally confirmed that his suspicions had been correct.

As for Hua Beibei, if Lu Yin had no animosity towards the man, he would not have been allowed to stay in the Celestial Frost Sect.

Looking back at the Celestial Frost Sect again, Lu Yin stared at Bai Teng and the others who had gathered outside the gate. He also saw the people hoping to join the sect. Most of the potential disciples were quite young, and some were even children. All of them gazed at him curiously.

Lu Yin took another step forward, arriving just a few meters away from the Celestial Frost Sect's gate, where he looked upwards. "Where's Bai Wangyuan?"

Bai Qi stepped forward to face Lu Yin. "Why are you here?"

Lu Yin looked down at her. "I was bored, so I came for a stroll."

Bai Qi frowned. "Lu Xiaoxuan, even though half of our four ruling powers’ Progenitors are absent helping defend the Sixverse Association, that does not mean that you can fight us. There are still at least three Progenitors, which is not something that you can endure."

Lu Yin clasped his hands behind his back before answering in a cold and arrogant manner, "They’re nothing more than three old men. How long have they lived, and how long have I lived?

"Those men did their best to destroy my Lu family, only to end up being threatened by me, Lu Xiaoxuan. They have lived like dogs for years."

"Lu Xiaoxuan!" Bai Qi shouted angrily as she glared at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin looked past her and all of the hopeful applicants who were gathered around the sect’s gates. He glanced at the children’s elders, who had such high hopes for the youths and children. These people were not part of the Celestial Frost Sect, but they were doing their best to get their children into the sect.

"Why do you want to join the Celestial Frost Sect?" Lu Yin asked.

The expressions of Bai Qi and others from the sect all changed. "Lu Xiaoxuan, just what are you trying to do? Do you want to start a war?"

Lu Yin was not at all intimidated. "As time passes, this place is destined to eventually be destroyed by me."

Bai Qi roared, "Lu Xiaoxuan!"

Lu Yin sneered when he saw confused expressions appear on the faces of the young children and blank stares on their elders. None of them knew how to react to Lu Yin’s behavior.

According to their knowledge, the Celestial Frost Sect should be one of the powerful four ruling powers. However, even though they were standing right before the sect’s gate, someone was mocking the sect, and yet the Celestial Frost Sect was helpless. As for Lu Yin, he had led the charge to drive the Aeternals out of the Perennial World, was heir to the Lu family, and was the master of the Heavens Sect. Every one of his various identities was famous.

It was not an easy task to bring a child to the gates of the Celestial Frost Sect, but the more knowledgeable someone was, the more confused they would feel at this moment. If the Celestial Frost Sect did not respond to Lu Yin’s provocation, then how would any of them be convinced of the sect’s power?

Bai Qi was trembling from rage, and she desperately wanted to attack, but she was well aware that she was far from being Lu Yin's opponent. Let alone her—what would it matter even if Bai Sheng arrived?

Out of everyone in the entire Perennial World, the only people who could pose a threat to Lu Yin were Bai Wangyuan and Wang Fan, their two most powerful Progenitors.

Bai Wangyuan was occupied and unavailable, which meant that there was no one who could do anything to Lu Yin. Unless an actual war broke out, Bai Wangyuan would not be allowed to leave the frontlines.

Lu Yin had merely verbally insulted the Celestial Frost Sect, and he had not attacked them at all. This was not the right time for a final showdown.

They wanted to deal with Lu Yin and had almost started a war before in an attempt to destroy the Heavens Sect.

Lu Yin looked at the Celestial Frost Sect’s main gate one more time, as well as Bai Teng, Bai Laogui, Elder Xi Zi, Bai Weiwei, and Shi Xin. Some of them hated him, some were afraid of him, and others simply did not know how to face him.

"Where is Bai Xian'er?" Lu Yin finally asked, looking back at Bai Qi.

Bai Qi clenched her fists. "Lu Xiaoxuan, should you have any grudges, you can go speak to our ancestor. It was our ancestor and the Sixverse Association who exiled your Lu family."

Lu Yin laughed. "Are you trying to say that it's not proper for me to treat you like this?"

Bai Qi was just about to say yes when she suddenly remembered that the person before her was Lu Xiaoxuan. Just how old was he? He was about the same age as Xian'er, which was much younger than Bai Qi. Lu Xiaoxuan was a junior, so how could Bai Qi ask him to speak with a Progenitor? It was beyond absurd! How was what he was doing improper?

Actually, it would not be proper for Lu Xiaoxuan to speak to a Progenitor.

Bai Qi was briefly left speechless.

Lu Yin looked up. "Where is Bai Xian'er?"

"Are you here for Xian'er?" Bai Qi finally reacted.

Lu Yin replied, "She and I have unfinished business, so send her out."

Bai Qi shook her head. "Xian'er is not in the sect."

"Where is she?" Lu Yin frowned. Heaven’s Sight appeared on his forehead as he scanned the Celestial Frost Sect.

Using Heaven’s Sight didn’t result in any visual indications, and no one here could notice anything. In fact, none of the people in the Celestial Frost Sect had ever even heard of Heaven’s Sight, except for Bai Wangyuan.

However, Bai Wangyuan was definitely not present in the Celestial Frost Sect. He should be in the Dominion Realm.

"I don't know where Xian'er is," Bai Qi answered as she stared at Lu Yin glancing around their sect as though in a trance. She could not say why, but she felt a bit uncomfortable, as though her entire body was being seen through.

With Heaven’s Sight, Lu Yin examined the entirety of the Celestial Frost Sect, and while he did not see Bai Xian'er anywhere, he was able to see through the clouds above the sect.

The Celestial Frost Sect was famous for having a trial known as the Sky Beyond the Sky. Lu Yin had once challenged the trial, and he successfully completed it, which had let him meet Bai Sheng above the clouds.

In the past, Lu Yin had not understood the clouds that made up the trial, but Heaven’s Sight had laid everything bare. The clouds were not actually clouds, but were rather Bai Wangyuan's power. In other words, they were a form of energy.

Rather than saying that the Sky Beyond the Sky was a trial, it would be better to say that it was Bai Wangyuan's trial.

It made sense why, during the last step of the Sky Beyond the Sky, Lu Yin had experienced so many people trying to stomp him dead. He had become a grasshopper in the middle of a busy street, and people had been constantly trying to trample him to death. He had struggled to avoid their feet, and in the end, he had dodged all the stomps.

Bai Wangyuan had created the Sky Beyond the Sky so that the final step would place the seed of an instinct in any who succeeded. It was an innate fear of being trampled upon by Bai Wangyuan, and it was a form of oppression that would be engraved into their very bones. No matter who challenged the trial, as long as they reached the final stage, a sense of fear would be imprinted into them, and that fear would render them unable to stand up against Bai Wangyuan in the future.

This was the truth about the Sky Beyond the Sky, as well as a fundamental truth about the cultivation world: the top completely suppressed all those below.

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