Sovereign of the Ashes - C.309: All-Out Assault

Sovereign of the Ashes

C.309: All-Out Assault

If self-destruction was the only option left for the mecha armies from the Neisse Civilization, then a pivotal moment had arrived for the native creatures of the Viridian Venom Flame World to decide their fate.

The guardian was currently in the south-central region of the Viridian Venom Flame World, near the navel of the plane.

There, a magnificent and imposing lava vortex swirled at the heart of a vast lava sea.

To the countless of native inhabitants of the Viridian Venom Flame World, this vortex was revered as the most sacred site in the world.

Generations of guardians had emerged from this place. Many, including Rank Three creatures of the Viridian Venom Flame World, had experienced the grandeur and grace of the homeplane’s will here.

Looking eastward, the guardian’s thoughts remained a mystery.

An overpowering crimson energy beam glowed between its slender pincers.

With a soft sigh, it slowly set off toward the east with determination.

“This is for the sake of all in the Viridian Venom Flame World...” the guardian thought to itself.


With Master Feylis’ return to the Viridian Venom Flame World, Sein noticed a marked acceleration in the war’s tempo, contrasting sharply with the previous years.

Previously, the Magus Civilization Army focused on besieging the forces of the Neisse Civilization and the native creatures of the Viridian Venom Flame World.

However, after the Rank Six mage returned to this low-level plane, the Magus Civilization Army began to exert its influence over all the unclaimed territories.

The dwindling moments of respite for mages like Sein were becoming ever scarcer as the Magus Civilization Army continuously expanded its influence across the Viridian Venom Flame World.

Since Feylis’ return to the Viridian Venom Flame World six months ago, the Magus Civilization Army had engaged in a few large-scale conflicts with the Neisse Civilization’s mecha armies.

Each confrontation saw the deployment of hundreds of thousands of units from both sides.

The casualties suffered by the Magus World predominantly involved enslaved creatures deemed expendable, and were met with indifference.

In contrast, the Neisse Civilization’s plight deepened, lacking both reinforcements and critical support.

During this time, Sein acquired the corpse of an engineer from the Neisse Civilization as a trophy.

After dedicating time to dissect and study it, he passed it to Eileen for disposal, since it was a jointly acquired trophy.

The two had grown a lot closer to each other and chose to participate in missions together.

The other mages from the Divine Tower of Verdant Spring, who were familiar with them, were shocked upon learning of their growing bond.

While marriages among mages were not frowned upon, mages of Rank One and above faced slimmer odds of conceiving compared to ordinary humans.

Nevertheless, these limitations could be overcome through persistence, as evidenced by the founding of numerous prestigious magic families.

Sein and Eileen were both considered relatively young, given the near-millennium lifespan of a Rank One mage.

They took preventive measures as neither wished to have kids, especially while they were actively engaged in the war.

Furthermore, Sein, significantly influenced by the black mages, was resolved not to father any children until he attained absolute power.

Besides, he showed little interest in founding a family lineage or witnessing his descendants flourish.

For Sein, his life was currently dominated by only a few obsessions—the pursuit of absolute strength, the endless enigmas of truth, and the reunion with Leena, who was likely in the distant Western Archipelago.

Perhaps once these fervent aspirations were fulfilled, Sein might consider the possibility of fathering one or several heirs to pass on the knowledge legacy he had accumulated throughout his life.


Two years following the return of the Master Feylis to the Viridian Venom Flame World, the Magus Civilization launched a decisive three-pronged attack against the last stronghold of the Neisse Civilization’s main forces following numerous large-scale conflicts with them.

The battlefield was set in the Azurite Sea, located in the east-central region of the Viridian Venom Flame World.

The name of the sea reminded Sein of the Jewel Sea near the Divine Tower of Verdant Spring in the Magus World.

For this all-out assault, the combined forces of the Magus Civilization amassed over a hundred thousand mages and nearly 1.8 million enslaved creatures as cannon fodder.

In contrast, the Neisse Civilization’s defense consisted of nearly half a million partially damaged mechas and a handful of remaining constructed forts.

Perhaps due to Master Lorianne’s influence or Sein's extensive combat experience in the Viridian Venom Flame World, he and Eileen were finally assigned a less perilous mission for this critical offensive.

Instead of being deployed to the frontlines, they were stationed in the firepower control area on the eastern side of the Divine Tower of Verdant Flame’s space fortress.

Sein was assigned a row of roughly ten magic cannons. Their objective was to support the siege by bombarding enemies and key enemy forts, with rewards and compensation to follow based on their contributions.

Sein’s senior, Selphy, had undertaken a similar mission, providing invaluable support to Sein on the battlefield back then.

While safer, this role offered less reward compared to the mages fighting on the perilous frontlines.

Nevertheless, Sein was content with his assignment.

He felt he had already received enough rewards from his time on the battlefield and was not particularly eager to engage in the imminent battle, which was crucial for eradicating the Neisse Civilization’s remaining forces.

Given the overwhelming odds against the Neisse Civilization, the resistance of their forces was expected to be fiercer than ever.

For Sein, survival was paramount, especially after reaping numerous rewards from the war. He had no desire to risk his life in the final stages of this interplanar conflict.

Eileen’s perspective aligned with Sein’s. Having narrowly escaped death herself, she became much more cautious and prudent than Sein.

Unlike Sein, she harbored no burning ambition for power. With access to adequate resources for her research, Eileen saw no need to vie for more.


The battle at Azurite Sea stretched over six months.

As anticipated, the Neisse Civilization Army mounted a resistance far fiercer than any before.

The sea of molten lava became the final resting place for countless mechas from the Neisse Civilization.

Within the safety of the fortress, Sein was able to observe the battle between Rank Four creatures from a vantage point.

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