Sovereign of the Ashes - C.306: Feelings

Sovereign of the Ashes

C.306: Feelings

After the passionate session, Eileen found herself lying in the middle of the bed, under a bloodstained quilt.

“You said that you were worried about me when I was injured... Did you really mean it?” Eileen asked, her cheeks still flushed with a hint of allure.

Sein did not put on his magic robe again but instead, he changed into a set of comfortable loungewear.

He met Eileen’s question with a brief silence before nodding earnestly.

He asked himself if he genuinely cared about Eileen.

The answer was maybe. Yet, the nature of his concern at that juncture had not evolved into romantic feelings but was grounded in the camaraderie shared between friends or acquaintances.

Sein was far from oblivious. Such naivety would have seen him perish in Mystralora City long before now.

Beneath his typically aloof and stern facade was a level of slickness and intellect unknown to many. This was demonstrated by his keenness to become the apprentice of the Tower Master of Verdant Spring.

Eileen’s face lit up with a smile of bashfulness and joy in response to Sein.

Sein, driven by curiosity, could not help but ask, “How were you still a...”

He gestured toward the bloodstained sheets. Sein had not anticipated that Eileen would still be a virgin, given that she was at an age where she could very well be someone’s grandmother.

He definitely recalled an initiate from the Divine Tower of Verdant Spring, named Mark. That guy definitely addressed Eileen as his grandmother, suggesting her age was considerable.

Despite her youthful appearance, she was likely in her sixties or seventies.

Sein himself was now in his forties this year, far from being considered young by conventional standards.

He, too, could be a grandfather now if he had married and fathered children at a young age.

Eileen responded to Sein’s question with a roll of her eyes. “Do you take me for one of those ordinary noblewomen who lack modesty?”

In some corners of the Magus World, the noble circle was notoriously libertine, with certain noblewomen flaunting extramarital affairs as a status symbol among their peers.

Fortunately, the societal norms of the Lysian Alliance, Sein’s homeland, preserved a more traditional stance. At least, he had not heard of such scandals in that region.

Sein could well imagine that if any noblewomen were found to be unfaithful to their husbands, the circle of nobles led by Earl Grantt would enact some form of punishment.

Merely ending their lives might be considered a lenient punishment...

Eileen hailed from the Fran Dukedom, where she was once a princess.

Due to her exceptional talent in magic, she remained unmarried, dedicating her life to becoming a Rank One mage.

As a prominent figure in the dukedom’s ruling family, Eileen had to avoid any actions that could tarnish her family’s reputation prior to marriage.

After ascending to the status of a Rank One mage, the dukedom’s ruling family had even less influence over her actions.

The ruling family of the Fran Dukedom could be considered a prestigious magic family as they had produced other Rank One mages aside from Eileen.

However, with Eileen’s status as a Rank One mage, she was undoubtedly one of the members who held the highest positions of status and authority within the family.

Being part of the ruling family often came with responsibilities, including entering arranged marriages.

Even Sein’s father, Earl Grantt, a formidable figure, was not exempted from these noble traditions during his time as a squire.

The two official marriages of Earl Grantt were politically motivated, although this was not explicitly evident.

It was only upon attaining the life level of a Rank One that one could truly free oneself from the shackles of mundane societal expectations.

For knights and mages of the Magus World who had ascended beyond Rank One, they would be bound by a different set of rules, rendering the concerns of the mundane world progressively inconsequential.

Although Mark referred to Eileen as his grandmother, he was actually the grandson of Eileen’s older sister, making him indirectly related to her.

Sein was definitely Eileen’s first man. This was a fact confirmed not only by the bloodstain on the bed but also by Sein’s observation of her inexperience and panic between the sheets.

In this respect, Sein showed responsibility and understanding as a man.

Had Eileen harbored no feelings for him, Sein would have regarded their encounter merely as a “mutual diversion” to relieve stress.

However, the evident tenderness in Eileen’s gaze transformed the situation entirely. How could Sein consider leaving her, especially after being her first man?

The constitution of Rank One mages was superior compared to ordinary humans. Even so, Sein softened his voice and suggested, “You rest for a while first, I’ll go prepare some food.”

“I’ll help,” Eileen replied, her cheeks reddening further as she got out of bed.

The discomfort she felt had been considerably alleviated by a healing spell she cast on herself.

Together in the kitchenette of the room, they began preparing their meal like an ordinary couple.

As Sein washed the ingredients, he looked at Eileen and asked, “Why did you choose me?”

Noticing Eileen’s brief confusion, Sein elaborated, “Why did you offer me a special gift? I thought our relationship hadn’t progressed to that stage yet back then.”

Sein’s question caused Eileen’s face to flush again. He had already figured out that the “special gift” was actually Eileen herself.

Eileen continued with the food preparation as she began explaining, “I thought I was going to die in that battle outside the fortress a few years ago. Mareena fell right before my eyes, her last moments filled with struggle and despair.”

She continued, “As the energy beam from the Neisse Civilization’s mecha pierced my abdomen, I suddenly recalled Mareena’s words. She mentioned how pleasurable it was to bond with someone intimately and told me that I should try it. Mages should remain unswayed by physical sensations or hormones, but curiosity about the new experiences is natural. That is what drives us to pursue the truth.”

“At that moment, I found myself thinking of the opposite sex, including you,” Eileen confessed, glancing at Sein shyly.

Sein maintained his usual composure, attentively listening to Eileen.

“The decisive moment that made me choose you was when you were the only one who visited and stayed by my side for a long period as I was recuperating in the space fortress. That was when I noticed that you’re rather good-looking and reliable,” Eileen confessed with flushed cheeks.

In response to Eileen’s candid admission and her evident bashfulness, Sein nodded thoughtfully, then chuckled.

“Who would have thought the stern and dignified Eileen from our magic lectures would reveal such a gentle and emotional side?”

Upon hearing his remark, Eileen pinched him and huffed, “Enough of your teasing!”

She must have realized then that Sein, in terms of age and experience, was akin to her grandson, Mark.

Moreover, she had once taught Sein in a lecture on pyro elemental magic, thereby positioning herself as his mentor.

This realization caused Eileen’s cheeks to burn even hotter.

Beyond the embarrassment lay a complex mix of taboo and guilt, drawing her into a maelstrom of emotion.

Casting a swift glance at Sein, who stood a head taller than her, Eileen nevertheless found solace in his presence.

Only those who had endured profound loneliness and despair could truly appreciate the value of having a steadfast companion to lean on.

At least to Eileen, Sein was a very reliable man.

Despite the gap in their ages, with Sein being younger, his maturity and composure were irresistibly appealing to Eileen.

She was drawn to him, like a bee drawn to nectar.

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