Sovereign of the Ashes - C.295: Shocking Haul

Sovereign of the Ashes

C.295: Shocking Haul

A grotesque banquet unfolded at the base of the Neisse Civilization.

The enslaved creatures of the Magus World were blessed with stomachs of steel.

Throughout the war with the Magus Civilization, they often faced the dire prospect of having a meal with no guarantee of the next.

Surviving the war demanded not just bravery but also sustenance—a fact well understood among these beings that underwent passive evolution.

The Rank One creature that had recently appealed to Sein showcased its significant experience in wars through its actions.

It deftly seized the corpses of three Neisse Civilization creatures, tilting its head back and opening its huge mouth in a grotesque display before swallowing them whole.

Crunch! Crunch!

The sound of bones being crushed and flesh being chewed echoed in the base.

This grim feast cast a shadow over the already dim hopes of the remaining Neisse creatures in the base.

Aware that the mages from the Magus World were interested in living specimens, the crocodile man wisely prioritized only the dead Neisse Civilization creatures.

Its voracious consumption quickly triggered a similar frenzy among the other enslaved creatures in the vicinity, instilling terror in the Neisse Civilization creatures.

Yet, Sein and his fellow mages merely perceived these enslaved creatures as good hunting dogs.

“The survival of the fittest, huh? So, this is the law of the Astral Realm?” Sein quietly mused before moving on through the base.

Due to his early experiences as a black mage, his mental resilience was far superior to those who were participating in the interplanar war for the first time.

Amidst the crunching noises, rivers of blood began dyeing the white floor red.


Indeed, the Rank Two female mage had been correct. The base was a treasure trove beyond Sein’s expectations.

Navigating without a clear understanding of the base’s layout, Sein nevertheless amassed a significant haul within one or two days that brought him immense satisfaction.

Among his findings, the specimens of Neisse Civilization creatures were noteworthy, yet it was the discovery of a concealed small warehouse that proved most lucrative.

The warehouse contained an array of bizarre devices and equipment, which Sein stored into an empty space ring without scrutiny for the time being.

However, the energy crystals, taking up a third of the small warehouse, were the ones that dazzled Sein.

Unlike the oval-shaped energy crystals of the Magus World, designed to fit snugly in hand for easy handling by mages and knights, the crystals of the Neisse Civilization were cubic, seemingly optimized for seamless insertion into the energy slots of the mechas.

The purity levels between the two civilizations' crystals also varied, making it difficult for Sein to immediately assess their worth.

Nevertheless, he sensed a significant fortune within his grasp.

The bounty of energy crystals alone justified his participation in the recent conflicts, ensuring that his efforts were not in vain

In addition to discovering a small, unexpected warehouse, Sein navigated the depths of the base without encountering any danger.

The creatures of Neisse Civilization had strategically placed devices resembling magic cannons throughout the base, particularly in important areas.

For instance, upon entering the hidden warehouse, Sein had to first destroy two energy beam guns that activated unexpectedly.

These internal defense mechanisms of the Neisse Civilization, though potentially harmful to creatures of lesser strength, posed little threat to individuals of Sein’s caliber, provided they proceeded with caution.

After traversing several sections, Sein arrived at a vast hall with a translucent ceiling, larger than any area he had previously explored.

Looking upward, Sein observed through the translucent ceiling a churning crimson sea of molten lava above.

“This must be the heart of the Blue Fiery Trench, where the main forces of the Magus Civilization Army are clashing with the primary resistance of the Neisse Civilization,” Sein deduced after estimating his current coordinates.

It was then that a damaged mecha, about twenty meters tall and missing over a third of its limbs, plummeted into the molten sea, crashing onto the ceiling of the hall.

Despite the impact, the translucent ceiling held firm, allowing Sein to see the dented metal and exposed circuits of the damaged mecha.

Soon after, an over ten-meter-tall giant radiating red elemental energy entered Sein’s view.

Clearly, this was a formidable mage, possibly a Rank Two or Rank Three mage who had activated their elemental body.

The translucent ceiling, however, obscured Sein’s ability to accurately discern the mage’s exact life level.

The powerful mage had just dispatched the mecha and while attending to the wreckage in the sea of molten lava, he noticed Sein below the translucent barrier.

Thus, the two mages from the Magus World inadvertently shared a moment of mutual recognition amidst the chaotic war, each pondering the other’s thoughts.

As Sein observed the formidable mage, he felt a surge of admiration for the other’s strength.

Noticing the rather confused look in the other mage’s elemental eyes, Sein speculated that the mage must be curious about how he had so swiftly infiltrated the main base of the Neisse Civilization.

Beyond their silent exchange of glances, Sein and the powerful mage shared no communication.

Yet, Sein’s attention was drawn to a striking sight behind the mage and at the lowest reaches of the base. A stream of green substance was flowing from a large pipe.

“Verdant glaze deposits?!” Sein exclaimed.

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