Sovereign of the Ashes - C.290: Silver Fort

Sovereign of the Ashes

C.290: Silver Fort

The command to launch an attack swiftly propagated from the space fortress, reaching the surrounding four mage formations, each consisting of ten thousand individuals.

The initial response came from the hundreds of thousands of enslaved creatures serving as cannon fodder, which, despite being diminished over the past two months, still presented an imposing force when viewed from above.

Following the enslaved creatures’ lead, the two mage legions positioned in front of the space fortress initiated their assault at different altitudes.

The group positioned at a higher altitude leveraged its advantageous position to unleash magical attacks on the mecha army below.

The others who descended to lower altitude engaged the enemies in close-quarters combat to obliterate them and secure the area.

The mecha army had already anticipated the arrival of the Magus Civilization Army.

Sein had been informed upon his arrival in this war zone about a valuable verdant glaze mine located in the vicinity, a resource now understood to be situated beneath the Blue Fiery Trench, alongside the strategic base of the Neisse Civilization.

This was the reason behind the Magus Civilization’s offensive in this region.

Another intense battle quickly ensued, and as Sein was part of the two mage formations in the rear, he was not among the first to charge into combat.

Instead, he used this interval to calibrate himself to peak condition.

Around him, numerous mages unleashed their long-range offensive magic spells, targeting the fortifications of the Neisse Civilization far below.

Once Sein had optimized his own condition, he hurled several fireball spells downward too.

He harbored little expectation of these fireballs meeting any specific mark over such a great distance.

Besides, Sein’s magic spell only served to bolster the Magus Civilization Army’s overall elemental onslaught.

Wave after wave of magical energy cascaded from above, akin to a massive tidal wave.

One could only imagine the daunting spectacle witnessed by the engineers from the Neisse Civilization.

After launching six rounds of spells from the sky, Sein received an order from the space fortress through his crystal ball.

With such an extensive battle involving nearly fifty thousand mages, Sein surmised that Bernice, the Tower Master of Floating Flame, might also be present, potentially commanding from within the space fortress!

After all, this battle was pivotal, marking a decisive moment for the Magus Civilization Army’s dominance over the northern reaches of the lava sea in the Viridian Venom Flame World.

The native pyro elemental creatures had dwindled in both strength and number, leaving the Neisse Civilization’s forces as the primary opposition against the Magus Civilization Army.

A decisive victory over the remaining opposing forces would significantly accelerate the progress of several divine towers in the ongoing interplanar war.

Heeding the fortress’ command, the mage formation, of which Sein was a part of, divided into two and coordinated with the legions of enslaved creatures to flank the Neisse Civilization’s base.

Meanwhile, the remaining mage formation remained stationary in the sky, likely held in reserve to provide support as needed.

Realistically, among the four formations engaged in the conflict, the one that remained in the sky was markedly in the safest position.

Sein, however, felt no envy toward them. Having committed to interplanar warfare, he knew well that absolute safety was an illusion.

While those within the space fortress might enjoy a degree of security, their situation, too, could hardly be deemed entirely risk-free.

In the annals of Magus Civilization’s warfare, there had been instances of fortresses being overrun and even scenarios where formidable mages of Rank Four and above met their demise in battle.

War, fundamentally, was a gamble, particularly for those at the lower echelons of power.

Within this context, the knights and mages of the Magus World, under the aegis of the powerful Magus Civilization, found themselves in a relatively favorable position compared to their adversaries from rival civilizations.

Sein was among the mages launching an assault on the right flank below.

Amidst this fray, tens of thousands of enslaved creatures converged around Sein and the other mages.

The ones in the frontlines had already clashed with the mechas from the Neisse Civilization.

The Blue Fiery Trench, a stronghold meticulously fortified and constructed by the Neisse Civilization over an extended period, presented a formidable challenge to breach.

In the heart of the battlefield, Sein saw several tough-looking enslaved creatures plunging directly into the sea of molten lava alongside several Rank Two and Three mages.

Unlike them, Sein had no inclination to shield himself magically and dive into the lava sea. His primary target remained the metallic peaks piercing through the lava’s surface.

Given the comprehensive modifications undertaken by the Neisse Civilization on these mountain ridges, he was sure that there existed a special passageway to access the depths of the lava sea.

While Sein had not performed a dissection of his captured engineer from the Neisse Civilization and delved deeply into studying their anatomy, his preliminary research indicated that the constitution of these engineers was somewhat inferior to the mages of the Magus World.

Therefore, it seemed illogical for these engineers to be able to navigate the sea of molten lava that even Rank One mages like Sein hesitated to enter.

The only plausible explanation was the presence of a large-scale base beneath the Blue Fiery Trench, offering an environment conducive for the engineers’ habitation and operations.

The Magus Civilization was unaware of the existence of over two million Neisse Civilization’s engineers within this world until they invaded the Viridian Venom Flame World.

This raised the question—where had all these mechas and engineers concealed themselves before this?

Observing the barrage coming from the Neisse Civilization below, Sein, along with several other mages, speculated a base, brimming with the potential for exploration, lay just beneath the sea of molten lava.

However, ...the intensity of the enemy’s firepower at this moment was overwhelmingly strong!

Sein was currently part of a significant force, surrounded by thousands of mages and tens of thousands of enslaved creatures.

Yet, even in flight, he could sense the barrage of dense energy rays being fired from below.

It was not just the Neisse Civilization’s engineers facing the brunt of the assault. The mages from the Magus World like Sein also found themselves under a barrage of hostile fire.

Continuing to advance in such conditions was no different than presenting themselves as living targets to the Neisse Civilization.

Thus, by the time they descended to a mere five hundred meters above the mountain ridges, the thousands of mages had long since broken into smaller squads or acted individually.

Sein had initially intended to proceed solo, but a summon through the crystal ball from a nearby Rank Two mage compelled him and a few others to rally to her side.

According to the wartime protocols, a mage of higher rank was granted temporary command over those of lower ranks.

This was a measure intended not just for organizational efficiency but to ensure the higher-ranked mages could, where possible, safeguard their lesser-experienced comrades during combat.

“Let’s head over there!” The mage who had gathered Sein and the others was a female mage. Wearing a loose, yellow hooded robe, she projected an air of determination and dependability.

Looking in the direction indicated by the Rank Two mage, Sein was greeted by the sight of a silver fort, elliptical in shape, from which constant streams of energy beams were being emitted.

Situated atop a mountain ridge, the fort’s formidable power was complemented by the presence of numerous mechas around it, each distinguished by varying colors.

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