Sovereign of the Ashes - C.289: Blue Fiery Trench

Sovereign of the Ashes

C.289: Blue Fiery Trench

The area surrounding the base had been thoroughly secured by the mages, resulting in minimal resistance encountered by Sein and the Magus Civilization Army during the initial stages of their mission.

Yet, as they ventured closer to the depths of the lava sea, particularly toward the special region known as the “Blue Fiery Trench”, they began to encounter various creatures from the Viridian Venom Flame World.

Among these encounters, the Magus Civilization Army noted several what seemed to be scout mechas.

Nonetheless, neither the native creatures of the Viridian Venom Flame World nor the occasional appearance of mechas posed any significant challenge to the Magus Civilization Army’s advance.

The sporadic forces that did emerge also proved ineffective against the might of the four mage formations, each comprising ten thousand mages.

The surrounding elite enslaved creatures, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, were enough to dispatch these minor threats.

For distant creatures that chose flight over fight, the mages would intervene, using their elemental powers to eliminate any that managed to outrun the enslaved creatures.

Throughout this advance, the space fortress at the army’s core remained a silent giant.

Rows of its formidable magic cannons stayed inactive, serving more as a psychological deterrent than an active combatant, awaiting the emergence of a truly significant threat.

Upon his arrival at the northeastern base, Sein had initially perceived the Divine Tower of Floating Flame’s space fortress as somewhat modest and weathered.

Despite its “modest” size, the colossal structure with a diameter of ten thousand meters diameter still appeared as immense as a continent to any ordinary creatures.

Besides, the fortress’ battle capabilities remained unhampered by its “weathered” exterior.

After all, the outcomes of wars were determined not by aesthetics but by strategy, power, and resilience.

Therefore, the weathered cannons and the countless scratches on the surface of the Divine Tower of Floating Flame’s space fortress did nothing to diminish the sense of confidence it inspired in Sein and the other tens of thousands mages.

The high morale displayed by the enslaved creatures, despite being branded as soul slaves, also undoubtedly mirrored a profound trust in the Magus Civilization’s enduring resilience.

The peace above the sea of molten lava was short-lived, as barely a day and a half into their mission, the first significant battle ensued.

The sea churned violently before parting in the middle, revealing a group of creatures shrouded in flames in its depths.

These creatures from the Viridian Venom Flame World had a diverse array of appearances.

Despite Sein's prolonged stay in this world, he surmised that the creatures he had encountered represented merely a fraction of the world’s extensive variety of inhabitants.

Among the throng of pyro elemental creatures, Sein identified several hundred in the vanguard that bore resemblance to fish and lizards, covered in red and black scale armors.

They were Molten Fire Beasts, subjects of Sein’s recent study.

Hundreds of crimson flame pillars erupted from the sea beneath them, accompanied by a barrage of various energy attacks numbering in the thousands, creating a spectacle reminiscent of a reverse fiery rainstorm from Sein’s vantage point above.

Positioned on the right rear flank of the space fortress, Sein’s formation experienced minimal impact from this onslaught.

It was the legions of enslaved creatures, serving as cannon fodder on the frontlines around the fortress, who bore the brunt of the attack.

Following the abrupt change, a translucent energy barrier swiftly expanded from the space fortress positioned in the middle of the four mage formations.

This orange-colored energy barrier looked rather solid, even when viewed from a distance.

This immense barrier intercepted the scattered attacks that went past the legions of enslaved creatures, aimed at the fortress.

It provided protection for not only the fortress alone, but also the four mage formations.

Commands were quickly relayed to the two mage formations positioned in front of the fortress through crystal balls, stirring the elemental forces into action across the battlefield.

For the native creatures of this world, the spectacle of magical might was as awe-inspiring and fearsome as miracles and divine punishment!


For the next two consecutive months, the Magus Civilization Army fought relentlessly.

The sea of molten lava became a battleground where unidentified pyro elemental creatures continuously emerged, challenging the legion at every turn.

Despite this, the light of magic and elemental energies flashed endlessly as the Magus Civilization Army progressively advanced deeper toward the heart of the lava sea.

By the early half of the third month, they finally reached their destination—the Blue Fiery Trench.

At this point in time, the appearance of pyro elemental creatures around the army began to wane.

Although this change was not immediately perceptible to the mages on the frontlines, it was unmistakably noted by the mages within the command center of the space fortress through their scans.

Conversely, as the number of flame creatures dwindled, increasing numbers of mechas began to encircle the fortress.

These constructs seemed wary of the formidable capabilities of the Magus Civilization’s space fortress and the devastating power of the four mage formations.

Instead of launching direct attacks, they strategically used the pyro elemental creatures as expendable forces to gradually deplete the strength of the Magus Civilization Army.

Within the Blue Fiery Trench’s subterranean base, engineers from the Neisse Civilization had meticulously prepared numerous defensive and resistance mechanisms specifically for this battle.

Over time, the dynamic between the Neisse Civilization’s engineers and the Magus Civilization’s mages had shifted.

The engineers were no longer as aggressive and domineering as they had been when they first made their presence known in the Viridian Venom Flame World.

Faced with repeated setbacks and significant losses of critical forces, the Neisse Civilization engineers were compelled to reassess the disparity in power between themselves and the Magus Civilization.

There were currently only three mages of Rank Four and higher in the Viridian Venom Flame World. Even without the aid of any huge knight legions, the mage forces of the Magus Civilization alone proved to be an insurmountable challenge for the remnants of the Neisse Civilization.

On the battlefield’s frontlines, Sein looked rather weary after expending a significant amount of mana over the past two months.

While flying in the sky on his two metal disks, which allowed for flight with minimal mana consumption, Sein took in the view beneath him.

Beyond the vast sea of crimson molten lava were countless rocky formations, emerging starkly from the fiery liquid below.

Given the nature of the area as a “trench”, it was characterized by marked variations in elevation.

The higher points were those with the peaks of mountain ridges breaking through the surface of the lava sea.

On these rocky formations on the surface, Sein observed an array of mechas and metallic fortifications with designs markedly distinct from anything produced by the Magus Civilization.

Upon closer inspection, Sein noted that many of these protrusions in the sea gleamed with a metallic sheen.

“Huh? It appears the Neisse Civilization has excavated the mountain ridges in this region.”

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