Paladin of the Dead God - C.132:


Isolde’s eyes snapped open as she had been feeling Isaac’s cheek. Only then did she realize that this situation was not a dream or a mental realm, but reality, and she hurriedly got up.

Unlike in the mental realm, Isolde was naturally dressed in simple indoor clothing. However, due to the effects of consciousness or possibly still lingering blessings, the peculiar outfit she wore in the mental realm faintly shimmered before her eyes.

Isaac felt a stronger impulse from seeing Isolde’s flustered demeanor than from when the red-fleshed prophet, imitating Isolde, had shown coquetry.

Isaac tried to act calm as he stood up with her.

Isolde’s eyes were relentlessly shaking.

“It’s only temporarily that the Doctrine of Thirsty Love has been suppressed, but it hasn’t been completely removed. It’s deeply rooted due to the long time it’s been there, and it would take some time to remove it without side effects.”

“Of course, there’s a much simpler and quicker way to remove it,” added Hesabel unnecessarily, to which Isaac glared at her.

Isolde, still not fully grasping the situation, frantically touched her stomach where Isaac had stabbed her earlier with the Rite of Division.

“It’s the spot where I stabbed you with the Rite of Division. It’s lethal for beings made by miracles, but just an ordinary dagger for normal beings. The Doctrine of Thirsty Love was too strong, so there was no choice. Don’t worry, it’s been treated.”

[Sacred Artifact of Healing (A)]

[When it touches a wound, it immediately heals the bleeding and injury, but uses blood.]

It was the sacred relic Isaac used while treating Isolde’s wound.

His own regenerative abilities were so remarkable that he hardly needed to use it, but it was useful when healing others.

Isolde blushed as she realized what “the Doctrine of Thirsty Love was too strong, so there was no choice” meant.

“Ah, so, that… to me… that?”

“There was no such incident, so please don’t worry.”

Explaining this tired Isaac, but he had to clarify it several times to prevent her from harboring unnecessary misunderstandings.

Isolde’s expression became complicated by the reassurance that nothing had happened, but Isaac had a lot more to explain to her.

“As I mentioned, the Doctrine of Thirsty Love hasn’t completely disappeared. The one who cast the blessing was an angel, so it’s unusually potent. We need to repeat the same process for a while.”

“Um, ah, so you mean to perform the ritual of the Red Chalice Club?”

Isolde, true to her role as an inquisitor, seemed to have realized what had happened in this room by looking at the blood-colored pattern and Hesabel on the floor.

Not that there aren’t rituals to expel blessings or curses in the Codex of Light, but as a heretic faith, it tends to be violent. To expel it without major side effects, it had to be a miracle of the same Red Chalice Club.

“Yes. Hesabel will help. Until we completely remove the Doctrine of Thirsty Love, it would be wise to restrict outside interactions.”

“Oh, then the Knight of the Holy Chalice is…”

“Right now, the intensity of the Doctrine of Thirsty Love has lessened. It’s probably about as strong as on the first day the blessing was cast. This level is manageable.”

At this level, it might just cause other men to have strange delusions. It was nothing compared to the earlier charm that violently attracted people.

“As time passes, its power might increase, but for now, it’s safe for you to meet your parents again.”

At this, Isolde’s eyes widened and she covered her mouth.

Tears began to well up in the corners of her eyes.

Isolde knew the struggles her parents, the ducal couple, were facing. Isaac, not wanting to delve into complicated feelings, patted her shoulder and prepared to leave.

It was now time to explain the situation to Freya, who would be waiting at the door, and to Dietrich, who was pacing the garden non-stop.

‘What are you supposed to do with Isolde in such a situation? Knowing all too well the outside circumstances, how could you possibly be motivated?’

The thought of spending the night with in-laws waiting outside seemed like something only a fan of orgiastic cannibal parties would conceive.

Isaac could never do such a thing.

As he was about to leave, Isolde murmured,

“Thank you… Thank you for saving me again.”

Moved by Isolde’s tearful voice, Isaac, roughing up his hair, said,

“No need to worry, Inquisitor. This situation arose because of me.”

Isolde looked intently at Isaac with tear-filled eyes. Isaac felt a heaviness in his heart due to her tears.

“And you have saved me several times too. You also kept my secret. I know that wasn’t easy.”

Isaac wished he could say something more eloquent, but he didn’t have the vocabulary for it. He simply spoke honestly.

“So let’s not count how many times we’ve saved each other. It looks like we’ll both owe each other a lot in the future.”


“Thank you. This means… I owe you a great debt.”

After reuniting with Isolde, the Brant Ducal couple met Isaac again. Although the Doctrine of Thirsty Love had weakened, it clearly still existed, making it harmful for Isolde to face them for long.

Dietrich spoke with a relieved face.

“To be honest, I thought that if it were someone of your stature, a holy Grail Knight, even marriage to our daughter wouldn’t pose a problem. In fact, that was the only solution we were considering. But it seems you found another way. I’m not sure whether to be disappointed or glad. Do you love someone by any chance?”

Seeing Isolde’s condition improved, Dietrich even made a joke.

Though his expression was quite serious, he hoped it would be taken as a joke.

“No, there are no issues with Miss Isolde, and if there’s a problem, it’s with my own shortcomings.”

Being under the influence of the Doctrine of Thirsty Love, his own charm wouldn’t be a problem—it would be irresistibly attractive.

“Well, isn’t it okay for a beautiful man and woman to spend a night together?”

“…You’re joking, right?”

“Yes, it’s a joke. But I’m not particularly delusional about my children. I first became involved with my wife when she was four years younger than Isolde is now…”

Freya Brant, who had been quietly listening, kicked Dietrich in the shin. Dietrich closed his mouth.

Although it was nice to see the human side of the empire’s most powerful figure, there was a lot to discuss.

“Duke, as I mentioned, the Doctrine of Thirsty Love has not completely disappeared. We plan to weaken it over time and then allow Miss Isolde to absorb the red flesh within her. This should build her resistance to the miracles of the Red Chalice.”

At the mention of absorbing the red flesh, Dietrich’s expression wavered. A devout believer would never tolerate such blasphemy, but he didn’t protest.

It was hard to refuse an offer that promised a solution and prevention.

“Do as you wish, Holy Grail Knight. Miss Isolde would want that too.”

Freya responded calmly. Her composed and serious demeanor seemed to hold the discipline of the family.

“Good. Then we’ll need to repeat the same ritual over the next few days, and we’ll need your help.”

“Tell us what you need.”

“Please host a banquet to promote the marriage of Isolde Brant.”

Silence fell. Freya’s face darkened, and Dietrich looked as if his world had collapsed. Isaac hurried to clarify his statement.

“No, just rumors of the marriage are enough. There’s no need to compromise the lady’s honor. I understand she is of age to be married, isn’t she?”

“Um, that is true.”

People in this era typically marry before turning twenty. By twenty, they are considered fully mature. Especially in a noble family like the Brants, strategic marriages are common, so there would be many suitors.

“The news of Miss Isolde’s return to Rougeberg must have spread by now. The only daughter of the Brant family, who was working for the Order, has returned home when she is of full marriageable age. Just this will stir many rumors. To quell unnecessary gossip, we must host a ball to make it seem ‘as if she has returned for marriage.’”

“Hmm, I see what you mean. That’s very thoughtful of you.”

“The real purpose is different. We need to identify who fed her the flesh.”

Isolde had ingested the red flesh.

No matter how cunning the Prophet of the Red Flesh might be, the flesh wouldn’t just crawl into one’s mouth on its own. Whether through seduction or coercion, there must be someone in the Red Chalice Club assisting.

“Whoever fed Miss Isolde the flesh will surely react to the rumor of a ball being held. They might try to dishonor her or check on her condition, but they will definitely come.”

The spy might not like the reduction in their numbers, but what can be done?

Isaac had never agreed to such a thing in the first place.


Rumors about the banquet at the Duke of Brant’s duchy spread quickly.

Already, the social circles were buzzing with news that Isolde Brant, the only daughter of the duke, had returned to her domain from the convent. This was followed by her reclusive behavior in Rougeberg, which fueled all sorts of malicious gossip. However, the announcement of a grand banquet inviting all the lords of the Brant territories quickly overshadowed the previous rumors.

And a new rumor began to circulate among all ears and mouths.

‘Who will become the duke’s son-in-law?’


It was the seventh day since Isaac had stayed in Rougeberg. The castle was busy with preparations for the upcoming banquet.

In the meantime, the power of the red flesh was continuously weakening, and inversely, the amount Isolde could absorb was increasing. However, the ritual could only be conducted once a day, so the duration was quite lengthy. During this time, Isaac mostly stayed in the tower where Isolde was, occasionally visiting the inner castle upon Dietrich’s invitation.

Isaac’s interactions were extremely limited, so he only met a few people – Dietrich, Freya, and Isolde. However, Isolde, after completing the ritual, would fall into a deep sleep and spend most of her day asleep, making her a poor conversation partner.

Dietrich, watching the busy preparations below, spoke up.

“You know this is not how you usually choose a marriage partner, right?”

Isaac knew about social engagements only from historical dramas and fantasy movies. In his mind, beautiful couples formed at grand balls, leading to marriages.

“I’m not sure about that.”

“Usually, marriage discussions happen well in advance. My office is piled with enough letters of such discussions to last a winter’s firewood. If a suitable match exists, they check the balance of power between them, the dowry amount, the benefits of the marriage, how the inheritance is split… and then they inform the children, ‘This lord’s son is quite the catch.’”

Dietrich continued with a laugh.

“Having a banquet like this usually happens during the selection of a princess consort. But even that is rigged with a pre-planned script under the guise of fairness.”

“Oh, this might cause a misunderstanding with His Imperial Majesty?”

“Uncle loves his niece; he’ll understand. Emperor Waltzemer will.”

Realizing Isolde’s high status as the emperor’s niece, Isaac remembered his initial contemplations about killing her in the convent.

‘I almost killed myself in a troublesome way.’

“Actually, my daughter is no longer a concern. Now, it’s all up to you, Mr. Isaac.”

“I’ll do my best.”

“No, the problem actually lies with you, Mr. Isaac.”

Isaac looked at Dietrich, puzzled.

“My problem… you mean?”

“You might feel this situation is quite stifling, being confined to the castle and the tower. It’s almost like being imprisoned. I wouldn’t want to keep a Grail Knight under such conditions…”

“I understand the situation… I can handle it.”

“No. There’s also another reason involving Isolde, but it’s essentially an excuse. The truth is, I have reasons to keep you here, for the empire’s sake.”

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