Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - C.4905: Capture


The moment Long Chen took out Evilmoon, the Sword Tooth Blood Ginger sensed something wrong and turned the powerful suction force into a repulsive force.

However, Long Chen didn’t give it any chance to counterattack. Evilmoon slashed down and cut this black world in two.

Long Chen once more saw light, and only now did he see the nine-leafed monstrosity before him.

Rather than calling it blood ginger, it looked more like a humanoid tree demon with a giant bloody mouth. However, right now, it was cut in two, spurting out blood-like liquid through the air.

Long Chen had no time to deal with the wasted liquid and directly tossed its corpse into the primal chaos space. After all, when the Sword Tooth Blood Ginger died, it would rapidly wither away, and Long Chen wasn’t sure if the primal chaos space could revive a withered Sword Tooth Blood Ginger. That was why he planted it in the primal chaos space as quickly as possible. When he saw its lost vitality start to return, he sighed with relief.

“Damn, that was difficult.”

Sweat covered Long Chen’s head. After all, this Sword Tooth Blood Ginger was simply too crafty. It would have fled if he hadn’t been careful enough. Fortunately, the two parts of its body were thriving in the primal chaos space. Long Chen quickly got to work, cutting off its roots and planting them in the soil.

“This is what you get for whipping me…” Long Chen muttered as he worked. The roots were incredibly tough, and he still had dozens of open wounds that stung painfully from them.

Long Chen quickly cut up hundreds of roots and planted them. After a whole farm of Sword Tooth Blood Gingers was established, he started to focus on healing his injuries.

“There’s poison?!” Long Chen broke into curses. The places the Sword Tooth Blood Ginger had struck him were painful and itchy, with even signs of corrosion. Due to the urgency of the situation, he hadn’t noticed at the time, but now that he was focusing on healing, he instantly realized the problem.

It took over an hour of focused recovery for Long Chen to no longer feel the pain. However, in any case, it had definitely been worth it.

“I misjudged. This Sword Tooth Blood Ginger was most likely a remnant of the primal chaos era. Its essence blood is incomparably pure, so no wonder its intelligence was so high,” sighed the Earth Cauldron.

The next moment, a fist-sized globe of blood appeared before Long Chen. It was the Sword Tooth Blood Ginger’s blood essence that the Earth Cauldron had helped him gather.

Although it looked so little—just the size of a single fist, this was its compressed form. Once it was released, it would be enough to fill a lake.

“A remnant of the primal chaos era?” Long Chen jumped, staring at this globe of blood in disbelief.

However, when he saw the primal chaos qi and ancient desolate runes within the globe of blood, Long Chen was overjoyed. He had really struck gold this time.

This essence blood was a priceless treasure in this era, surpassing even the value of the Great Sun Sunflower. After all, the Sword Tooth Blood Ginger was a highly elusive and dangerous entity, capable of fleeing or attacking at the slightest provocation.

When Long Chen considered its immense value, his gloom at having to injure himself vanished like smoke in the wind.

“You were the one who outsmarted it. It had managed to survive the battle of the primal chaos era and the other ancient battles, only to die at your hands,” sighed the Earth Cauldron.

“Hehe, no matter how crafty the prey is, it can’t escape an experienced hunter’s hands.” Long Chen smiled, very pleased with himself this time.

Indeed, if it weren’t for his acting skills, there would have been no way to capture this Sword Tooth Blood Ginger.

Just as Long Chen was talking to the Earth Cauldron, he checked the primal chaos space again and saw that the two halves of the Sword Tooth Blood Ginger had revived. However, he was surprised to find that its leaves above the ground were only three feet tall, and its roots underground were no longer than three meters.

“What’s going on? Why did it shrink so much?” asked Long Chen.

“The Sword Tooth Blood Ginger lost much of its essence after being killed. However, here, it can rapidly recover its lost energy. Also, don’t be fooled by its appearance. It isn’t the case that the larger its body, the stronger its medicinal effect—it’s the opposite. The smaller it is, the more condensed its power. It will only reveal its true body when it’s hunting. Normally, they’re in their smallest state as it’s more suitable for fleeing,” explained the Earth Cauldron.

Long Chen nodded in comprehension. At this moment, the Sword Tooth Blood Gingers that he had transplanted had taken root, but they were growing extremely slowly.

Long Chen then looked toward the black soil where the six giant corpses lay. They were just lying there, with no sign of being devoured.

“Don’t get any crazy dreams. Those are pre-Emperor corpses. Although only a trace of their power remains, they’re still tough bones, not so easy to gnaw. You’ll need to give the black soil more time,” said the Earth Cauldron.


Long Chen had originally thought that the black soil would instantly devour these corpses. He was waiting for the primal chaos space to undergo a massive transformation, but it seemed that there wouldn’t be such an amazing effect for now.

Long Chen’s soul left the primal chaos space. He was in an excellent mood. With the Sword Tooth Blood Ginger in hand, he was one step closer to activating the Nirvanic Charge Star.

“The gift from that senior is truly priceless!” exclaimed Long Chen, looking at the violet crystal heavenly eye with immense gratitude.

Previously, seeing how ashamed the Heavenly Eye senior was when he gave away his eye, Long Chen had thought that it would be mostly useless. After all, the Heavenly Eye senior had almost exhausted all his eye’s energy, and its runes could no longer be activated. All that remained was the heaven-peering art.

This heaven-peering art was the most basic pupil art in existence for the Heavenly Eye race, so leaving Long Chen with such a simple pupil art made the senior feel guilty. What he didn’t know was that it was precisely what Long Chen needed. With it, he could effortlessly locate treasures.

“Wow, it’s even possible to see things underground if you focus on it! It can even see through rock…”

As Long Chen started to experiment with the eye, he was delighted to find that it was practically a miraculous item. There was practically nothing that it couldn’t see through. However, the more complicated and solid things Long Chen was trying to see through, the more energy it would use up.

Suddenly, an earthquake occurred, and Long Chen felt like he heard a voice from far away. Immediately, Long Chen used the violet crystal heavenly eye to look in that direction.

“Shit, Mo Nian’s in trouble!”

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