Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - C.4903: Sword Tooth Blood Ginger

Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

C.4903: Sword Tooth Blood Ginger

Through the violet crystal eye, Long Chen saw a vast world. This endless grassland was incredibly small in front of it.

“I see him!”

Long Chen saw a figure fleeing rapidly. It was the Blood expert who was running in a panic.

“I’ll chase him right now and kill him.”

Long Chen was delighted. He had determined the Blood expert’s general direction. However, just as he was about to move, the scene in his eye vanished.

“What’s going on? Where did he go?”

As the violet crystal eye returned to its normal appearance, Long Chen rubbed it lightly.

“Is it broken?”

“This is an innate divine eye of the Heavenly Eye race. How could it break? It just doesn’t have much energy left as that vision uses up all its energy. As it possesses its own slight consciousness, it knows to preserve a bit of energy for its own survival. When it has energy, it will awaken from its slumber and can be used again,” explained the Earth Cauldron.

Only then did Long Chen recall that he needed to nourish it with his violet blood if he wanted to keep using it.

“I’ll try it.”

Long Chen sent the violet crystal eye into his spiritual space and started circulating his violet blood energy to nourish it. However, as his violet blood had always been suppressed by his dragon blood, he couldn’t draw out too much of its power. Otherwise, it would once more descend into slumber.

The moment his violet blood power touched the crystal eye, the eye quivered and started to absorb the energy on its own.

However, Long Chen was glad to find that its absorption was very slow and gentle, not affecting the state of his violet blood.

Long Chen waited for two hours. When he took out the violet crystal eye again, he understood how to use it. He stared into it with his own eye and once more saw a vast space.

“So the world within the violet crystal heavenly eye is so beautiful.”

Long Chen hadn’t noticed before, but when the image was gone and he looked inside again, he saw that the world he saw was more vibrant, more beautiful, more colorful, and more diverse than what he saw with the naked eye.

He could see the rain and dew in the air silently nourishing everything in the world. He saw the runes of the laws that controlled the operation of heaven and earth. They were like different kinds of petals blowing in the breeze, creating light and gentle whirlpools and eddies.

Through the eye, Long Chen saw many things he had never seen before. It was like he was seeing the world for the first time—everything appeared miraculous.

Most interesting of all, he could now control his line of sight. The moment he thought of treasure, the eye rippled and seemed to grasp something.

Long Chen hastily focused on it, and his vision narrowed down upon a plot of grassland. Within it was a single empty piece of land, which was around a hundred miles in width. The soil here was scarlet, and at the center was a single tuft of emerald leaves.

The leaves’ edges were serrated, resembling sawteeth. There were nine leaves, each three inches tall, tightly wrapped around each other.

“This is… the Sword Tooth Blood Ginger!”

Long Chen couldn’t help being shocked. It was one of the main ingredients of the Nirvanic Charge Pill. He had searched through the Huayun Trading Company and every other available channel to find it, but to no avail.

It was said that the Sword Tooth Blood Ginger was a primal chaos spirit plant, far beyond a simple medicinal ingredient. It was more akin to a kind of tree demon, possessing the ability to attack, defend, and flee with remarkable skill. Its strongest point lay in its ability to escape; once it decided to run, almost no one could catch it.

Furthermore, the Sword Tooth Blood Ginger was extremely crafty and suspicious, as cowardly as a mouse. As soon as it sensed the slightest danger, it would run. Anything weaker than it was its prey, while anything stronger would never be able to approach it without meeting its demise.

That was why almost no one in the outside world had seen it. Despite the grand scale of the Huayun Trading Company, they could only provide Long Chen with a few drops of the Sword Tooth Blood Ginger’s essence, extracted from its juice.

This was something that had been almost lost in the Huayun Trading Company’s storehouse. It was part of their ancient curios, having been in their storehouse for so long that they didn’t even know what it was. Long Chen was deeply touched by their efforts to locate it for him. However, what he needed wasn’t just a small amount of essence, but an actual living Sword Tooth Blood Ginger.

Even a washbasin full of essence wouldn’t suffice for Long Chen. He needed to obtain a living specimen to plant it in the primal chaos space.

Just then, the violet crystal heavenly eye started quivering, and the scene Long Chen saw through it grew blurry. It had exhausted its energy and was about to enter a slumbering state again.

Long Chen hastily stopped and put it away. He sighed, ”It really is something good, but it can’t be maintained for long.”

Returning it to his spiritual space, Long Cen continued nourishing it with his violet blood. He then respectfully bowed three times in the direction that the Heavenly Eye expert had vanished.

“Senior, don’t worry. This eye will personally witness me walking to the peak of this world and restoring the order of the nine heavens.”

After that, Long Chen rushed off in the direction of the Sword Tooth Blood Ginger. In half a day, he had activated the violet crystal eye three times to confirm the right direction.

This way, he could tell exactly how far he was from what he was seeing. He also didn’t dare to go too fast, as he was worried about alarming the Sword Tooth Blood Ginger.

After a few hours, he paused and could now see that barren land. However, he didn’t see the Sword Tooth Blood Ginger.

“You can’t get any closer. The Sword Tooth Blood Ginger’s senses are incredibly sharp. If you move any closer, it will sense you. Although it has already produced nine leaves and its cultivation base is comparable to that of a Heaven Saint, your Blood Qi is too powerful. Once it senses you, it will immediately run,” said the Earth Cauldron.

“It’s comparable to a Heaven Saint, but I’d still scare it off?!” Long Chen was speechless. This thing was too cowardly.

“If you want to bait it out, you’ll need to seal ninety percent of your cultivation base and then stab yourself a few times to make yourself seem heavily injured,” remarked the Earth Cauldron. As it said this, it sent runes around Long Chen, and he instantly felt a wave of weakness.

“I have to seal ninety percent of my cultivation base and then also stab myself?! A few times at that?!” Long Chen didn’t dare to believe his ears.

“Do you want to capture it or not?” asked the Earth Cauldron in an irritated tone.

“Fine, I’ll do it.”

Long Chen gritted his teeth and took out a shiny broken knife. After that, he stabbed his leg.

“That’s no good. You have to cut yourself somewhere vital. Otherwise, your aura will not become disorderly,” reminded the Earth Cauldron.

Long Chen clenched his teeth and stabbed himself over ten times. Due to his sealed cultivation base, the toughness of his physical body dropped, resulting in over ten bloody wounds appearing on him.

Only once the Earth Cauldron was satisfied did it let Long Chen continue onward. Long Chen staggered over, his footsteps leaving a bloody trail. After taking a few steps, he checked the violet crystal heavenly eye and saw that the Sword Tooth Blood Ginger had already vanished.


Long Chen almost spat out blood out of anger. This cowardly fellow had actually fled.

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