Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - C.4901: Taking Corpses

Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

C.4901: Taking Corpses


The Blood expert and the devil expert instantly understood Long Chen’s intentions, their eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

After all, taking the corpse of a pre-Emperor was practically a fantasy. A Divine Venerate’s inner space couldn’t possibly endure the slightest trace of Emperor might. It was like trying to pack a barrel of water into a cup—an impossibility. If someone forced it, the only possibility was that the cup would explode.

The devil expert was first shocked at Long Chen’s crazy actions, but then he laughed. “Hahaha, work hard. We’ll watch as you die.”

Ignoring them, Long Chen activated the primal chaos space’s devouring ability to the maximum as he tried to send the corpse inside.

However, when its head passed through the spatial vortex, it seemed to get stuck. No matter how hard Long Chen pulled, it didn’t budge in the slightest. Just then, the violet chain blazed with light and shoved the corpse in. The Heavenly Eye expert was helping Long Chen. Even so, when a third of the corpse went through, it was stuck again. Seeing this scene, Huo Linger and Lei Linger transformed into two giant dragons within the primal chaos space and pulled it with all their might.

Unfortunately, this pre-Emperor corpse possessed its own will and seemed to sense danger. As a result, it resisted with all its might, and Huo Linger and Lei Linger were unable to pull it in.

“This won’t work! If too much of my energy is exhausted, I won’t be able to kill them!” transmitted the Heavenly Eye expert.

Long Chen was sweating. If he couldn’t get these treasures, it would be terrible. Long Chen’s soul then entered the primal chaos space, and he roared, “Hey, wake up! It’s time to eat! If you don’t do your part, the food that has entered your mouth is going to fly away!”

Perhaps Long Chen’s roar really managed to awaken the primal chaos space, or maybe the corpse’s resistance drew the primal chaos space’s attention. However, in any case, the primal chaos space shook and sucked the struggling corpse. It then smashed into the black soil like a meteorite.

Long Chen clenched his fist and shouted excitedly, “Success!”

At this moment, the Blood expert and devil expert’s jaws dropped to the ground. Long Chen had actually managed to take the corpse of a pre-Emperor?


Long Chen immediately rushed to the next chain.


After Long Chen’s previous success, the second attempt got easier. When he cooperated with the Heavenly Eye expert, they instantly pulled the corpse into the spatial vortex, and the primal chaos space did the rest for them, pulling the corpse into the black soil.

Seeing this scene, Long Chen grew even more excited and rushed to the third corpse. He had to be quick as he knew that from the moment he took the first corpse, the sealing formation was already undone.

Thankfully, the will of these corpses had yet to fully awaken, so their resistance was minimal. When the corpse was pulled into the primal chaos space, it only resisted instinctively. If its will really awoke, Long Chen wouldn’t be able to move any of the bodies.

Most importantly, once they awoke, they could just flee. With so many cultivators throughout Heaven Screen Mountain, they could capture any suitable body and possess it before leaving.

Fortunately, with the primal chaos space’s help, as long as Long Chen managed to draw them in, they would instantly be dealt with. The minute they got into the primal chaos space, their wills were extinguished. Just as Long Chen had expected, no matter how strong the corpse was, they had no ability to resist.

After the third corpse got in, Long Chen rushed to the fourth one. This time, it was even easier. Seeing that Long Chen had such a shocking ability, the Heavenly Eye expert didn’t hold back at all, helping him finish in the blink of an eye.

When Long Chen took the fifth one, the corpses that the devil expert and the Blood expert were merging with quivered. Both of them attacked Long Chen at the same time.

Two streams of qi shot toward Long Chen, suffocating him.

“They’re…!” Long Chen was shocked. This attack came from the power of the corpses—not something he could possibly resist.

However, after unleashing this one attack, both of the corpses instantly withered as if this one attack had taken up all their power.

“Die!” roared the Blood expert and devil expert. Seeing Long Chen taking the corpses so quickly, they knew it would soon be their turn, and there was no way they could finish merging with the blood soul energy of the corpses.

Knowing that there wasn’t enough time, they gritted their teeth and detonated the power within the corpses to kill Long Chen in one blow.


A six-color shield appeared before Long Chen, resembling a six-color dragon coiling in front of him. Their attacks exploded against the shield, resulting in a tremendous blast.

This was an exchange between pre-Emperors. Although they had been dead for countless years, reducing their power to perhaps less than one-hundredth or even one-thousandth of what it was in life, their destructive force crushed the entire underground space.

Countless fragments of spacetime flew about, and light flooded Long Chen’s eyes. He saw the grassland in the distance—they had returned to the surface.

“Damn you, Long Chen! Just you wait!”

Both the Blood expert and the devil expert fled in different directions, vanishing without a trace. Long Chen wanted to chase them, but they were just too fast. Even if he did give chase, he would only catch up to one of them, and the other one would definitely get away.

Moreover, he couldn’t just go as he had yet to take the remaining corpse. Just as he was hesitating, that corpse arrived in front of him, and he directly sent it into the primal chaos space.

Just then, two more bodies fell from the sky and smashed into the ground, crumbling to pieces. These two corpses were the ones that the Blood expert and devil expert had absorbed. Having lost the power sustaining them, they instantly collapsed in front of the erosion of time.


At this moment, the violet crystal appeared before Long Chen. He instantly felt bad and was about to say that he would chase them.

“Let them go. It’s fine as long as you help me kill them in the future. I trust you. I don’t have much time left, so I’m going to give you something to thank you for your assistance,” remarked the middle-aged man. He then appeared, with a certain object in his hand.

Upon seeing that object, Long Chen cried out, “Senior, I can’t accept such a thing!”

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