Loser System and Berserker Me - C.2: Roman RPG?


Pah, pah—

Crisp clapping sounds echoed.

It was from the black-skinned, white-haired beauty. She was dressed in a game-esque fashion; wherever should be protected wasn’t protected at all.

“Your skimpy wear won’t stop me from dicing you up!” Shu Yichao sneered.

“I’d have never thought.” The black-skinned beauty stood up, her plump legs vaguely showing through the veil. “I thought you were an obedient little pup. Looks like you’re a little wolf instead.”

She chuckled mirthfully, seemingly in a good mood. She didn’t even spare a glance at the platoon leader, who was lying in a puddle of blood.

“I am a pasha personally appointed by the great Sultana of the Ottomain Empire, Dilber. Now…” The black-skinned beauty arrogantly extended a leg forth and said, “I permit you to be my loyal slave. Kneel down and kiss the back of my foot.”

【Ding! Congratulations, my host. You have triggered a side quest!】

System 12345, who was still struggling with its black screen, exclaimed in excitement.

【I don’t know how you did it, but I received a notification saying that you have gotten into contact with an important figure!】

【Mission: A Meeting of Tragedy!】

【Wait, wait! Let me share the plotline with you first.】

【Dilber is a pasha of the Ottomain Empire. She is cruel, mysterious, yet beautiful, and she is fiercely loyal to the empress. Blood flows through the cities she has conquered, and those that try to fight back are completely leveled.】

【Many fear her cruel means, but no one knows that there is tenderness in her bloodstained-rose heart too.】

【Go, my host!】

System 12345 squealed.

【Your ‘Empire Bewitcher’ talent is not to be scoffed at. Even a woman with a heart of steel will succumb at a twirl of your fingers. Conquer her, and turn that blood stained rose into your little mimosa!】

【I swear. All you need is to give her a pitiful look, and she’ll immediately become your prisoner. Give her the sweet talk she wants, and she’ll take you home. A life of indulgence awaits you!】

Despite System 12345 proactively planning on Shu Yichao’s behalf…

“Is the volume setting off?”

All he heard amid the static was ‘Go!”, though that was enough for him.

“Time for the boss raid.”

Dilber watched as the young man directed a taunting smile at her. He raised his thumb and pulled it across his neck.

“…Very well.” Dilber laughed after a moment of silence.

Anyone else who dared taunt her in such a manner would have been ripped into shreds, but Shu Yichao was simply too dashing, so she decided to just teach him a lesson.

“Lad, I shall break your limbs and turn you into my doll. Cherish the remaining seconds of your freedom.”


Dilber’s leg pushed against the ground and exerted explosive prowess that was unlike her appearance. She was still in the sedan a second ago, but a second later, she was already standing before Shu Yichao.

“This boss is fast! She’s unlike the other mobs. She must have at least 80 speed!”

Dilber’s sword charged at Shu Yichao like the fangs of a ravenous wolf.


It was an attack that had taken down countless warriors on the battlefield, but Shu Yichao managed to block it with his sword. Sparks crackled from their clash.

“Hmph!” Dilber harrumphed.

She swung her two swords down on Shu Yichao ceaselessly, with the bulk of her attack aimed at the latter’s throat. However, Shu Yichao was able to block every single one of her attacks.


After another clash, both sides temporarily retreated.

Shu Yichao casually swung his sword as he asked, “Is that all?”

80 speed is not too bad for an infantry unit, but her melee damage is only 60… I thought she would be a formidable boss given her action sequence, but it turns out she’s just an elite mob? Shu Yichao thought.

This was the first time Dilber had been treated in derision, and it made her anger flare. She got into a stance with her two swords, and her disposition changed.

“Oh, is she going to unleash her ultimate?”

The two swords buzzed in Dilber’s hands like a chainsaw, giving off a dangerous aura.


“Idiot! There’s a long recovery time!”

Shu Yichao first leaped back to dodge the most dangerous initial charge. He then exploited Dilber’s long recovery time to strike her hands, causing her movements to temporarily stall. Following that, he flitted behind her and smashed a punch into her back.

Dilber, who had never suffered such a punch, anxiously turned around to protect herself, only to find a ferocious roundhouse kick coming her way.

“Woah, you can even use a roundhouse kick here?”


There was a bone-cracking sound coming from Dilber’s head. Dilber crashed into the ground, her pristine appearance marred by mud.

“Oof—” Dilber tried her best to get up despite the severe injury she received, but another cold flash of light descended from the sky.

“Its life bar is also pathetic. Is this a skill-based mod that encourages fighting?”

【My host, why did the mission notification suddenly vanish?】

【Did Dilber leave? You had the perfect start! Shouldn’t you strike up a conversation with her or something?】

【Haa, it’s fine. Don’t worry. With your looks, there’s no one who wouldn’t be moved by you. There’s nothing for you to fear. This System is here to cover you.】

“This static is annoying.” Shu Yichao tried to lower the volume, but in his peripheral vision, he saw the knights with life bars scattering off with panicked cries. “No, my experience! My horses! My armor!”

Shu Yichao panicked at the sight of the fleeing knights.

I didn’t level up despite having taken down an elite mob. How can I let the little mobs get away? It’s also pathetic that the elite mob didn’t drop any equipment. I have no choice but to loot stuff from the normal mobs to sponsor my journey.

“Stop right there!” Shu Yichao furiously chased after the knights.

【Dilber is the type who won’t let go once she makes up her mind. As long as you take her down… Hehehe…】

System 12345 was so stuck in its reverie that its light almost turned pink.

【He flees.】


“That person must be a demon, a demon!”

【She chases.】

“Where do you think you’re running?”

Each slash of the sword reaped the life of an enemy.

“I have 200 speed! Even horses might not necessarily outrun me. I’d love to see which of you can get away from me?!”

【His wings are clipped.】

“Hmph! Is having a horse that amazing? My treasure blade on my hand is yet to age!”

【Ah, my host. Let me send you some information.】

When the final speck of light finally vanished from the horizon, Shu Yichao finally slayed the final escaping knight in his sight.

“This mod is great, but the AI is troublesome. Can’t the mobs just gather together and obediently let me slaughter them? Why do I have to chase them one by one— A notification?”

Shu Yichao tapped on the notification, and a few pictures of gorgeous women popped out, though he was much more interested in the descriptive text below.

“This picture… What the heck is Ottomain? Isn’t it Ottoman? And Romain refers to Roman, right? Ah, that’s my Constantinople!”

Looking at the map that was covered in the Ottomain Empire’s green, with only a tinge of purple left in the center, Shu Yichao widened his eyes in realization.

“I get it! This mod is based on the Eastern Roman Empire’s downfall, and my mission is to revitalize the Eastern Roman Empire!” Shu Yichao brandished the sword in his hand as he looked at the sky and roared, “The sun shall never set on Constantinople. The Roman Empire is eternal!”

Since he had decided to revive the Roman Empire, he had to quickly put together a plan.

“Let me check my stats… Ranged damage—130. Melee damage—140. Armor—30. Defense—40. Speed—200.

“My offense is decent, but my defense is subpar. I’m a glass cannon; there’s no way I can solo clear this. Looks like it’s a must to recruit soldiers in history-type mods.

“Looking at the map, I’m along the shore of the Ink Sea. It’s February now, and the encirclement of Constantinople begins in April. Let me think where I can recruit some soldiers… Wait, it looks like I have a recruit function? Can I do that without a base?”

【Is the black screen not fixed yet? This dumb program—ey, why is it moving on its own?】

【Wait, my host, are you trying to recruit servants?】

【Mm, it makes sense. Having some standing will help you to conquer those femme fatale. It’s necessary for you to have servants…】

【Ey, this is weird. My host, did I grant you this privilege? How did you circumvent me and run the program on your own?】

【Eyyyy!!! What happened?! Why is my internship score dropping?!】

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