Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years - C.735 Please don’t go too hard on him!

Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years

C.735 Please don’t go too hard on him!

At the Arcane Village base.

Wes announced Hugo's death but didn't mention anything about William.

Zephyrion the Violet appeared over Mount Olympus and was suddenly killed, a feat credited to the intervention of the deity of witchcraft.

With twelve deities of witchcraft gathered, the fall of an unknown god seemed almost normal.

Hugo's death didn't cause much of a stir.

These days, too many powerful individuals had perished at the hands of Mutated creatures. Hugo, having ventured out of the city on his own, could hardly be called a hero.

"Will... William, did you say you're here to register for testing?" Wes was somewhat panicked upon seeing William.

According to reports, the main servers in New York City had already crashed twice.

With someone of William's immense power coming in for testing, how could the servers possibly not burn out?

"Can't I be tested?" William asked assertively, "I recall the law states that every citizen has the right to test their ability level."

This law was a recent development.

Every citizen has the right to test their ability level, but generally, you have to demonstrate some superpowers first. Otherwise, wouldn't it be a waste of public resources if all those ordinary people went to test their ability levels?

But William's true strength completely exceeds the maximum limit of the testing equipment!

A super god like you coming to play with ability level testing?

You're practically asking to fry the servers!

"You want to be tested... of course, no problem, please go ahead!" What else could Wes say?

Faced with a request from a super god like William to test his abilities, even if the server exploded, they still had to conduct the test!

But then again, it might be a good thing.

But come to think of it, if Arcane Village has William in charge...

No, no, no!

If all of humanity has him protecting us, what do we have to fear from mutated creatures?

William followed Wes into a room constructed of metal, having already adjusted his state of mind.

Various rays scanned over his body.

The comprehensive testing began.

First, they measured his height, weight, and body fat.

Then they measured his heart rate, blood pressure, lung capacity, and vascular activity.

In the room, there was also a human-shaped target.

A voice came from the metal ceiling's speaker: "William, please attack the target in front of you with all your might!"

Wes's voice trembled as he spoke.

He was asking for a full-force attack from someone capable of killing deities with a single strike...

What was he even saying?

If William truly punched with all his might, who knew if the base would even remain standing.

"Full force." Upon hearing this, William also took it seriously.

He never found being too strong particularly amusing.

Destroying everything with one punch took away much of the fun.

Now, he reminded himself that he was merely at the novice Soulmancer level.

William clenched his fist and slowly closed his eyes, gathering his strength on the spot.

His recent battles had been fierce. If he wanted to pulverize the entire Earth with one punch, that would be relatively simple. But to deliver a punch that was just right, one that matched the full force of a novice Soulmancer, required a bit of calculation.

Outside the testing chamber, Arcane Village's highest-ranking officer, Samuel Reed, saw Wes and Amy watching the monitor and couldn't help but walk over.

"What are you looking at?"

The monitor displayed all the data from the recent tests on William's physical state. He glanced at it and said, "Who is this guy? Based on the data, he seems to be only at level D!"

Wes, overhearing this, didn't quite know what to say and could only manage an awkward cough.


Yes, according to the data, William was indeed D-level.

But have you ever seen a D-level superhuman who could kill a deity with a thrown knife?

Yet, from the data William had shown...

Did William not want to get involved in saving the Earth?!

Thinking this, Wes's mood grew heavy.

He didn't dare preach to William about the greater the power, the greater the responsibility.

He couldn't bring himself to seek protection from others while acting so self-righteous,that just wasn't Wes.

Samuel, being an S-level superhuman himself, had only this to say about D-level superhumans...

They're okay, I guess!

In a real crisis, they could serve as cannon fodder, and even the necessity of leaving the city to rescue them was debatable.

So, he really didn't understand why Wes, along with Amy and Walker, would stand here for a D-level superhuman testing his strength level.

Walker, who studied witchcraft under Moros, might not be as famous as Amy, but he was still a person of considerable strength, and Samuel knew him.

Why were these three glued to the screen?

And that guy in the testing chamber, was he just testing his strength level?

He had been brewing with his eyes closed for quite a while; did he think that with his D-level strength, he could punch at an S-


"Commander Samuel, this man is William, my good brother. His abilities are all focused on agility, so his future performance is still promising," Walker couldn't help but interject.

He felt that Samuel ought to give him some face!

Amy didn't quite understand what the data on the big screen meant, just blinking blankly without speaking.

"All in on agility?" Samuel almost laughed out loud. Was this some kind of online game?

Could you really just allocate points like that?

With such weak physical strength, how fast could he possibly be?

But since Walker had spoken, and the man inside was his good brother, Samuel decided to give Walker some face and didn't say much more.

William had finished his calculations, loosened up his muscles, and lowered his stance, suddenly gathering strength in his waist.


The sound of his punch filled the air as William's right fist swung out fiercely, striking the human-shaped target hard.


Samuel glanced at the data on the display screen and couldn't help but frown slightly, remarking, "Not bad!"

[3000 pounds]


Before the global anomaly, the famous boxer Mike Tyson's right punch was tested at 1796 pounds of force, while his left punch reached 1123 pounds.

Now, the standards were set such that a punch strength of 2000-10000 pounds was classified as C-level, and 1000-2000 pounds as D-level.

William's punch reached 3000 pounds, thus meeting the C-

level standard.

However, such a level wasn't particularly notable among superhumans, let alone impressive.

William swung his left fist again.


[2100 pounds]


This was followed by two tests for each of his legs.


[3900 pounds]


[4100 pounds]


Wes looked at the data, his heart sinking to the depths. As expected, William did not intend to help save the world.

Samuel also noticed that William hadn't used any soul energy from within his body. Was this just pure physical strength?

"Isn't he a Soulmancer?" Samuel asked.

Walker paused for a moment before responding, "He's at the novice Soulmancer level!"

"Would he be stronger if he used his soul energy?" Samuel looked at Walker and continued, "You said earlier that he put all his points into agility. Does that mean he's especially fast?"

Walker nodded, "Yes, he's quite fast!"

"How fast?" Samuel squinted his eyes. The punches William had thrown were all exact numbers. Could this test really be all exact numbers?

It was clear he was putting on a show!

Samuel chuckled, "Why don't we test just how agile he really is!"

Wes slowly turned his head to look at Samuel and swallowed nervously, "Commander Samuel, please don't go too hard on him!"

Samuel nodded, "I can control myself!"

Wes wanted to say, if you go too hard and anger William, and he ends up killing you, that would be a difficult situation to handle!

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